Motoring Malaysia – To Thailand – Via Bukit Bunga Cross Boarder Day 3

My Dear Friends,

Our day 3 of Motoring Malaysia were very interesting. Robbie’s Petrol were out just before we cross the Bukit Bunga Malaysia and Thailand border.

(this image is cameron highlands as we left off).

From DAY 1 we left in Gelang Patah and our DAY 2 from Karak town to Cameron highlands

please if you want to follow this journey, read Day 1 and Day 2 first for you to understand.

We came down from Malaysia Cameron Highlands.

Heading to Dabong and Jeli. Entering Thaland. Cross border of BUKIT BUNGA. This border is not so long ago. Very Malaysian.

We stop for a break and had Durian fruit and pineapple.

The people were nice and happy taking pictures of the 2 white man.

We continue for another 3 hours of riding inside the forest heading direction to Hatyai passing through Narathiwat.

Many of the lands we were cruising looks like farms. I saw many beautiful ricefields and vegetation.

Including Railway station.

Though time to settled down, we drove a little more away from the city of Narathiwat as we wanted to stay near nature or just away from the city center.

As we were looking for a place near beach, this is we end up.

So Robbie decided to take picture of Markus and I watch them.

We could not find a place we wanted near the beach side of Narathiwat. As it’s getting dark, we drove back to town and decided to stay in Narathiwat Hotel.

The room were spacious though it looks old but it works fine.

There is a Thai restaurant next to the hotel.

And guess what? You are never in Thailand if you do not eat all these spicy food.

My tummy were grumbling like hell and I just dont feel so


But though it is not good on my tummy, I keep eathing them.

Because, I stay with my policy.. If I go to a place, I do what locals do and I eat what the locals eat.

As we continue on this ride, Day 4 is coming…

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