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Motoring Malaysia – From Karak to Genting Highland, Frazer Hills Then Cameron Highlands – Day 2

My Dear Friends,

On our day one of Motoring Malaysia, we stayed in the town of Karak.

We left early morning from Karak and head our way to Genting Highland.

Genting Highland took us about 2 hours with highway. No drama on the road as it is pretty straight forward with good direction on signboards.

From Genting Highland, we then head up to Frazer Hills.

The road to Frazer hills up and down were super narrow.

A road for riders. They were having great fun with short turns and curvey road to Frazer Hill

After Frazer Hills, we head down to a small town for lunch and join the road heading to Cameron Highlands.

As Robby drove down the winding road, he found this little fellow right in the middle of the road.Dave took this cute Turtois and help to cross the road.

After 2 hours on the road, Finally arrived here in Cameron Highlands.

There are so many white roofs as I was looking from a distance and I taught it was a snowy place up above the mountain.

But instead, these are roofs for the garden plants. Lush tomatoes, vegetables and fruits.

The tea plantation is here too.

We settled in a place called Cameronian Logde.

The only place we could get during arrival.

It cost RM 90 per standard room with Queen size bed.

There were many tourist I see everywhere in this town.

Very develop and very touristic.

We had dinner at the popular chinese restaurant.

Dishes above: spicy deer meat, taufu, pork 2 vegetables with 4 rice and a bottle of beer for the boys cost About 129RM

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