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Motoring Malaysia Day 1 from Singapore

My dearest readers and friends,

I am on a motorbike trip currently and I taught of sharing you guys about this trip.

Perhaps you may wanto know about Malaysia.

Before I proceed in this journey,

Do you eat Durian Fruit? Many said, it is stinky. But I love durian.

Durian is in season now and Malaysia Road is packed of vendors and price is as low as RM 6 – (Malaysian Money) per Kilo

2 friends started from Singapore this morning and join our place in Gelang Patah.

After a cup of coffee we start cruising from Gelang Patah Petrol Station to Sime Darby Plantation

Malaysia is lush green environment. Full of Palm trees everywhere.

We were passing small winding road as well as many so big lizzard wanting to cruise the road.

Inside Palm plantation, we saw a few train tracks.

I did not have a good shot of the train track but on video.

It was rainng in the afternoon from Gemas heading towards Bentong.

This is why we were very tired and we decided to stay overnight here in Karak

Staying in a small hotel in Karak and we had wonderful evening with local food and the guys had few beers.

This is tiger beer. If you guys are a beer drinker, you provably know tiger beer.

Do you know that Malaysians are very friendly people? I am talking about the villagers. They were nice and love to ask you questions and are happy to help out for direction.

However,as you can see in this image, there is this a guy who were interviewing us.

Below is an overview of the map I recorded over an App.

I hope you enjoy this journey.

I will update again tomorrow.

Love always,


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