#Travel in Davao City by Jeepney – Rodrigo Duterte’s Hometown

My  Friends and readers,

Do you know that the hometown of Philippine president is in Davao?

He is a simple man.

He does not have a mansion.

When I went to visit last year in Davao, I pass by his place as his home is near to mine.

However, this post you will get to know how foriegners travel in Davao.


Yes, travelling in Davao by jeep or jeepney for white tall man is possible.

Jeepney is the most common transport.


Moving around Davao City is also possible by foot and bicycle with a little umbrella

This is the sample of that Bicycle.


This bicycle can be seated with maximum of 2 pax.

Though when it’s raining, it is not a good idea to ride with this type of tranport.

Use only bicycle for very shot distance.

Taxi like Grab company is also available in Davao.

I find it much cheaper compare to the local taxi.

Alternatively walking around Davao City is safe. From nearby restaurant to malls can be walk if you like walking.

Davao City itself has no MARTIAL LAW. Only to province and other cities,Matial law is implemented. You asks me why? I think because, for safey to both locals and specially the foreigners.

In Davao city, to be honest, I find that the people are more honest, compare to Manila and Cebu.

I have had bad experience in Manila taking taxi. The driver will tell you all sort of story that this is far location and you have to pay extra because of the traffic and so on.

In Cebu city, my friend and I were in the taxi and the driver asks us to go down and leave our bags behind. We made a report as I took the taxi place number, but the taxi was not even registered.  Now way to be found.

There are many foreigners living in Davao city. I can see it in my own eyes. I had a few dining  at local restaurant nearby my condo unit, I can see white noses.

There is a  expats community in Davao city too. They have gathering form time to time in a bar just a few walks around my unit.

Italian and other famous international fine dining can be located as well.

Here is my jeepney video with my husband and our friend Otto.

always thankful,

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Would you like to help me raise funds for the homeless children in Davaocity? Any amount you like will do.  The funds will be send to them and it will help them cope from day to day expeneses like food.

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