Steps In Grooming Your own Car

Would you clean your own car?

I do clean my own car for bunch of reasons.

  1. I can lose some sweats and calories. You may think it is easy to cleaning cars. It looks like easy but it isn’t really.

Before we proceed…

We need some cloth, not just any cloth. It has to be good quality fiber that will not scratch your car.

We also need a Car shampoo- up to you but best is the kind that wil not tarnish your car paint.

I use car shampoo with wax in it. It glides very well on the surface.

We also need a dishwashing liquid and a brush plus cloth to dig inside the Rim. I like it looking very shining.

(After cleaning)

(Before cleaning)

I use dishwashing liquid to get rid of the oily stuff.

Please do not forget to use hand gloves.

You do not want to ruin your hand skin do you?

Aside from shampooing and washing tyers of your car, you need to also chexk for oil and water.

I think car varries its features. You can check your manual. But mostly you can also see it on your dashboard. I am not so technical in elaborating you this. 😜

Below image, I am showing you how to open your car where the oil tank located.

That is the point where I can open mine with Audi.

I use a metal stick or can be a long chopstick to measure my oil. 😜 who cares.

Next, you must also check your water.

I normally add dishwashing liquid to the clean drinking filtered water. I never ever, put any dirt water. Filtered and drinking water is best.

Keeping the car in good condition depends on how you take good care of it.

My car is 8.5 years old.

When my friends ride with me, they often ask how i keep the car smells good and outside looking like brand new.

I do not bring the car for a car wash too.

I always wash it myself.

It helps me loose some calories when doing it.

Lastly, fo not slam your car door! Dahh.😳

My friends knows not to slam the door when getting out from the car.

Also, I never allow eating inside the car.

Thank you for reading.

If you need some cleaning stuff or Micro fiber cleaning cloth.


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