#Travel To Scala Dei Turchi – The Most Beautiful Stone

Scala Dei Turchi is located near  Agrigento in Sicily Italy.

Together with some motor bike friend from my husband, we did a motor bike tour almost the entire Sicily.

One of the stop we had was sleeping in Agrigento. 

Agreginto, is the nearest town that you could stay and visit Stairs of the turks or Scala Die Turchi in Sicily Italy.

(On the image, that is Roberto and Scotts. Rich and retired travelling around the world).

From Agrigento town, you can just walk to Scala Dei Turchi. The path is with nicely done steps.

For those who are not so good with their legs, may not be advisable as some of the parts are very stiff while going up to the stone.

This is the beach while you head to the white stone as you see on the background of Roberto and Scotts. It is pretty amazing how the formation of this Scala Dei Turchi of Stairs by the Turks.

According to the history, the origin name was from the Turkish Pirate who have done many invasion in the island.

Because I was fascinated with the view, I totally forgotten to take a solo picture of myself. Specially when I was with bunch of hunks, it is very difficult to do selfie as they think I am crazy.

You would actually feel that it is like a chalk. You know the one we use to write on the green board in school. That kind of feeling. The stone was so powdery like when I touched it.

As you can see in this image with bunch of people walking up and enjoying the stone. Many were just staying and doing sun bath. But most of the people are like passing through like ourselves.

In this image, you see how the stone is being curves by the water. It is just so beautiful.

While you are on the top of scala dei turchi, you see this beautiful view. Very scenic. Blue ocean. A perfect combination of white stone and the blue ocean.

Well, this is one of the travel I can be proud to say.. I did it!

I include here a video here for you to get inspired

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/PkjfdR9fm_w” frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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