Singapore Mid Summer Sale 2018

Hey everyone,

Currently it is a mid summer in Singapore and it is really hot here. I am talking about the weather and the women.  That includes me and my friend. Just kidding….

Singapore Sales is now happening and many rich  people from Indonesia are here to shop as well as the neighbouring country and of course the people that lives here.

My friend and I were at Orchard Road, we have not been out for awhile so we decided to meet up  and we started to have coffee and cake at this place called LADY M – New York.

At LADY M – NEW YORK, you can enjoy a fine pastries. It is not just an ordinary cakes, they seems to be will crafted. 

The coffee and this chocolate coated cake is really yummy to eat. It is not sweet like those ordinary pastries you can get around Singapore. I am very much happy about this place that it exist here in Singapore.

After the yummy coffee break, we head down to Ion Mall – this is just in Orchard Mrt Station. It is one of the biggest mall here in Singapore.

There are so many brands are on offer currently such as Mango, H & M, Aldo and many more. From 20 % off to even as high as 70 %.


On top of the Sales, Many shop owners were creating some kind of activities or some competition and promotion to attract customers. Singapore businesses, you may think they all doing well, basically base on my experience, as a retail shop owner once, competition were so high. People mostly shop online these days.Well, Singapore is not only all about sale.

If you are interested for football or jus want to have some night life, Orchard Tower is a famous mostly for men who are in for drinks, games and of course lady of the night. ( just joking).

There are so many bars in Orchard Tower from first to 3th floor.

On the basement and some floors, there are also small shops that sells from food to clothing and other stuffs.

Here are some images when we came in during bars were still close.

Taking Photographs here in Orchard towers during opening hours of the bars are strictly prohibited.


#Vietnames Pho in Orchard Tower

Me and my friend Okie came here to discover Vietnamese food. Yes, finally you can get some real vietnams PHO here and fresh spring rolls. It is located on the 3rd floor.

Where else you can see  World Cup football live show in Singapore?

Orchard Marriot Hotel is showing live streaming of World Cup.

The Bar has one for 1 or happy hour on alcoholic beverages.

Singapore Marriot Hotel at Tangs

Here is the Video for complete story about this blog.

I am thankful for you reading this post. And I hope you enjoy some Singapore tells today.


Love, Elvie Lins

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