Godaddy or Siteground?

Which provider I think is best?

Base on my knowledge of using both provider.

Hope this post will define your decision in choosing a web hosting provider for your website or wordpress blog.

Though take note that there are many web hosting provider out there..

Sometime in March this year 2018, I finally decided to get out from Godaddy.

I started using Dodaddy website and hosting provider since 2005.

(I have recommended numerous clients to Godaddy too and even make a promotional video about how good is godaddy on my youtube channel Elvie Lins).

I create my own website and for some clients as one of my part time.

It got me pissed off as the recent years, when I log in to my members area at go daddy.. A click to a something I need to do does not work and the pop up to buy some additional services from Gadaddy keep showing up on the page.

I also notice that something has change on the member page area. (But please also take note that Godaddy also has good 24 hour support around the world).

I started to search for another WORDPRESS hosting provider and I have compare a few.

To name it: Hostgator, Ipage, wix etc.

I come to conclusion that SITEGROUND is more friendly to me when comes to cost. The support is also awesome because I do not have to make a call and wait for another free online support. Godaddy do not provide WebChat.


wordpress blog hosting



This is godaddy costing for a basic wordpress site. $197 for 36 months



And this is SiteGROUND

wordpress blog hosting provider

So, SITEGROUND for 36 months will cost $156.15 and Godaddy will cost $197.44

wordpress blog hosting and more

But that is not the only point I have had.

My research concluded my decision to get out from Godaddy. This video will explain why?

When choosing your provider, you do not only look for speed – meaning how fast your site will be seen in-front of your customer? Too slow, your customer will leave the site. Otherwise, your potential client run away from it. ( I am not that technical person to explain but I have it in my head )

I was always die hard with godaddy.  But things have changed.

And this is where I move out and  went to siteground.
Siteground is one of the many hosting website commended by wordpress.

It is also voted as the fastest loading site. When comes to support, you can chat with them anything on the wesbsite online.

What I show here is only my opinion base on my experience. Please do your own research.

If you happen to go for SITEGROUND can I please ask you to use my referral link. I thank you for your support.

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Why I move to site ground from godaddy?

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