Recent Sinulog in Cebu Philippines

Sinulog in Cebu Phillippines is held every third Sunday of January.

Cebu is known for its Sinulog Festival which been celebrated thousand of years.

We have to understand the meaning of Sinulog.

Sinulog is  a Cebuano dialects from the word “Sulog” means ‘Dance’.

If you are brought up with a Catholic religion you would understand what is Jesus Christ and about Sto (Santo) Nino ( Ninyo).


My husband ask me this and 2 friends which got curios and because I am not so religious person, I could not answer them right there.

Santo Niño Procession on 14 January 2017 Cebu Philippines

So how did Cebu got this Santo Nino?

The image of the Santo Niño is the oldest religious image in the Philippines. The wooden image, made by Flemish artisans, was brought to the island by Fernao Magellan in 1521, just like the Magellan cross. Magellan gave the image Santo Niño to Queen Juana as a baptismal gift.

Forty-four years later, In 1565, Cebu was for a big part destroyed by a fire. The fire was set on purpose by the Spaniards as a punishment for hostile activities of the Cebuanos. In one of the burned houses, a Spanish soldier found the image of Santo Niño. Remarkably unscratched! Since then, the miraculous image has been treated by the Cebuanos as its patron saint.

At present, the miraculous image is kept in the Parish convent, and only a replica, adorned with gold and precious stones and enshrined in glass, is hold inside the Basilica Minor del Santo.   

Therefore, Sinulog is to honor the Child Jesus which will be celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January.

As I am originally from Davao, the Southern part or Mindanao in the  Philippines, we are about an hour away by plane from Cebu which is the  in Central Visayas. They are just boat away to Bohol where the chocolate hill located.

It was my first time joining the Sinulog even there were rumours to Bomb Cebu on the day of celebration. Surprisingly, thousands of crowds gather on 14 of January as they have  Fluvial parade that start at 6 am. It was raining but I am out for some excitement and my sleepy head husband has to come with me.


Fluvial is a procession of boats where these people are devotees to Senior Santo Niño. Boats of different shapes and sizes will be cruising the water and bringing in the replica of Senior Santo Nino back to the main church.

It was wonderful to see, how happy and eager Cebuano participated to this festival even under the stormy skies and wet weather by the bridge of Mactan Cebu.

From Fluvial parade, we head down to the main center in Fuente Central Square as we witness the crowd of people praying and holding the replica of Senior Santo Nino while on procession.


On the final Day of Sinulog

Here is the main event Sinulog.

We started not that early like yesterday because our friends from Singapore joined us.

The main Fuente is restricted from any vehicle to enter. So have to walk quiet a distance to Fuente.


Here we are participating Sinulog. It was realy fun to witness the event.

Many were dress with a different costumes. Some traditional and some like spaceship.

In my option today Sinulog is use for many as the best time to promote their products and services.

I have seen local celebrity inside  decorative vehicles. Some real estate company were there too. I have seen Air Asia (Malaysia low cost Airline that fly to Cebu and Boracay.

Trip Advisor were also promoting their services by having some holiday kind of looks on parade holding banner. You will see it on the image above.

Though we still see the very traditional activity such as the Dance back and forth, left and  right  as well as jumping and wonder dances.

I was really a great fun.

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