If you are  thinking of having a trip to Sicily in Italy, this article just right for you.


We started our motorbike journey from Palermo Sicily.

Palermo, according to the locals - at the food stall seller on the street "is the busiest city of Sicily. During summer, everyone lives on the street. Every one enjoy the sunny days, chatting, eating drinking wines walking, everyone were so busy. As I was walking for a day with my husband Markus, indeed I was wondering there were tables set up right withing the road.

We have rented 3 motor bikes in Palermo town. In the video below,we will bring the actual footage video from Palermo to Cefalu and back to Palermo.

You will see some tips of places to stay in Sicily, either you are driving with motor bike or car.

In this video. I have

ROBERTO - He is from Italy but living in Singapore and Phuket Thailand. Roberto was a KTM racer and a BMW rider for many years. Though it is only a hobby for Roberto, he joined many motor bike racing in Asia as far as I knew back in early 2000.  I watched him flew few times with his KTM in Singapore and Malaysia. I am not sure if he have a broken bones.

Roberto also have raced many motorbike competition in other parts of the world. He is now retired and living happily back and forth in Singapore and Phuket.

MARKUS - my husband is from Austria. Markus was fanatic KTM rider when I met him during is early 30's.

He have joined many competitions in Singapore and Malaysia as a hobbiest KTM Rider in her younger days. I do not allow him to drive these days as I do not want another broken bones. 3 major operation from his motorbike accident is enough.

Markus - back in his home town - Feldkirch in Austria he  was  a professional SKI instructor. He was teaching those little kids  and adult how to ski. I have learn from his teaching as well and because of that, I learn how to properly play on the snow.

SCOTT is from USA, his hobby is to collect a very rare type of motorbikes. He owns at least 40 different motorbikes designs and brands.
Motor bike touring is Scott hobby.

Roberto, Markus and Scott  were travel bodies in motorcycles. They take sometime off at least once a year to go on motorbike riding. These three guys have been to many places just for riding  motorbike and relaxation.

If you want to know some information about Asia and Italy on motorbike touring, these 3 men are the best people to ask.



From Palermo, the capital city of Sicily, Roberto is planning a route. 

We head to Trapani and stay at Marsala Del Vallo. In this town we stayed at the THE BEST. A 3 star hotel I can recommend you to stay as we stayed here 2 nights. We just love the place. Its fully run by husband and wife.  The price were very reasonable life 45 Euros for a room.


Marsala Del Vallo was a small town but scatterd. Beautiful shores around the island as we have a drive along the coast. We had a big lunch at the terminal stations where the boat parks and will bring you to Isola  De Mozia.

Isola  De Mozia is an island full of found artifacts. Very interesting that you may see it.

From Marsala Del Vallo - we head to Agrigento - In this town, we stayed at the very interesting place called ANEMI TEMPE.


Agrigento is known for greek artifacts. The town is very beautiful, and I find it very busy town. Its like a Rome to me.

From Agrigento - we drove about 5 minutes to see the Sicula Dei Torchi- this is a white huge lime stones.

I was fascinated by the color of this white stones. So interesting that why not every stones is white around this area. Why only this part?

Many people were amaze of the beauty with this stone as there were few were relaxing along the beach side and on top of the stone itself.



mideteranean see
I was swimming in Cefalu clothded. #hahaha


For our 4rth day, we went  to Castanella Town- Another city of Sicily. We stayed at the place called AGRI TURISMOS - just on top of the town.  ( I cannot remember the name. I lost the recieps). It was nice  place to stay, very affordable plus we had so much wine.

The food and wine serves in this home stay were produce from their own farm.


Cefalu. This is our last destination as we have to return the motorbike in Palermo.

In cefalu- we stayed at the much bigger hotel called Hotel De Capetano.  Cost at 95 Euros per room per night.

Interesting Cefalu. We were very tired already on this day after a long ride by the mountains from Castellana. We rested at the beach of Cefalu just walking distance from Hotel De Capetano.

What I love very much about Sicily is the nature, the beautiful scenery, the mountains and the city buildings are very interesting. Of course not to forget the food and wine. I was indulging every single night. The best white wine I have ever drink is the house wine. It is refreshing, its very smooth to my throat, it is just amazing to get along seafood and pasta. I cannot find the kind of cheap wine in Singapore like they have in Sicily. However, if we may find similar to it, at least it cost $80 SGD which we hardly buy when wine come to this price.
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