Breakfast around the World

Puto Maya with ripe mango and hot Chocolate

Breakfast is considered as the most essential meal of the day. It’s the meal that fuels you the energy you need and helps you kick off your active day. Apart from that, foods for breakfast contain important nutrients such as Calcium, Iron, Protein, Fiber, and lots of Vitamins. These are the most important nutrients our body needs and influences a lot on how we carry out tasks physically and mentally.

However, some people don’t feel like eating their breakfast for some reasons. Might be that they’re too busy or they just don’t feel hungry until 10am. But not me! Oh how I love this meal. If only I could, I’d like to have pancakes, cereal, hard-boiled eggs, sausages, and cheese every morning! Are you salivating yet? On the other hand, you need to keep in mind that a balanced diet is still your priority. So eating sausages everyday may not sound so good too.

Additionally, in travelling around the world, one must also know what do the locals in the place you’re travelling to, eat in their meals. Of course, breakfast foods differ widely from place to place. Take a look at different types of foods people from different countries eat for breakfast.


A traditional Japanese first meal consists of a bowl of Miso soup and steamed rice or rice porridge, and various side dishes like cooked fish and some pickled vegetables, and of course a cup of green tea.

Japanese breakfast
Japanese morning meal


A traditional Indian morning meal depends on each region but you might be surprised that they almost eat similar dishes to lunch and dinner. Their breakfast might include roti (flatbread), dosas (thin crepes made of lentils) or idlis (steamed rice-dough pancakes), and different dips and chutneys, as well as spiced potatoes.

Indian breakfast
Indian morning meal


Kaya is like a jam made from coconut, egg and Pandan leaves. It is served on toasted bread with a thick layer of margarine. If you like to start the day with a hearty breakfast, a set of Kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs and Singapore-style coffee or tea is definitely perfect.

Singaporean breakfast
Singaporean morning meal


Recently, a new breakfast trend in Australia includes Cereal with veggies. It may sound very unattractive to start your day but it is actually rich in all the nutrients you need especially if milk or yoghurt and top it with nuts or seeds. So that’s calcium, protein, and fiber all in one serving!

Australian breakfast
Australian morning meal


I love Philippines’ traditional morning meal but this German style breakfast is by far my favorite one. I think it has everything in it that a person wouldn’t say NO for breakfast no matter how busy or lazy he/she might be. A good, traditional breakfast includes bread, toast, and/or rolls, multiple jams and honey, boiled eggs, cold meats, such as ham and salami, lots of different cheeses (which makes it perfect for me!), fruit and vegetables, and smoked fish all washed down with a strong cup or pot of tea or coffee. Aren’t those irresistible? Hmmm….

German breakfast
German morning meal



Brazillian breakfast consists of a strong coffee or suco (juice), freshly baked bread (usually it is Pão Francês) with butter or margarine, and a Papaya fruit. It’s easy to prepare and very much ideal for those who want to eat light.




Traditional Russian breakfast is very simple and some people who travel Russia find it unappetizing since it’s just too common. Russian breakfast includes fried eggs, porridge, sandwich with butter or jam, tvorog (similar to cottage cheese), pancakes, some fruits, and/or cereal for breakfast.

Russian breakfast
Russian morning meal


A main food for morning meal in Colombia is the Arepa or corn cake topped with butter or fried egg, meat, or jam. Though most of them eat Calentado (which means “heated”), this is a dish made of the night-before’s leftovers which are then reheated the next morning for their breakfast. It is then served with fried egg and a hot chocolate drink.

Colombian morning meal
Colombian morning meal


Full English breakfast is a healthy English morning meal that includes eggs, sausage, bacon, beans, mushrooms, and cooked tomato and with of course a cup of coffee or tea especially originated in England. Almost everything in their breakfast is fried, so it’s commonly called as ‘fry-up’.

English morning meal


Turkish morning meal
Turkish morning meal

A traditional breakfast in Turkey consists of bread, cheese, butter, olives, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, jam, honey, and kaymak. It can also include sucuk, a spicy Turkish sausage, and Turkish tea. It is often set out as a buffet as you can see in the photo.


  • Kaymak is a creamy dairy product similar to clotted cream, made from the milk of water buffalos, cows, sheep, or goats in Central Asia, some Balkan countries, Turkic regions, Iran and Iraq.  Read more
  • Sujuk is a dry, spicy sausage which is eaten from the Balkans to the Middle East and Central Asia. Read more

South Africa

Putu Pap
Putu Pap

Hot cereal or porridge, often made with corn and called “putu pap,” is a common first meal here. Putu pap is a porridge made from corn meal and is the main food of southern Africa. Putu pap is also known as krummelpap, which means “crumbly porridge”.

South Korea

South Korean typical meal
South Korean typical meal

A Korean morning meal looks noticeably similar to a Korean dinner. There’s rice, soup, the ever-present kimchi, some type of fish or beef, and other leftovers from the previous night’s dinner. But if you ask the locals, their basic breakfast always include the basics – rice, kimchi, and soup.



The Israeli morning meal is a dairy meal, and a variety of cheeses are offered unlike in many countries where there are varieties of meats except fish such as smoked or pickled fish, sardines, and salmon. Just like any other countries, egg dishes are also served in breakfast, fresh vegetables and fruits, coffee, tea, and bread and pastries.

Israeli morning meal
Israeli morning meal


A healthy Hawaiian breakfast – Fruits, fruits, and fruits! Sometimes bagel is included in their menu but forget it, you’ll be fascinated with all the tropical fruits they serve for breakfast.

Hawaiian Fruity morning meal
Hawaiian Fruity morning meal


Filipino breakfast
Filipino breakfast

There are a wide variety of traditional breakfast in Philippines depending on regions. Typically in a normal morning it includes white rice or garlic fried rice, fried eggs, pan de sal (small bread rolls with coffee, corned beef, salted fish, and ripe mangoes.

Puto Maya with ripe mango and hot Chocolate
Puto Maya with ripe mango and hot Chocolate

On other days especially on weekends when family members don’t go rushing in the morning, their breakfast would include Puto Maya with native hot chocolate drink. And when we say Philippines breakfast – it’s all about the local fruits here. Mangoes are popular fare to keep you regular.

How about in your country? What is your morning meal like? What did you have for breakfast today? Share it with us in the comments below.

How to Lose Weight in Just 2 months

loose that weighty


It is so crazy about how we can gain weight? It is indeed very easy to gain weight but not easy how to lose weight fast right?

BIG question???

Would you like to lose Weight fast or would you rather be on where you are right now? Overweight? People looking at you like from head to foot and look like want to puke in front of you?

How do you feel about looking at a beautiful body passing by in front of you? Well, I do get envy. Because if we look good, tone body, we tend to attract people. They want to be socialise with us. People who are obsess or fat tendency you do not have friends who looking fit. Tendency, you have the same friends as big as you are!

Here are some food ideas that help you lose weight.

In Singapore 1 out of 5 deaths are caused by HEART DISEASE and STROKE


Losing Weight I know is not an easy thing to do but I have done it myself and of course you can.
Losing weight DOES NOT MEAN NOT EATING. Losing weight means eating a proper and healthy food, NOT DRUGS. There are so many stuff available in the market, and because you are so desperate to loose weight, you will spend and hundreds or thousands in your country in  a hope you can achieve your goals.

Because you don't look at yourself in the mirror anymore

In my time that I was overweight it was part stress with work.  it was  also because I was Ignorance. 

Many of us will not exactly know what we eat as there are already loads of offering in the market. Burgers, fried chickens, thousands of food that are easy to grab..

When I was taking pills, teas and coffee which I bought at the store…  I got blotted stomach, going to toilet many times and losing my liquid and feeling weak. I indeed up in the hospital.


I will eat Yogurt- yogurt is good for digestive system and keep our breath smelling fresh as I read it can kills bad bacteria. Addition to yogurt, I add organic honey, strawberries, blue berries, avocado or banana. You don’t use all of these. In Addition I add baby oats and milk.
I am working so I will bring my food to work. I will grill during evening a chicken breast/tuna fish/salmon. I squeeze some lemon to git rid of the taste.
From time to time, I buy chicken rice from my work place and tell them to give me chicken breast no skin. In some days, I get myself a YONG TAU FU with PLAIN RICE. I make sure that I only eat small amount of rice and one time only during the day.
I sometime bring 2 lunch box of salad with chicken breast or chicken into it with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.
I always make sure that I have loads of vegetables such as broccoli and spinach lightly steam or boil or any local fresh vegies I can find from day to day.


In this video below, you can see me dancing Zumba.
In the gym, it so much fun than doing it alone.
You will get motivated in the gym.
Try to join the club.
Trust me it motivates you.
I have been through it.
Exercise is VERY IMPORTANT  if you are working, find a way to do it. I do exercise for fun. Before I don’t like and was never did. Now, I go to the gym, ride a bicycle or go for a swim at night before I go to bed.
I hope after reading this, you already like to lose weight fast. When you look good, you feel great! People’s eye are on YOU!

STOP THE ALCOHOL,  drink socially and not REGULARLY.


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In what I do, I am successful because I have the Determination in everything I like to do with my life:


Viking Buffet Restaurant My Reviews

Davao restaurant

This is my views and opinion about Viking Buffet Restaurant


Davao restaurant
this is the inside look of Viking Buffet Restaurant in Davao

We had dinner in Viking Buffet Restaurant on 31 December 2016.
7 pm was the confirm booking schedules for 3.  At 6:30 pm, I received a call from the staff of Viking Buffet Restaurant that if we do not arrive by 7 pm, our table will not be kept for us.
It was annoying somehow as I explained that we have been trying to book a Grab taxi since 5:30 pm and no luck as the area near to Magallanes residence was block due to preparation for New Year party in San Pedro.

The way it was said is not a common friendly voice at all. Feels like they won’t really care if a customer will arrive or not as they’re are people waiting to be seated.

Maybe I am just too over spoilt with what we experienced in Singapore.

However, we got lucky of trying to get our taxi and a very oriented Taxi Driver as I have explain him our situation.

Perhaps to many Filipinos…

Viking buffet restaurant maybe a place to eat varieties of local and international cooking.

Indeed, there are a few selections from Japanese, Chinese, sinugba [ BBQ ] Filipino style like chicken intestine small fishes, part of Tuna’s head {panga}, Beef on Grill, Korean and variety of desert.

The Sushi is good, tuna fish and Salmon are fresh.

To be honest, I came here a year ago and at that time, the food are more appealing that makes you want to eat and try everything.

This time round, each time I open the silver or metal pot which are display with a name on what’s inside, it was not appetising at all.

The salad were not fresh, no better bread were available but those sweet type of roll bread.
A little cuts of 3 types of cheeses and bit of crackers around it.

Here comes the last part that I want to try… the Beef on Grill. Well it’s not really Grill, it’s like pan fry on a metal surface added with oil.

Which after eating the beef, my stomach turn upside down. It got so sudden bloated and feels acidity. I have no idea which food was making my stomach turn sour.

Over all…
The environment were lift up only by the servers and Cleaners as they were always smiling and Friendly as I great them happy New Year 2017! The stuff were always watchful of empty plates on the table and remove them.

The price per person 788 pesos with free beers I Guess it’s good for those drinkers like this guys.

Price per head is Pesos 788

I hope that Viking Buffet Restaurant will keep its quality of food and service.



If you are looking for some family activities in Davao- try this

Christmas in Philippines


Christmas is indeed the happiest time of the year. Many countries celebrate it in different ways. Some are based on their religious beliefs and some are celebrating it for commercial purposes only. Whatever reasons they have, I’d like to share with you this one particular country that celebrates Christmas interestingly and it’s no other than, Philippines!



It is believed that Philippines have the longest Christmas season in the world. As early as September, people in their homes and shops can be heard playing the Christmas carols. It marks the start of the long and happy season.  Moreover, Filipinos start to decorate Christmas ornaments and gorgeous lights in their homes and shops. The most popular decoration is the “Parol”. It is made of a colored Japanese paper or cellophane and Bamboo sticks. They are formed together into a big star lantern which is then lighted at the center. The Parol represents the star the guided the three Wise Men to where the baby Jesus was born.

Christmas Parol

***Longest Celebration***

Formally, 16th of December is the start of celebration. Catholic people go to churches starting on that day to attend the “9 early morning masses” or “Misa de Gallio”; that is from 16th of December until the Christmas Day. 80% of the Philippines’’ population is Catholics so no wonder it is the most important and celebrated holiday. Catholics believe that if they fulfilled the 9 early morning masses, their Christmas wishes will be granted. Outside the church, vendors sell the traditional food especially popular in this holiday season such as “Puto bumbong” and “Tsokolate”. Mind you these foods are sold in no time so you must be in the church early if you like to taste them.


Misa de Gallio in Christmas season
Misa de Gallio is one of the popular custom in Philippines.
Puto bumbong
Puto bumbong is  a type of puto or rice cake named after the bamboo tube in which it is steamed. 

Click to learn the recipe of Puto Bumbong.

Tsokolate is a thick hot chocolate specially made from cacao balls.

***Surely Fun***

On the Christmas Eve, many people stay awake all night and wait for the clock to strike at 12:00. They usually sing Karaoke, play games, cook special desserts, drink alcohol, and/or take each other’s pictures to keep themselves awake. People attend the Christmas Eve mass earlier in the evening. Then they will gather together to eat Noche Buena or midnight feast after going back to their homes they It is a big and special meal joined by all the members of the family and friends. Popular Noche Buena dishes include the Lechon or roasted pig, Ham, Fruit Salad, Puto bumbong, and Coke. Most people have the Exchanging of Presents in which each family members bring gifts and give to other members of the family after eating the Noche Buena. It is the most awaited part of the holiday since everyone get to receive surprising presents.

Noche Buena
Noche Buena

On the other hand, Christmas in Philippines is mixed with Western traditions too, which means that they also have Santa Claus, Christmas trees and cards. The celebrations continue to the First Sunday in January when Epiphany or the Feast of the Three Kings is celebrated. After this day, people start to put away their decorations.

How about in your country? How do you traditionally celebrate Christmas? Feel free to write it down in the Comments section. Happy Holidays!


Ideal places to visit in Davao for families

Family wanting to visit Davao, here are some ideal places to visit.


Davao has indeed became so popular not only because of its must-visit sight-seeing places but also for its safe and clean environment.

In fact, Davao has been hailed as the 4th safest city in the World in a survey in 2015.

I, being a Davaoeña is proud to say that because of the ordinances being strictly implemented by our President Rodrigo Duterte who became a Mayor of the city for 20 years.

It’s still safe to visit different places in the city since the President’s daughter and son are now leading the city as a Mayor and Vice-Mayor respectively.

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The walk to the Malacañang Palace during the Inauguration of President Rodrigo Duterte.
The First Family

Here are Davao City Ordinances a tourist must know before visiting.

  1. Smoking Ordinance. It was first implemented in 2002. Smokers should avoid smoking in public places however, there are designated smoking areas such as resto-bars, beach resorts, and cafes. Violators face penalties based on the frequency of their offense: P1,000 fine or month-long jail time for the first offense, P2,500 or two-month jail time for the second offense, and P5,000 or four-months in jail for the third offense. To learn more about this ordinance, read more here.
  2. Total Fire-cracking ban. Every New Year, Davao has been always recorded with zero casualty since its implementation in 2001. Violators of the firecracker ordinance are fined P1,000 or a month in jail for the first offense, P3,000 or three months in jail for the second offense, and P5,000 or six months in jail for the third offense.
  3. Speed Limit Ordinance. A maximum of 30kph downtown and 40kph within the city, and about 60kph within the city borders.  To learn more about this ordinance, read more here.
  4. Liquor ban. Selling and drinking alcoholic beverages in public places are banned in the city from 1am to 8am. Violators pay a fine of P3,000 for the first offense, P5,000 or a three-month jail time for the second offense, and P5,000 and one year in jail, including the revocation of the establishment’s business permit, for the third offense.

Now that you’ve learned the basics, let’s head to the must-visit places in Davao for families.

  • Davao Crocodile Park.
    A small Gorilla showing her talent.
    A small Orangutan named Carlo in the Animal Talent Show

    If you love animals and travelling in the city with your kids, then Davao Crocodile Park is an ideal place to be. It’s not far from the city center so it’s convenient to visit and kids won’t get tired from transporting or commuting.

  • The place showcases baby Crocs and big, montrous Crocs as well. It features the biggest salwater Crocodile in the Philippines named ‘Pangil” which is 18 ft. long.

    Davao Crocodile Park doesn’t only showcases Crocodiles but also other animals as well. Below is a photo of my family holding together a Burmese Python. Would you dare yourself to hold it too?

    A family holding a Burmese Python
    A family holding a Burmese Python

    Burmese Python is considered as one of the biggest snake in the world. Amazing, right? Well, if you want more of their animals, you can enjoy Fish-feeding, watching the Animal Talent Show,  Animal Petting, Crocodile-feeding, and other various activities in the park.

  • Not to mention the different kinds of animals including the Siberian Tiger and birds including the Philippine Eagle. The whole family gets the best day with the animals at an affordable price, of course.
  • Eden Nature Park Mountain Resort.
    Eden nature Park
    Eden Nature Park Mountain Resort

    If you’re looking for a relaxing place to visit and stay at th same time while seeking for another adventure, then this is the best place for you. Eden Nature Park and Resort is located in the suburb of the city.

    They offer different accommodations such as Holiday Lodge which is ideal for Honeymoon or vacation purposes, Vista Lodge for couples who want to have an intimate time away from the busy city.

    Log Cabin that can accommodate up to 14 persons, Pine lodge that’s ideal for groups having a Team Building, Mountain Villas dor large families, and other types of rooms available for every type of tourists.

    Fishing Village
    Fishing Village
    Sky Cycle at Eden Mountain Resort
    Sky Cycle at Eden Mountain Resort
    Swimming Pool
    Swimming Pool

    There are varius activities to enjoy in the place. Fishing with your kids must be fun for your family. What’s more, Horseriding, swimming, trekking, zip-lining, Sky-riding with a bicycle, and more Amenities to enjoy.

    Zip-line for kids
    Zip-line for kids
  • Philippine Eagle Nature Center. 
    Phil. Eagle Center
    Phil. Eagle Nature Center

    Davao is also known as the home of the world’s largest and most powerful birds of prey, the Philippine Eagle, which is also known as the Philippines’ National bird.

    Families can enjoy not only the eagles, but also the other mammals, reptiles and more birds. The place aims to educate people especially the children about the conservation and propagation of the critically endangered Philippine Eagle.

    Therefore, this is a must visit place for your kids. The place is wide and everything is natural in which you can enjoy the nature well while having a picnic. 

  • Jack’s Ridge.            

This is the place to recommend when you love to hang out at night in the city. The restaurant is situated at the top of the hills so the city’s view is overwhlmingly overlooking while enjoying the fresh air and relaxing ambience.

Not only that, there are many amenities in this place such as Function halls where we held our company’s christmas party last year, swimming pool, restaurants, cottages where you can stay overnight, and more.

Night view of the city at my back
Night view of the city behind 
  • People’s Park 
    A replica of the Philippine Eagle will greet you as you enter the Park.
    A replica of the Philippine Eagle will greet you as you enter the Park.

    People’s Park is a 4-hectare park and comes from the idea of the then City Mayor and current President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte. This park is open for the citizens and tourists for FREE. What I like about this park is that they keep the cleanliness inside and around it’s premises.

    You can enjoy its arrayed tropical rain forest trees, large sculptures, interactive fountains, man-made ponds and waterfalls, a Durian-shaped dome, a shady and open plaza, playground for children, and many more ornaments.

    Both adults and children can enjoy the park. Kids can play in the playground with its own toilet and washroom while the adults can join the Zumba or morning exercises for free during the weekends.

    boys sitting on a planet-shaped creation
    boys sitting on a planet-shaped creation
  • The Gap Farm Orchard Resort. 
    Gap Farm Land of Promise
    Gap Farm Land of Promise

    From the name itself, Gap Farm Orchard Resort is basically a farm rich with fruit-trees, tropical trees, and other various plants.

    The resort has a large swimming pool, horseback riding facilities, convention hall, a small man-made cave, and vast picnic areas.

    Other attractions include the historical and mythical statues , a parade of sculptured animals, a row of all the Philippines’ presidents’ busts, and different tribes of Mindanao.

    Swimming pool - entrance fee of Php100.00
    Swimming pool – entrance fee of Php 100.00
  • Malagos Garden Resort. 
    Malagos Garden ResortMalagos Garden Resort

    Recently, this place has been so popular because it has the first ever Chocolate Museum in Philippines. Everyone has their minds blown when they’ve finally tasted the Malagos chocolate so be sure to try it when you visit there.

    The place has other amazing and desirable places to explore such as the their gardens, butterfly sanctuary, and aviary where you can feed the birds, a restaurant where you can order the Malagos chocolate.

    For adventure geeks, try their Sky-Walker. It’s a carefully designed obstacle course consists of eight (8) stations that will test how far your limits are– mentally and physically.


Pool is inviting!
Pool is inviting!

You can learn more about this place here. 

So that’s all folks! Thanks for reading this post. I hope you enjoy it and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy more when you visit all the places featured in this blog post. 😉 Ciao!


Let’s talk about Buerger’s Disease

President Rodrigo Duterte suffers Buerger’s Disease 

Philippines President Duterte
Philippines President Duterte

As quoted from Singapore news on December 14, 2016 about Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

“Oust me – good; assassinate me – better; I have this migraine every day,” he said. “I have a lot of issues with my spine. What I have is really Buerger’s disease. It’s an acquired thing that you get from smoking, because of nicotine.”

Doctors had advised surgery on his spine, he said, but his wife, a nurse who used to work in the United States, did not agree because “a lot of operations for the spine went wrong”.

He added: “If you guys see me always in a sad mood, I am actually pushing a nerve here to relieve the pain,” and touched the right side of his face.

What is Buerger’s Disease?


Almost everyone with Buerger’s disease smokes cigarettes. However, Buerger’s disease can occur in people who use other forms of tobacco, like chewing tobacco.

#chewing tobacco
         #chewing tobacco

Buerger’s Disease patient is mostly trigger to  young male (e.g., 20–40 years old) who is a heavy cigarette smoker. More recently, however, a higher percentage of women and people over the age of 50 have been recognized to have this disease.




Another name of Buerger’s Disease is  “Thromboangiitis Obliterans”

Buerger’s disease (thromboangiitis obliterans) is a rare disease of the arteries and veins in the arms and legs. In Buerger’s disease, your blood vessels become inflamed, swell and can become blocked with blood clots.



The initial symptoms include pain induced by insufficient blood flow during exercise in the feet and or the hands. The pain usually begins in the extremities but may radiate to other parts of the body. Patients may experience numbness and tingling in the limbs and also Raynaud’s Phenomenon. Raynaud’s is a condition where the extremities of the hands and feet turn white when exposed to cold. A common sign in Buerger’s is skin ulceration and gangrene of the fingers and toes.


As Buerger’s disease worsens, you may start to develop ulcers on your hands and feet, which can be painful. Skin infections can also set in. Gangrene can develop if the tissues in your hands and feet completely die due to lack of blood supply. If you develop gangrene, your skin and underlying tissues become black.

Out of your two feet and two hands, it is usually at least three of these that are affected in Buerger’s disease. However, you may notice symptoms in just one finger of your hand or one toe on your foot.

In addition to smoking, male gender, genetic factors, infectious agents and mental stress due to poor socio-economic circumstances have all been suggested as possible trigger factor. Cardiovascular risk factors may also be important, especially glucose intolerance.

The only way you can help yourself for not getting burgers diseases is live a healthy lifestyle.  You may have hear this again and again from family, friends and your aquentances and it is not gonna stop until you help yourself.

Take one step at a time.. and do your best if you want to avoid Buerger’s disease

  • Brush and floss daily to keep your teeth and gums healthy and free of disease.
  • Get a good night’s rest. …
  • Enjoy regular family meals. …
  • Smile and laugh out loud several times a day. …
  • Meditate,  (how to meditate can be found HERE. Pray, or otherwise find solace for at least 10-20 minutes each day.
  • Eat breakfast, and eat smaller meals throughout the day. A healthy breakfast can jumpstart your metabolism, while eating small, healthy meals (rather than the standard three large meals) keeps your energy up.
    Avoid eating at night. Try to eat dinner earlier and fast for 14-16 hours until breakfast the next morning. Studies suggest that eating only when you’re most active and giving your digestive system a long break each day may help to regulate weight.


  • High quality protein. Protein is a source of waste products in body. High quality protein contains more essential amino acids. Our bodies can absorb them and use them to maintain the normal function of body so as to reduce the production of waste products, which is good for kidney protection. Lean meat, fish, egg white and poultry without skin are all high quality protein. But if you have proteinuria and kidney function impairment, you should follow a low protein intake.


  • Avoid salt- here is why?
  1. Salt or Sodium Chloride  in ANY form is an irritant and is toxic to the body.
  2. It kills our taste buds.
  3. Causes Premature Ageing – don’t you want to look younger than your age? Here is my secret formula to look 9 years younger than my age and to all of you who take this will benefit GENERAL GOOD HELTH
  4. Salt has irritating effect upon the body and its delicate membranes, especially in cases such as gastritis or ulcers.

In many fresh foods such as vegetables like celery or sea vegetables, they have high contain in sodium, that is more than good enough salt.

Here is my simple recipe for pumpkin with NO salt.

However if you must need salt.. try using very pure sea salt like


And what I use at home to marinate some meat for BBQ is the Himalayan salt.


We wish you good health always…

Please subscribe to our blog for the next news.. thank you..


Sujiko Peptide is the world’s…


First salmon oligopeptide supplement produced using high technology from Japan.
Based on our long-term experiments, it shows that Sujiko Peptide helps to repair cells, re-energise cells, and to delay aging.
Due to its anti aging benefitsSujiko Peptide is regarded as the “Elixir of Life” by the Japanese.

Sujiko Peptide is 100% made up of wild deep sea salmons from Hokkaido, Japan. The amount of exercise of wild deep sea salmons are higher than that of farmed salmons, thus their nutritional value are higher than farmed salmons. Farmed salmons contain higher level of toxins which may be harmful to human body.
Salmon oligopeptides are extracted using Japan patented Biological Enzyme Degradation Technology.
After the thawing, washing and enzyme degradation process, peptides are extracted from the salmon ovaries.
After going through a unique enzyme hydrolysis patented technology (Japanese Patent No. 3691497), peptide concentrate are produced at the 600 Dalton formula (easy for absorption and usage of human body).

Japan Food Research Laboratories was established in 1957 as a professional institution for testing and analysis of food in Japan.

The purpose of this organization is to maintain food hygiene and environmental protection and as a third party that provides an unbiased neutral analysis of the test and make a positive contribution to the progress and development of Japanese society.
From September 2013 to March 2014, this organization has been using USD66,000 to carry out studies on the contents of the Salmon Sujiko Peptide oligopeptide. Evaluation of four studies and two safety reports were made regarding the biological function is as follows :
Effect of SOP function which turns:

Anti – hypertension
Anti – hyperglycemia
Inhibition of melanin deposition


Anti free-radicals and anti-aging, reduce degenerative disease.
Improve skin texture, glow, moisture and elasticity.
Reduce skin black spots and freckles, skin whitening.
Prevent fats and lipid accumulation.
Improves and protects the liver functions (especially drinkers).
Stabilize blood pressure and blood glucose level.
Improves sleep pattern.
Increase flexibility in joints and discs.
Decrease pre-menstrual tension and menopause symptoms.
Reduce body acidity and improves immune system.


Here are 5 Major Ingredients of Sujiko Peptide
Prevent the accumulation of fat. Prevention of liver failure. Controlling the flatness of color. Prevent free redical damage. Controlling blood pressure.
Preventing the production of AGEs. Prevents aging of cells. Inhibits melanin production. Effective skin Whitening. Encourage the production of collagen for anti- inflammatory effects.
Improve skin elasticity and moisture. Increase the body’s ability to produce collagen. Prevent dry skin. Increase the merger tissues, knee joint flexibility and prevent rheumatoid arthritis.
Prevents melanin production. The effective skin whitening. Protect and improve liver function.


Improve circulation of normal function of the nervous system. Helping to build a new DNA. Enhance the development of the mental health.

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Zip-line your way to Scenic Places

“Life is like a zip-line. It’s over before you know it and you don’t remember much because it all went so fast.”Linda Poindexter (Author of Quips and Quotes)

Agas-Agas Bridge in Southern Leyte, Philippines
Zip-line in Agas-Agas Bridge, Southern Leyte, Philippines

Bold people love adventures that test their limits and make them conquer their fears such as the thrilling experience of Zip-lines. There are many various thrilling outdoor activities nowadays but zip-line has become more popular since it is definitely an exciting experience of sheer adrenaline, which you should add to your bucket list, and can be enjoyed by all ages. Zip-line lets you ride through the air while attached to cable lines, in the safety of a harness.

Would you like to scratch the world you have travel?

Hey, you must be wondering of How or When did this exhilarating outdoor activity originally started. It was basically used to transport goods or for people who had to pass through rough terrain and/or mountainous areas for many years.  However, nowadays zip-lines are being used as a fun outdoor activity, especially for adrenaline junkies, and are very much available in many countries.

Why try Zip-line Adventures?


If you haven’t tried this kind of adventure yet then you haven’t yet lived your life to the fastest…I mean, to the fullest! This experience is fun and exciting. It can only last for a couple of minutes but that could be the longest and most breathtaking couple-o’-minutes of your adulthood, at least. So if you’re looking for something new, go ahead and look for the nearest zip line site to experience it.

Canyon Zip line in Nevada
Canyon Zip-line in Nevada

Enjoy the Scenic View

Riding through the air gives you the perfect chance to glimpse the picturesque and astounding beauty of nature whether you’re zip lining in the city, dessert, or mountainside.

What to wear when doing the Zip?

Don’t just choose your favorite OOTD’s to impress your Instagram followers. In Zip lining, you need to dress for the weather. If you choose to zip in tropical countries, then you might want to wear light material clothing.

On the other hand, for countries with the usual low temperatures, then you might need to wear layers of clothes to stay warm and comfortable.

As for the lower body part, yoga pants, leggings, jeans, or stretchable pants are perfect since you’ll be wearing a snug harness. If you’re a lady, you wouldn’t like it if you choose to wear short short pants because the snug harness can make them ride up.


Zip-line at Zip City Davao, Philippines

As for the footwear, remember that you’ll be taking an Aerial adventure so a closed toe pair of shoes is recommended. The crews might not allow you to take the zip adventure if you show up wearing sandals or flip flops.


The most important thing is, you dress comfortably and enjoy the moment of zip lining.



Safety Helmets and Snug Harnesses will be provided to you by the crews. Make sure to double check everything for your safety.

Safety Helmets and Snug Harnesses will be provided to you by the crews. Make sure to double check everything for your safety. Although, honestly Zip line is one of the safest adventure activities we could do.

If you’re ready to soar and see different scenic places, here are some of the most thrilling and most exhilarating Zip-lines in the world.

1.The Monster | Toro Verde Adventure Park, San Juan Puerto Rico

Fly like a Superman in 4,700 ft zip-line      It’s the longest zipline in the world. Not only that, this incredible zipline in Puerto Rico is in an Island that’s known for its waterfalls and lush forests. Definitely, you can enjoy the scenic view of nature while flying. It’s like you’re on an ultimate tour high above the trees, mountains, and rivers. Isn’t that wonderful?

LENGTH: 7,590 ft.

DROP: 1,200 ft.

SPEED: 93.20 mph

Read Reviews HERE.


2. Zip Rider | Icy Strait Point, Alaska

zipline with 6 cables side by side

The largest zip-line in the Western Hemisphere. As you go on your way to the Icy Strait Point, travel past the quaint fishing village of Hoonah, where a thriving community of indigenous Tlingit people resides. While through the zip ride, capture a panoramic view of nearby Port Frederick and majestic snow-capped mountains before landing safely on the beach.

LENGTH: 5,495 ft.

DROP: 1,320 ft.

SPEED: 65 mph



3. Ziptrek’s The Sasquatch | Canada

An eco-exhilarating ride!

The longest in Canada and the USA.


DROP: 600 M

SPEED: 100-120 KMPH

Watch the Official Video of The Sasquatch below.


4. Flying Fox | Mokai Gravity Canyon, New Zealand

Soaring above the riverbed with friends.
The Flying Fox can hold one, two and even three people at a time!


DROP: 175 M


Experience another exhilarating zip-line while overlooking a river canyon.


5. Flight of the Gibbon | Thailand

Southeast Asia’s longest single zip-line with a twist. You have to go through a course of 30 stations to experience the 18 zip-lines, each has different length, depth, and speed.




800 M

You can check out their website HERE.






6. Zip 2000 | Sun City, South Africa

ZIP 2000


DROP: 280 M

SPEED: 120-160 KPH

Aside for their amazing and extreme zip-line, Sun City offers a breath-taking view of nature along the way.

You can check their website HERE.


7. The Zip Zone | Bukidnon, Philippines

zip lining experience above the Bukidnon rainforest

Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline. Fly like Superman and bolt through lush greenery and breathtaking views only found in the mountains of Dahilayan. Guaranteed safe and fun for every age, Zipzone has become the ultimate adventure destination for both young and young-at-heart.


DROP: 100 M

SPEED: 60-80 KPH

Read more:

Featured Zip-line Destination for Beginners.  

Zip City | Davao City, Philippines



Glide from above whilst enjoying a scenic view of Mount Apo and Davao Gulf so fear of heights or fear from falling could be set aside for awhile due to the relaxing view on top.  They have complete and safe equipment like a harness, head gears, cable and trolleys that have passed the standard requirement of the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation.  What’s more, the crews assisting the riders are professional and helpful to their customers.




Here what you can do if you only have little time in Istanbul..

From 2 weeks adventure in Kilimanjaro we were heading home back to Singapore with Turkish Airlines.

Before I continue with out stop over in Istanbul….

Turkish Airlines, fly from Singapore to any parts of the world. I notice that Turkish Airlines has a very reasonable rates comparing with other big airlines.

The flights from Singapore to Istanbul were very much comfortable.

Before we proceed our trip to Kilimanjaro from Singapore, we head back home to my husband home town in Volarberg Austria.  Just next to the border of Lichtenstein (Switzerland Border)

We were very please with the service on board Turkish Airline, both long and short flights. Hot super delicious meals were serve as well as fine drinks.

What’s more, you can earn miles too with Turkish Airlines.

We had a 12 hour stop over in Istanbul…

before we could proceed our flight to Singapore.  We plan it this way so that I could at least visit the city of Istanbul in Turkey.

We had landed at the airport about 11 am  at Ataturk  International Airlport (Turkish Time ) from Kilimanjaro.

What you do with you hand laggage?

We had our boarding pass already.. However, we decided to inform the airlines that we will be going to the city.

Inside Ataturk International Airlport, you will find a place to change currency as well as to leave your heavy hand luggage (specially when they are on rollers).

It is safe to leave your luggage and other things you do not want to carry around with you when you go for a city day tour trip in Istanbul.

You would pay about 25 Turkish currency which is very much reasonable. They lock your deposits and hand you over the key with a number tag.

From the airport…

We took a train, it was free a ride from the airport to the city. When we arrive at the central station, we had change our train and head down to the strait market, food street, famous bazaar etc. With the city train, you need to buy the train ticket at the small kiosk or machine along the railway which is pretty much organize.

However, you can just walk within the city center.  There are tourist busses (double decker) along the street looking out for customers. Be careful of the people right in-front of the bus tour, they give you a very high price. Best is to buy your ticket at the main station or ask for the driver.

When we arrived, it was lunch time. We were very hungry and we dive in food stall along the street.

Food in Istanbul city center are everywhere. See my video below
Food in Istanbul city center are everywhere. See my video below

After lunch, we walk towards Grand Bazaar- here I lost my $100 bill hidden inside my pocket. Amazing… People can be so good at pick pocketing. In anywhere in the world, with a super busy place, you are in danger of pickpockets.

Grand Bazaar market, you can buy all sorts of stuff, from gold to a antique turkish desigb plate, art, carpet, rugs, linens and a lot of things you can find here.
Grand Bazaar market, you can buy all sorts of stuff, from gold to a antique Turkish design plate, art, carpet, rugs, linens and a lot of things you can find here.

From grand bazaar, we walk down to where you can see the Europe and the Asia side right by the water of Istanbul city.

brigde link to Europe and Asia. What a small world?
Brigde link to Europe and Asia. What a small world? Bhosporus Bridge

You can rent or ride a boat and it was very reasonable and comforble ride. Inside the ferry boat, we were drinking Turkish tea.  You must try Turkish Tea when you are in Turkey.

The ride took about 2 hours, as it cruises along the river under the bridge of Bhosporus.

It was fascinating to see so many of the houses, restuarants and some other boats by the river as we were cruising around.

It’s like a movie… a real movie.. real life.

After the ride, it was dark, it’s time to have some nice turkish food once again.

My video is below for you to see it live…

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Ideas when visiting Hawaii with Delta Airlines

Flying with Delta Airlines

We left Singapore early morning, 8 May Friday,2015 with Delta Airlines. 

We were heading to Waikiki Beach in Hawaii many people said.. home of the surfboard

7 hours later, we have arrived at Japan finest airport.

Narrita international airport.
Had a 5 hours of stop over and I have to admit I was so bored at the airport.

Flying with comfort Delta Airlines.

Am amazed with gigantic plane of Boeing
747 aircraft to Honolulu.

Hawaiian Dance by the water side

Another 7 hours later  we have arrived at Honolulu
International airport yet It was a 19 hours total time flight. Guess what? It’s Friday 8 May 2015 at 7:09 am! Like a time travellers huh? I left Friday from Sungapore, arrived Still Friday almost the same time as I left.

After airport clearance, you can take a taxi or bus just outside the airport.

The bus ride to Waikiki is $15.

The taxi ride is around $40. we  took the bus and they were comfortable. Nothing compare to Philippines or Thailand.
Have finally arrive at our book  Hotel right in the Center of Waikiki. Very convenient as its walking distance to beach and restaurants.

When we arrived. I dive in into the beach of Waikiki

Here the Holiday starts! Aloha!

The Waikiki beach. Home of the surfboard!

My first drink at Dukes  was a bloody mary Waikiki style ( right by the side of the water.. Beautiful settings restaurant as I’ve watch people to the beach.

Tacos in Hawaii were so huge portion.. So Yummy
Tacos in Hawaii were so huge portion.. So Yummy

This is Tacos at Dukes! I ordered Fish tacos! It’s yummy!

Finish lunch at Dukes, went back to the hotel and had nap.

Had a long nap I am back to the beach again as according to my research… it says that the Sunset is fantastic in this area. Here are some photos I have taken using the Iphone..

Water is so clear here in Waikiki beach
Water is so clear here in Waikiki beach

When you are at the beach line, to your left the famous Diamond Head is what you see.

To your right is the sun that sets beautifully and a few were watching over it.

People watching along Waikiki beach
People watching along Waikiki beach

People gathers,

bring their chairs and beers! In this side… where Hilton hotel is located.
Those are just people start to set on the rocks as the sun goes down.

Waikiki is one of the beautiful and has picturisque view I have been.
Waikiki is one of the beautiful and has picturisque view I have been.

 The sun now sleep and I am hungry!

I am so tired still and I really think that this Friday is the longest Friday!
I am walking towards the town area. I notice there are so many ABC Stores here in Waikiki! It’s like 7-eleven in Singaoire but more variety and bigger! As I was walking I found this… the First Lady of Waikiki?

The First lady of Waikiki history
The First lady of Waikiki history

I stop over at this restaurant and order my dinner!

My appetiser was kalalua Tomato!

Something special. It’s yummy and different from any other type of tomato salad. Serves with goat cheese, spinach and a touch of Roys special sauce.

at Roys in Waikiki
at Roys in Waikiki
This Roy’s special dessert!

The soufflé serve with home made ice cream! The soufflé was hot and creamy inside. The ice cream was not sweet! Just the way I like it!

delicious dessert at Roy's in Waikiki Beach
delicious dessert at Roy’s in Waikiki Beach

Finally! This Friday were about to be over! What a long and 2 Friday’s I spent! 3 countries.

Here is my video on my trip to Hawaii. 


In Waikiki, there are other beaches to see and other tourists attractions.

We rented a car right next to the hotel. In Waikiki, there are so many hotels to choose from and so as car rental company.

Consider flying with Delta Airlines. They are affordable. The only disadvantage of Delta Airlines is that the gap in between chairs has not much of the gap or room for your long legs if you are seated with economy. The good thing is you can choose or buy a comfortable seats with plenty of spaces.

Travelling can really be costly if you are on a budget..

From here… We are heading  to Las Vegas and also with Delta Airlines.

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Have you ever climb Kilimanjaro?

(This is dedicated to our guide, porter, waiter and cook. Gregory, Juma and all the Trekking Hero team.

Have you ever thought of going to Climb Kilimanjaro.

This article is for you… to get some tips and some guidance on what to do and how you can make it to the top of UHURU Peak, the highest point of Kilimanjaro.

This is my story and reality in Climbing Kilimanjaro.

Our Journey was on 11 September to 17 September 2016

Before I could continue… I need to explain to you about Kilimanjaro.

Mount Kilimanjaro, with its three volcanic cones, “Kibo”, “Mawenzi”, and “Shira”, is a dormant volcano in Tanzania.

my hubby, myself and in the middle is Juma one of our guide

It is the highest mountain in Africa,

and rises approximately 4,900 m from its base to 5,895 meters above sea level. Elevation: 5,895 meters. Prominence: 5,885 m
First ascent: 1889 by Ludwig Purtscheller and Hans Meyer.
Mountain range: Eastern Rift mountains

(above Resources from Wikipedia)
I am not a climber… and
sometimes or many times we under estimate the mountain.
Many people fit or unfit. They have purpose why climbing Kilimanjaro.
But to me, I want to prove that an Ashmatic person can do what they want and fight for this Ashamatic problem.

My experience was never easy.
My hubby and I took the Rongai Route where they said the most scenic.  Its a long way but your body will have a chance in getting into climitazation  in preparation for the  highest peak.  Rongai indeed is a very scenic route but not an easy one either.

The route has a beautiful scenery, many little flowers as well as the large ones. A few foot steps of wild animals like elephant and buffalo were seen during our climb.

We had 7 days of expedition in total.
Each day, we go and walk long hours (about 4 to 7 hours at the beginning). Was even longer hours when we are about the climb.
From one base camp to another until we reach to Kibo Hut where the final campsite prior to Climbing the Uhuru Peak- the highest point of Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro is not only a  mountain, it is also a huge park and playground to many wild animals and of course the humans.

Our climb from Kibu Hut base camp begins…

Our last night before the climb to the highest point, I ask my husband Markus if we could stay at the room. In Kibo, there is a Hut and it has few  rooms (4 rooms as I remember)  and in each room there are 10 to 12 bank beds.

All the nights during this climb were super cold for me.. The sleeping bags we had was rented from the agency were we took  and paid the package trip. Those bags were not warm at all. It is not meant for that kind of weather according to my Austrian husband.

I recommend that best is to bring your own sleeping bags. Get the best that keeps you warm at night so have a lot of energy the next day.

Another problem is that, the toilets were super dirty.. yes, there are few toilet small rooms, they dig a hole and cover it with wood.  But is so smelly, no water to wash the dirt. Water is tough in Africa.. Really.

This is just below the Mawenzi camp where we spent a night..
This is just below the Mawenzi camp where we spent a night..

Here is our preparation on the night of the climb

This night we were inside the Kibo Hut.. my heart were pounding and beats so hard for excitement or perhaps anxiety?

Inside the room, on this little corners of the bank beds and on the wall of the rooms, there were a few notes were written… notes of motivations, notes of information.. some of those notes were saying…

“I almost died..”

“15 out of 15.. we all made it”

“kili is a mind game”

“Gals, you don’t give up… you can do it”


We had an early rest that night.  Went to bed at 6 pm and woke up at 10pm for the final ascend…  here comes  Midnight, we walk all the way up to a never, NEVER seems to end stiff, rocky and stony mountain for long hours.

One of out guide took this image as we walk up to Gillman's point before the Uhuru pick.
One of out guide took this image as we walk up to Gillman’s point before the Uhuru pick.

Pole Pole– slow slow.

We cannot walk fast as we and many other climbers that night were breathless. So windy and  it was like a minus 20 degree cold. Climbers were just puking from one path to the other. When you hear them.. you feel doing the same.. We were out of even eating the energy bars. Don’t have appetite and you wish… you get there FAST and so you get this OVER with.

Very tricky
Before you can reach to Uhuru pick either you submit first to Gillman’s point or Estella point. When we arrive at the Gillman’s Pick, I thought this was the highest point already, it was seems to be.. Oh no…. you have to get to Stella point after Gillman’s point and then to Uhuru Pick.

Super cold and super long nite as I could Imagine.
Arrived at Uhuru pick 9:13 am on 16 of September 2016 from Kibo hut, trying to breath and breath. Headache start to aches. Vomiting, etc. A mix feelings. We have walk now now from 12 Midnight to 9am in the morrning. With only second or the most 1 minute of rest. I did not understand why we cannot rest longer.

The photo seems not so vertical, but it is so stiff really.
The photo seems not so vertical, but it is so stiff really.

Breathless, my water got frozen, could not drink, even it was prevented from getting frozen and it’s still is.

Since the starting point of this adventures…  I have taken  Diamox to prevent me from getting Altitude sickness.

I do not recommend you to take Diamox…

It just gave a lot of side effects. Before the day of climb, I was already breathless. Tingling on both fingers and feet. So like a drug addict.

The best thing you do is to prepare yourself healthy much ahead before the climb. Prepare yourself like a year or so.. keep fit and strong is all you need as well as strong in your mind and attitude of a ‘GO GETTERS’

this is the top of Kilimanjaro with Juma and Gregory our guide
this is the top of Kilimanjaro with Juma and Gregory our guide

Because of the inspiration with my husband Markus, I made it to first, you reach to Gillman’s Point when you are coming from Kibo Hut or the Rongai Route. Followed by Stella Point that may take about 30 minutes on slow pace walk. And to the very top of Kilimanjaro where there lies the Ice Age..

I am saying... If I can do it! So can you!
I am saying… If I can do it! So can you!
( on my note that I hold in that image.. I said.. ‘If I can do it! So can You”)

It was amazing..  to be on the top of Kilimanjaro… It was a fulfillment of our life.. It was also a time where getting to know my husband well. The time where the life and death comes together. Then you knew how your relationship worth as a husband and wife. It was beautiful doing this climb of Kilimanjaro.

Now were in-love once again…

I wish I was in good condition…

to take images though, one of my camera were frozen. Only had the hand held canon and it took photos just fine. But only taken a few. I was focus on my plan that I have to Dance on the top of Kilimanjaro. Which I did.

You are only allowed to stay 15 minutes to take your photo taken.

And you were not the only one at this time.

As we descend from the pick, we were cruising the sandy and stony path dust all over until your nose bleed from sneezing.


Bring yourself a super warm sleeping bag, DO NOT rent from your agency. It’s not warm enough for individual needs.

Good hiking shoes.. I bought mine from Lowa brand. Super comfortable.

Super warm but light clothing.

Flash lights and spare batteries.

You have to use walking sticks. It does help when going down the mountain. Even if you are so young.. your Knee will suffer from the down impact of walk.

Trekking Hero agency however are very helpful.
The people in Africa are all great really. The warmest people I ever met.

To summarize the above mention.. Here is my video on this trip. Please do share .. and thank you for reading..