I think I could believe in  saying…

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

I have totally forgotten being a housewife for the last 10 years. Realising that we can still be a better wife, better person and a better homemaker while keeping our career intact and not to quit to the passion we love.

Working from home we can do all these. Not only that we save time on preparation to go to work… to dress up and drive to work. We save money too and we tend to be more productive. 

Well, it is to me.. at home, I eat better food, warm and much healthier.

And here is how you can make a healthier drink to your husband while he come home tired from work.. 

Fresh carrot, Honey, lemon , some mix nuts and flax seeds and flaxseed oil

Here is my simple but yummy shake or drink to welcome your husband from work


3 whole carrots

Pumpkin nuts

Flax seed ground

Honey mixture

Preparing the HONEY MIXTURE  was ahead of time and I have just place it into tight sealed container

Honey mixture


1 kilo grams of honey

200 grams of flaxseed oil

3 or 4 garlic cloves

4 lemons


Peel the garlic and mix it in a blender with 4 lemon juice. Add the honey into the mixture and mix again. Finally, add the flaxseed into the mixture. Keep it in the fridge for longer keeping.

Benefits of this Honey mixture.

By consuming 1 tablespoon of honey mixture 3 times  a day before meals well keep you younger, grow  your hair and make it more dark as well  as you will have a good effect of glowing skin.

According to  some information I gather, it is the secret to keep a younger looking skin. As you may see the lists ingredients into this honey preparation. However, if you are allergy to certain ingredients like garlic or even honey, then its not good for you.

If you however life salmon fish, we have a blog about Sujiko Peptide from Japan that is scientifically tested. You may like to read about it HERE

Would you believe me or not, that ” A way to a Man’s Heart is through his stomach?

When I handed this drink to my husband, I can see the glow from his eyes, the kind of glow to a happiness.  The look  of the glass itself makes you want to try right?

The taste is full-filling, the puree of the carrot makes you fill up that hunger feeling. 

So if you welcome your husband from work this healthy drinks, for sure he will just shut every stress he may have and relax.

After all, life is short, money isn’t everything, it does pays the bills but it is not the only thing in this world.

A celebration to life and cherish every moment you share tougher as husband and wife is more important.


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Sujiko Peptide is the world’s…


First salmon oligopeptide supplement produced using high technology from Japan.
Based on our long-term experiments, it shows that Sujiko Peptide helps to repair cells, re-energise cells, and to delay aging.
Due to its anti aging benefits. Sujiko Peptide is regarded as the “Elixir of Life” by the Japanese.


Sujiko Peptide is 100% made up of wild deep sea salmons from Hokkaido, Japan. The amount of exercise of wild deep sea salmons are higher than that of farmed salmons, thus their nutritional value are higher than farmed salmons. Farmed salmons contain higher level of toxins which may be harmful to human body.
Salmon oligopeptides are extracted using Japan patented Biological Enzyme Degradation Technology.
After the thawing, washing and enzyme degradation process, peptides are extracted from the salmon ovaries.
After going through a unique enzyme hydrolysis patented technology (Japanese Patent No. 3691497), peptide concentrate are produced at the 600 Dalton formula (easy for absorption and usage of human body).

Japan Food Research Laboratories was established in 1957 as a professional institution for testing and analysis of food in Japan.

The purpose of this organization is to maintain food hygiene and environmental protection and as a third party that provides an unbiased neutral analysis of the test and make a positive contribution to the progress and development of Japanese society.
From September 2013 to March 2014, this organization has been using USD66,000 to carry out studies on the contents of the Salmon Sujiko Peptide oligopeptide. Evaluation of four studies and two safety reports were made regarding the biological function is as follows :
Effect of SOP function which turns:

Anti – hypertension
Anti – hyperglycemia
Inhibition of melanin deposition


Anti free-radicals and anti-aging, reduce degenerative disease.
Improve skin texture, glow, moisture and elasticity.
Reduce skin black spots and freckles, skin whitening.
Prevent fats and lipid accumulation.
Improves and protects the liver functions (especially drinkers).
Stabilize blood pressure and blood glucose level.
Improves sleep pattern.
Increase flexibility in joints and discs.
Decrease pre-menstrual tension and menopause symptoms.
Reduce body acidity and improves immune system.


Here are 5 Major Ingredients of Sujiko Peptide
Prevent the accumulation of fat. Prevention of liver failure. Controlling the flatness of color. Prevent free redical damage. Controlling blood pressure.
Preventing the production of AGEs. Prevents aging of cells. Inhibits melanin production. Effective skin Whitening. Encourage the production of collagen for anti- inflammatory effects.
Improve skin elasticity and moisture. Increase the body’s ability to produce collagen. Prevent dry skin. Increase the merger tissues, knee joint flexibility and prevent rheumatoid arthritis.
Prevents melanin production. The effective skin whitening. Protect and improve liver function.


Improve circulation of normal function of the nervous system. Helping to build a new DNA. Enhance the development of the mental health.

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