Ideal places to visit in Davao for families

Davao has indeed became so popular not only because of its must-visit sight-seeing places but also for its safe and clean environment.

In fact, Davao has been hailed as the 4th safest city in the World in a survey in 2015.

I, being a Davaoeña is proud to say that because of the ordinances being strictly implemented by our President Rodrigo Duterte who became a Mayor of the city for 20 years.

It’s still safe to visit different places in the city since the President’s daughter and son are now leading the city as a Mayor and Vice-Mayor respectively.

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The walk to the Malacañang Palace during the Inauguration of President Rodrigo Duterte.
The First Family

Here are Davao City Ordinances a tourist must know before visiting.

  1. Smoking Ordinance. It was first implemented in 2002. Smokers should avoid smoking in public places however, there are designated smoking areas such as resto-bars, beach resorts, and cafes. Violators face penalties based on the frequency of their offense: P1,000 fine or month-long jail time for the first offense, P2,500 or two-month jail time for the second offense, and P5,000 or four-months in jail for the third offense. To learn more about this ordinance, read more here.
  2. Total Fire-cracking ban. Every New Year, Davao has been always recorded with zero casualty since its implementation in 2001. Violators of the firecracker ordinance are fined P1,000 or a month in jail for the first offense, P3,000 or three months in jail for the second offense, and P5,000 or six months in jail for the third offense.
  3. Speed Limit Ordinance. A maximum of 30kph downtown and 40kph within the city, and about 60kph within the city borders.  To learn more about this ordinance, read more here.
  4. Liquor ban. Selling and drinking alcoholic beverages in public places are banned in the city from 1am to 8am. Violators pay a fine of P3,000 for the first offense, P5,000 or a three-month jail time for the second offense, and P5,000 and one year in jail, including the revocation of the establishment’s business permit, for the third offense.

Now that you’ve learned the basics, let’s head to the must-visit places in Davao for families.

  • Davao Crocodile Park.
    A small Gorilla showing her talent.
    A small Orangutan named Carlo in the Animal Talent Show

    If you love animals and travelling in the city with your kids, then Davao Crocodile Park is an ideal place to be. It’s not far from the city center so it’s convenient to visit and kids won’t get tired from transporting or commuting.

  • The place showcases baby Crocs and big, montrous Crocs as well. It features the biggest salwater Crocodile in the Philippines named ‘Pangil” which is 18 ft. long.

    Davao Crocodile Park doesn’t only showcases Crocodiles but also other animals as well. Below is a photo of my family holding together a Burmese Python. Would you dare yourself to hold it too?

    A family holding a Burmese Python
    A family holding a Burmese Python

    Burmese Python is considered as one of the biggest snake in the world. Amazing, right? Well, if you want more of their animals, you can enjoy Fish-feeding, watching the Animal Talent Show,  Animal Petting, Crocodile-feeding, and other various activities in the park.

  • Not to mention the different kinds of animals including the Siberian Tiger and birds including the Philippine Eagle. The whole family gets the best day with the animals at an affordable price, of course.
  • Eden Nature Park Mountain Resort.
    Eden nature Park
    Eden Nature Park Mountain Resort

    If you’re looking for a relaxing place to visit and stay at th same time while seeking for another adventure, then this is the best place for you. Eden Nature Park and Resort is located in the suburb of the city.

    They offer different accommodations such as Holiday Lodge which is ideal for Honeymoon or vacation purposes, Vista Lodge for couples who want to have an intimate time away from the busy city.

    Log Cabin that can accommodate up to 14 persons, Pine lodge that’s ideal for groups having a Team Building, Mountain Villas dor large families, and other types of rooms available for every type of tourists.

    Fishing Village
    Fishing Village
    Sky Cycle at Eden Mountain Resort
    Sky Cycle at Eden Mountain Resort
    Swimming Pool
    Swimming Pool

    There are varius activities to enjoy in the place. Fishing with your kids must be fun for your family. What’s more, Horseriding, swimming, trekking, zip-lining, Sky-riding with a bicycle, and more Amenities to enjoy.

    Zip-line for kids
    Zip-line for kids
  • Philippine Eagle Nature Center. 
    Phil. Eagle Center
    Phil. Eagle Nature Center

    Davao is also known as the home of the world’s largest and most powerful birds of prey, the Philippine Eagle, which is also known as the Philippines’ National bird.

    Families can enjoy not only the eagles, but also the other mammals, reptiles and more birds. The place aims to educate people especially the children about the conservation and propagation of the critically endangered Philippine Eagle.

    Therefore, this is a must visit place for your kids. The place is wide and everything is natural in which you can enjoy the nature well while having a picnic. 

  • Jack’s Ridge.            

This is the place to recommend when you love to hang out at night in the city. The restaurant is situated at the top of the hills so the city’s view is overwhlmingly overlooking while enjoying the fresh air and relaxing ambience.

Not only that, there are many amenities in this place such as Function halls where we held our company’s christmas party last year, swimming pool, restaurants, cottages where you can stay overnight, and more.

Night view of the city at my back
Night view of the city behind 
  • People’s Park 
    A replica of the Philippine Eagle will greet you as you enter the Park.
    A replica of the Philippine Eagle will greet you as you enter the Park.

    People’s Park is a 4-hectare park and comes from the idea of the then City Mayor and current President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte. This park is open for the citizens and tourists for FREE. What I like about this park is that they keep the cleanliness inside and around it’s premises.

    You can enjoy its arrayed tropical rain forest trees, large sculptures, interactive fountains, man-made ponds and waterfalls, a Durian-shaped dome, a shady and open plaza, playground for children, and many more ornaments.

    Both adults and children can enjoy the park. Kids can play in the playground with its own toilet and washroom while the adults can join the Zumba or morning exercises for free during the weekends.

    boys sitting on a planet-shaped creation
    boys sitting on a planet-shaped creation
  • The Gap Farm Orchard Resort. 
    Gap Farm Land of Promise
    Gap Farm Land of Promise

    From the name itself, Gap Farm Orchard Resort is basically a farm rich with fruit-trees, tropical trees, and other various plants.

    The resort has a large swimming pool, horseback riding facilities, convention hall, a small man-made cave, and vast picnic areas.

    Other attractions include the historical and mythical statues , a parade of sculptured animals, a row of all the Philippines’ presidents’ busts, and different tribes of Mindanao.

    Swimming pool - entrance fee of Php100.00
    Swimming pool – entrance fee of Php 100.00
  • Malagos Garden Resort. 
    Malagos Garden ResortMalagos Garden Resort

    Recently, this place has been so popular because it has the first ever Chocolate Museum in Philippines. Everyone has their minds blown when they’ve finally tasted the Malagos chocolate so be sure to try it when you visit there.

    The place has other amazing and desirable places to explore such as the their gardens, butterfly sanctuary, and aviary where you can feed the birds, a restaurant where you can order the Malagos chocolate.

    For adventure geeks, try their Sky-Walker. It’s a carefully designed obstacle course consists of eight (8) stations that will test how far your limits are– mentally and physically.


Pool is inviting!
Pool is inviting!

You can learn more about this place here. 

So that’s all folks! Thanks for reading this post. I hope you enjoy it and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy more when you visit all the places featured in this blog post. 😉 Ciao!

World of All-You-Can-Eat Buffets

Eating Out has become one of the world’s most favorite hobbies,

although many people considered it as a necessity, especially to those who are too busy in preparing or cooking their own meal at home.  According to, in 2015 28.2% of Americans visit fast-food restaurants once a week and about 34% of Americans visit casual dining restaurants once a week. However recently, an informal form of dining called Buffet meals is increasingly becoming popular among people who definitely love eating out.

Originally, Buffet started in the middle of 16th century in Sweden where guests would gather before dinner for a pre-dinner drink which is then known as “Smorgasbord Buffet”. Until later on in 20th Century, Buffet became popularly known as “All-you-can-eat” or Eat-all-you-can”. In this style of Buffet, diners pay a fixed amount and they can serve themselves with as much food as they wished to eat in a single meal. On the other hand, there are staffed stations wherein specific food such as noodle soups, grilled meats, roasted meats, and many more are being custom prepared.


However, many people are more conscious about their health and feel dubious when their colleagues or friends give them the temptation of dining in a Buffet.

Diet-conscious people might think that they will gain weight in eating at a Buffet restaurant, while some people suggest that we can regularly eat out or eat in a Buffet without gaining weight.  In my opinion, eating at a Buffet doesn’t hurt your diet unless you’re going to eat there every lunch or dinner. That would cost someone a lot of money. Though there are some people who are very keen and diet obsessed who would rather think the worst.

For those diet-conscious people who would like to try the various dishes flaunted in front of the diners not to mention the grandeur of tables around that totally adds up to the enticing ambience of Buffet, there are few things I would suggest they might want to try to do when dining at a Buffet.

  1. Be wise in selecting the dishes.


For instance, you can have a salad of lettuce greens and assorted vegetables without cheese. Make the Salad bars your first stop since most health experts says it can keep you from overeating. Avoid eating the cream-based dishes which are made of mayonnaise, sour cream or cream cheese that are full of fats and increases your cholesterol levels.

Vikings Buffet Salad Station


Choose your meat wisely too. You can opt for grilled or baked fish instead of fried chicken to avoid too much oil and let’s admit everything that’s fried can destroy your balanced diet. So always choose baked items over deep-fried items.

If possible do not eat white rice. Eat the fiber-rich brown rice when available. It’s rich in fiber and reduces high cholesterol levels. However most Buffet restaurants offer diners white rice than brown rice since it’s cheaper and far more widely available than the brown rice. Fried rice, on the other hand, can also be more loaded with calories than plain rice. Obviously, it contains oil and fat that again can be harmful to your diet.

Some food served in Buffet, believe it or not, may result someone to overeat. Make smart decisions from the start because such clever ways of choosing your meal is quite healthy and yet enjoyable!


  1. Avoid binge-eating.

    Yes, we are talking about Buffet here where you can eat all you want. But hey, just because it’s all-you-can-eat doesn’t mean you should. Of course you may want to try all those delicacies and cuisines from various countries but you may also want to consider in eating small portions in each of those tempting dishes. In my case I prefer to eat dishes which I never eat or don’t eat in a regular basis. The last time I ate in a Buffet restaurant called Vikings, I tried a little bit of the Roast Turkey with Cranberry sauce which was just enough and more enjoyable to eat than the Boneless Roast Pig. Both are some of the food there that I rarely eat.

Vikings Roast Turkey

 Buffets may look like a feast to most people but actually you will never eat all that was offered there because you just can’t. You wouldn’t want to look like an elephant after. Remember, you control the meal. I like to share with you this advice I’ve read somewhere in the internet world,

“Take less of each dish than you think you want. If you like it, you can always get more; if not, you won’t be wasting space on your plate or in your stomach.” – CyanManta

  1. What you got to do with the Desserts.

Vikings Dessert Station

 Desserts are the most inevitable foods in Buffets so indulge wisely.

You can eat something high-fat dessert such as crème brûlée and share it with your friends or people at your table. Or, choose a low-fat dessert like Sorbet which can give you more nutrition than you can imagine.


  1. Work out before you plan to eat out in a Buffet and the day after. It doesn’t just burn your calories but also curbs your appetite.


For foodies and big eaters, Buffets can be a “food paradise” while for dieters and healthy lifestyle seekers, buffets can be a bad and dangerous thing. Well it depends on which kind of person you think you are. Most importantly, Buffet eating needs to be well-planned. Diners must make best choices of the food, how they may want to eat. Like if they would want to eat like a Viking, course by course, section by section, or concentrate on one station and delicacy. Moreover, health experts suggest that we should never go to a buffet if we are starving. It can be dangerous to our health and damage our appetite. A soup or light meal will reduce the intensity of the hunger and can make us be wiser in choosing the kind and amount of food we eat in buffets.

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JJ Sum A stay-at-home mom, a home-based online English tutor, an internet nut, coffee addict, likes to watch American TV series, Hollywood & Korean movies, and a very family-oriented person...
JJ Sum
A stay-at-home mom, a home-based online English tutor, an internet nut, coffee addict, likes to watch American TV series, Hollywood & Korean movies, and a very family-oriented person…