July 5, 2017



I started to have an interest in  photography at the very young age. But because of the poverty I would not know how to have a camera. At school, I remember I don't know how  to draw. I hated drawing.
A relative told me that my father was a policeman and his job were to take photos of some police case related issues.
My father died when I was few days old.
Life was very tough then when I was growing up. I  am not sure if I was once a beggar on the street.
All I remember was when in primary 5 until high school that I was living in some relatives homes one after another to take care of the kids and clean the house. I was a helper.
In return for my service, they send me to school. I have to wake up very early like 4 o'clock in the morning to start cooking and cleaning to make sure everything are in order before I can go to school and have to be back as soon as the school was done to do the house chores.
I was once a dishwasher and a bar keeper in Manila Paranaque when I was pursuing my study.
To shorten all this tough life, I came to Singapore. Looking for an opportunity and in Singapore where I met the huge opportunity of my life. My career and love blooms.  My Passion in Photography just got back to life. Lord God were on my side.

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I started Professional Photography in 2005 .

I said I will go on this path as I do not want to work for people again and be a slave like before.

I went on photography because it is my passion and I believe in dedication to every work will bring you success.  

I got very lucky in a way as the time when I started my photography business, It was the boom of digital photography in Singapore. Before  starting the business, I went to study photography lights techniques. Was  also learning how to apply a proper photography makeup. I was ready and prepare myself in case something goes well, I know how to do and can run the business own my own.
I started in a location where there were many traffic. I was in Orchard Road. I gain popularity by promoting to promotions such as free make-up before taking shots. Or perhaps a free enlargement to one of the photograph they select.
If your work is your passion, you would think of the wide possibilities, you are very resourceful.

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What are the questions  I normally ask prior to taking my customers some photography shots?

I mostly take shots in Portraits of people. It is very seldom that I get an offer of taking buildings or architecture.
It means I have chosen my niche market, which is the people.
I am popular in taking:
• Glamour shots
• Corporate images for personal or businesses
• Fashion photography
• Family portraits both fun and serious type.
• Kid fun shots 
• The most I am creative of is the Nude or semi nude Photography either for men and women.

Those are some questionss I normally asks to my clients prior to thier shots. If  you may look at the reviews from  my customers on the left above. My Team and myselft decided to bring flowers to the mother as we knew that the mum was very ill. We know it before hand. The shots were meant to a final goodbye for their mother.
I have encounter many reasons why people want to be photographs. The need is endless. A good photographs is very rear. Every face is different and every passion or a passionate photographer will capture a different kind, style of images. All professional Photographers are not the same in point of views. And even you maybe not good enough for others but there are more people who may like your work.  So, do not assume your capability of doing what you love. Your passion maybe your assest that will bring you good future.
I have taken thousands of photos in my 11 years of taking professional shots. Today, I still receiving  calls from my previous customers  if I would want to take their portraits.
What happen was I got hook with it. I was working long hours and neglecting my health and my family. Yes it is a passion for me that lead to a good profitable business.
I am very proud to say that MY IMAGES WERE ON MANY PEOPLE'S HOME. I am sure they remember me as long as those images are with them.

I have written an e book for those who may want to know HOW TO START A PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS THE RIGHT WAY.  Click on the image  and check if this is for you. Please if you happen to like and purchase the book for $4.99 only give me a comment on Amazon.
The money that you buy for  this book will goes to children in Davao whom I give support whenever I have extra money for their food.

Thank You for reading ...Please share.

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