You may like to contact us for any reasons. We can help you out to set up your blog or website. We will ask for a little set up fees. But not to worry, we do not charge much specially when you just starting out. We are here to help and not just for money though we need to support our daily needs too.

Our services includes the following:

Setting up a website  or ecommerce site.  

We recommend GoDaddy Domains as we are familiar with the system. We have use it for 15 over years.

Set up fees is $100

Do contact us for Photo Editing and designing of your images.

Editing fees per image is $5.00 but much lower if you have a bulk order.

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WhatsApp: +65 9382 0740

Philippines: +63 995 222 3154

Skype: mop.lucky

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Why we write?

We believe by sharing what we know or experience we make a better world and make many human being understand the world.

We would love to introduce ourselves… Our aim is to encourage everyone, to look positive in life. As life can be unmotivated, ridiculous in some ways.

If we do not have  the right people who can uplift us, we will be drawn like them.

   Meet JJ Sum

Find a blogger to write for your content
Looking to start up your content?

She is  working as a home-based online English tutor for three years now.
A full-time mother of three, so managing time well is my strength, at least.

Fond of watching American or UK TV-series and thriller movies as well. She also like the music of Lady Gaga, Adele, Sia, Ed Sheeran, and many more. She started blogging two years ago and  write anything I can think of at the moment.

My family in our simple but happy home
My family in our simple but happy home.
my 3 little boys that puts smile on my face
Contact judy for blogging business

Meet Eve..

In her life, she have travelled almost everywhere. She consider myself the luckiest person as she have seen these countries.

Contact us for small for setting up your first website
Contact us to design your first website for a very low cost but great support. We are a small company who needs to survive.

From Asian countries like Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and some neighbouring countries like Taiwan, South Korea, Hongkong, Australia, Brunei.

To  Europe like Austria, Turkey, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa, Africa, United states like Las Vegas and Hawaii.

 A retired portrait photographer in business point of view. Run her photography studio successfully in a beautiful country of Singapore.

In May 2016, she decided to close my very well stublished photography studio – ( no longer around).

Because of the business, she created life to many of her family and relatives in Singapore and Philippines.

It was an amazing 11 years journey of her life as she claimed, to capture the emotions, the glamour look of people. The rich and famous, they are all the same to me. She wrote an ebook about HOW TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS FOR BIGENNERS

and here some sample photos of what she have done…

This video was created by Don Canela who is a professional video grapher and appointed videographer to many jobs in Singapore.

In this video, you will see the Ambassador of Philippines in 2008.

As a traveller.

She have crossed the continents of the world…

“Now that I am retired from my business, I find something to do and that is writing a blog related to travel and photography”.

In my story, having that hard time in the past… I like to encourage everyone to do what you like best and do it well. Never let others stop you.

Do not look back and just keep doing it. Because at the end of the day.. it will be you and the people around you can benefit your success.

Be yourself! Dream Big because its free!

Here are more sample portraits for more inspiration if you like photography.


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We love to hear from you.. do contact us for anything, comments, feedback or any business you have in mind.

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