October 29, 2016


Why People Love To Visit Singapore?

There so much things to do in Singapore which even the locals do not know all of these.

There are few things to do in here for such a Small country.
But before all these tales, let me tell you who created Singapore, the man who I adore since I came here . If not because of this man, I am not sure what or where or how it would be like Singapore today.

 Mr Lee died on 23 March 2015.

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Well, Singapore is a sovereign city- state and island country in Southeast Asia. It lies off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula and is 137 Kilometers north of the equator.
Country Code: +65
Currency Singapore Dollar
President: Tony Tan
Prime Minister: Lee Hsien Loong
Official Languages: English, Malay, Tamil and Standard Mandarin.

Orchard road – Paragon in the old days


Orchard Road back in 1997

In 1997, I came to Singapore, young and was looking for opportunity.
I have seen how Singapore have grown tremendously.
That time when I arrived here,  Mr Goh was  the President.
As Singapore was growing, I go along with the flow.
I believed that many people would have the same opportunity as I have.


Orchard Road Paragon today 2016

 I have learnt the Singaporean way of living, the multicultural, food, lifestyles and a lot more.

Singapore and Singaporean are very unique on its own.

Singapore has given me the opportunity to become an enterprenuere which I think it can never happen when I keep staying in my own country.

Today, Singapore is voted one of the most beautiful Country. Strong currency, beautiful archetictures, amazing tourists destinations.

To name a few Tourists spots are:
Sentosa – this is a small island and about 10 minutes drive from City center, the Orchard Road area.Inside Sentosa, there are loads of things you can do.

Universal studio, underwater world is here as well as many hotels, people sun bathing, taking pictures for weddings, flowers exhibit, shopping, casino, everything is Sentosa Island.

Singapore Zoo- Kids love this place. Amazing show every hour and every day.
I love coming here for my wedding photo sessions with my customers as the night scene create very dramatic at night. It is situated here the Marina bay Sands Hotel, Gardens by the bay as well as Casino. It is around in this area where the

F1 Singtel Night race are held yearly.

Botanic Gardens- this garden has thousands of orchids and flower species. Even you do not like flowers and nature, you have got to see this if you can, Just beautiful.

Singapore botanical garden

Jurong Bird Park- where beautiful feathery creatures are here for us to enjoy watching. There are few shows daily. Ohh, you can arrange your marriage here too if you like.

Universal Studio – Universal Studio is crazy stuff. Just very creative and super exciting! Kids and adults love this place. You have to see it!

Grand Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Singapore

Night Safari – Mandai Road. Get Upper Thomson Road is faster if you coming from Orchard Road by taxi. I live nearby in this area.

The New River Safari and there are so much more.


Sri Mariamman Temple – this is in  Chinatown area.


Sky Park at Marina Bay Sands – this is on top of the MBS or Marina Bay Sands Hotel.


Infinity pool at MBS

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Marina Bay Sands
I like coming here as I like the Infinity Pool they have on the top. The rooms are okay- not that really specials but of course you pay for the view. You can select the city view and the garden view.


Of course not to forget other things to do in Singapore, eating…..


The famous Hainese Chicken rice- you must have the chilli that comes along when the store serve you as this will give it a kick to taste even more.

Roasted Chicken rice

Steam  and roasted Chicken Rice

and many traditional food of Singapore.

Laksa- watch out if you are a healthy person- this food will give you a something you may not like. There is yellow noodles, loads of oil, chilis fish cakes and clams on it.



Singapore Famous Crab – when you are in Singapore, you must try this in East cost Sea food centre


Chilli  Crabs – get this at Eastcost park area. Long house in Eastcoast has the best I have ever eaten

Not to forget too, we have the World renown chef such as Jamie in Vivo City where  Cruise Center is.

And loads of Famous Chef.

Nigh Party in Singapore is almost everywhere.
Both outdoor and indoor dining awaits you. The view is fantastic. This is one of my favourite place to hang out.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or just come up for a drink!

Do not need to pay the entrance fee to go up to the SKY PARK.



By Bus
Unlike other countries, here have a utilise and organise access for commuters. There are bus stops with directions where it guides your travel directions easily and almost buses are 24 hours.

By Taxi

Comfort taxi Singapore and many more taxi company in Singapore that included now the trend of having Grab Taxi

By Trikshaw for short distance trip around clark quay and boat quay area.


The country is known to really party… party… and party..
International DJ’s awaits you at many famous disco places such as the ALTITUDE, ASIA BAR, CHIMJES. 1-altitude-singapore002You will see 360 view of Singapore on top of Altitude Bar and Bistro telok ayer market.

and have so many hot food open 24 hours in case you need to have something..

When hungry, there are so many affordable places you can have supper. Special after a heavy night drinking, you may want to try the BAKUTEH. – is a kind of pork meat that has species and herbs. Very tasty an sure it releases your ugly feelings from the alcohol. Singapore-Nightlife.

To name a few location where the Bakuteh is at 

Boat Quay

Clark Quay

In my younger times, I love to party with my friends of course, as in really party until almost you can no longer walk. Before, back in 2004 until 2008- we are allowed to dance on the top of the bar, so everybody love to dance on a top of the barrrrr….. the man are keep looking up hoping someones not wearing undies I guess. Ha ha ha!!

Today, you may only see in Orchard Towers.  Russian beauties and Thais are here competing each others.

There are so many beautiful lady and lady man. You do not even recognise them if they are a man. Some have totally change to a woman.

Some people say, there is nothing to do in this city, I think they are just lazy to go out. Though out working life here is very hyper, we are always on the Go Go Go behaviour.

Plan Your Visit to Singapore here.


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