When I was running a photo studio for over 10 years, I became knowledgeable on definition of looks to many faces I take photographs with. The eyebrows shapes became annoying when a client come for a photographs taken and she or he have a miserable look on her face which is the eyebrows.

eyebrow shaping
why is it important specially for women to have an eyebrow shape?

I am not saying that it is only the eyebrows I am giving importance with when taking photographs. There are a lot of other features that we have to consider too.


bad eyebrows emphasise who we are
  • A bad eyebrow shapes can affect on individual persona.
  • Not Properly shapes can make you have a droppy eyes on a photograph. It is very much important to me that a clients has its best look before taking photographs. A droopy sagging eyes, makes a person looks old.
  • Difficult to photoshop or edit. An image with a lot of hanging or flying hair around it is very much difficult to edit in photoshop. It can be done but it has a lot of construction to it. We spend more time editing rather than just do and shape it properly at the beginning before the shots happens.


  • It is not the person fault on that image which affect the bad reputation of the photographers. As a photographer, it is our duty to direct and prepare our clients. It is “NEVER THE CLIENTS FAULT” why her image looks bad. I would say, BLAME IT TO THE PHOTOGRAPHER.

To me as a person and as a woman, it is our duty to look best, it is part of our cleaning routine. Tidy and clean looking face is very much affect to WHO WE ARE as a person.

An eyebrow shape can be done nicely if you go to a professionals who does eyebrow shaping.


I have my eyebrow shapes in Novena Square 2 where my photo shop use to be. It is so difficult to get the one whom I most prefer or more comfortable with. I have done a few places in Singapore, there are cheap and expensive. Price can range from $40 to $600 and some even go for thousands of dollars because they want you to sign a contract package with them.

Many salons wants you to sign  a package so you pay them in advance. YOU SHOULD NEVER GO FOR THIS TRICKS.

eyebrow shaping in singapore
This is the best place to go when you need an eyebrow trim

This eyebrow professionals in Square 2 at basement level called ibrow studio is own by a woman who also do the service for you along with her 3 assistants.


By train – you will alight at Novena MRT train Station – Red line. Once you go out from MRT, you turn on your Left for Exit A. Do not go up, look again to your right. You will see a food places, and just walk through it, you will see a small corner shop in front of you as you walk  called IBROW STUDIO.

eyebrow studio
This is along Novena MRT station. Turn left when you exit from MRT Novena Station.

By Car– You can drive your car along Irrawady road and Sinaran Drive. You will park your car in Square 2 mall on the top floor from 5 to 7 floor.

Going up to the parking lot is a bit difficult. The driving through is so round.

The cost of parking here is $2.40 for first hour. I consider cheaper compare to other places. This is also the reason why, until today, I park my car in Square 2 as it cost a lot less.

Eyebrow studio in Singapore
Best place to go for eyebrow shaping

Now I am sure you want to know the price cost.

At first, I was just going for eyebrow threading. After awhile, the owner introduce me so that I don’t keep coming every 2 weeks for my eyebrow shapes, why not I go for a more permanent type that last me for at least 6 months. They called it Embroidery.

So I give it a try and I am very much happy about it.

The good thing about this place is they don’t push you for a sales or to buy this and buy that.

The cost for eyebrow embroidery is $10 per session or you can get a package for $100 that would  last you 10 visits. Each session will take time about 10 to 15 minutes and it is painless.

You save $20.

For the Embroidery session  it will cost you


For 2 session.

Thank you and hope you connect with me..

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Best Place to Eat Grilled Quality Meat in Singapore

 Best place to eat quality grilled meat I can recommend in Singapore is the one in sixth avenue. My reasons are layout below.

best grilled meat to eat in Singapore

I remember coming here the very first time when I was just new in Singapore and I was  dating “Mr Austrian”. (image above. Me on black dress and Markus Boss next to him).

Though we have tried a few  grilled meat places in Singapore, nothing comes close this place.

brazilian restaurant singapore

This  restaurant has been in the same location since the last 20 years as I can remember. Quality of grilled meat remains the same. Never was to compromise the high standard food in this place.

Brazil Churrasco
Brazil Churrasco restaurant is voted Singapore’s Best restaurant


  1. RELAXING AMBIENCE. Though this place is not those typical spacious restaurant, it keeps its relaxing atmosphere. brazil restaurant in sixth avenueIt  does not play loud music, the music background is kept to the minimum sounds or almost hear nothing. My husband always bring his family and business clients here whenever possible as they can have a normal conversation.

relaxing athmospher

Here are some images of  Brazil Churrasco in Sixth Avenue.

Brazil Restuarant in Singapore
The man next to me have been working here for over 20 years. He is from Brazil.

2. NO STRESS WITH THE MENU. This place serve hot fresh buffet meat. NO… not a typical buffet you have experienced.. This is different, they keep the meat hot in the grilling room and the Grill man will bring it to you and cut a slice on your plate or you can ask the right amount that suits you best.


Best place to eat in Singapore
This is beef tenderloin on a skewer. Its just tender and Juicy.
Best place to eat in Singapore
This is beef topside. It is soft, not salty.
best place to eat in Singapore
My favourite meat as it is so soft like it melts in my mouth. It is indeed a protein pamping meat after a hard days of work and work out.

You will never feel that you think other menus could be better as you can try everything. Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Pork sausages. NO Fish.. Fish stinks and I thing its the reason why they don’t serve fish here.

4. FOOD NEVER COOLS DOWN. Mr Grill Man with his sharp knife and skewers come to you in no limit and no time. You always get serve  with hot meat our from the kitchen  and eat until you almost cannot stand up.

5. COST OF BILL. When you bring in few guests, you know what is your bill like in advance. NO price attack!  Eating out can be very costly, but if you know what to expect in advance, you are more happy to eat out specially if you think like me.. who knows where to dine the best place to eat.

6.BEST PLACE DUE TO FRIENDLY STAFF WHO ARE SERVICE ORIENTED.   The staff always attentive. As my husband been going to this place many times.. (the reason is, he does not want to disappoint his guests), as you never be disappointed coming here.

best place to eat
The place you can happy eat. No rush, No push, No stress at all. Stay as long as you like.

A few times you come to this place, you will be recognise with the staff. According to Mr Austrian, when he bring in guests, it feels good that he is being welcome and called up by his  name… “WELCOME MR LINS” He feels like a celebrity.

7. THE BEST PLACE WHO OFFERS QUALITY WINES. There are variety of wine selection here. Good Quality and reasonable price. Really, not over price.

Best place to eat in Singapore
Variety of Salad to accompany your meats. its comes with the package you are paying as buffet menu.

8. THE BEST PLACE TO CELEBRATE. Believe it or not.. coming here to celebrate your birthday, wedding anniversary, company events, you will never regrets.  For a more personal birthday and wedding anniversary, all you have to do is to inform the staff that you are coming to celebrate an occasion and they will prepare a small cake for you delivered with a song..  Yes with staff rushing to sing with plates, knife or glass use as the instrument when they sing.

You can also ask or order a bigger cake or something special with the cost. There are a few selection of desserts as well.


The only Disadvantage I can think of is… when you first enter the place, you feeling cold. After awhile, it wont be that cold anymore..  You tend to warm your body from eating those delicious grill meat.

Best is to bring a scarf or wear a long sleeve.

There are 3 branches of this Brazil Churrasco. In Marina Bay and in Katong.

None of these branches came close to the quality of food or meat serve than Sixth Avenue Branch.

Do not go without a reservation. CALL +654631923 and here is the map below.

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Do You know where is the Southern Most Point of Europe and Asia?

Let’s walk  to the Southern Most Point of Mainland Asia.

My husband had an idea about going to the

The Southern Most Point of Malaysia.

He asked me to direct us and I happily check on my Google Map App .

Getting there took us an hour and 10 minutes by car from Gelang Patah here in Johor Malaysia.

We drove on a small road that you cannot imagine this place have attracted  32 thousand plus  Visitors back in 2006. I assume it should be more by now.

Basically it was not just the southern point of Malaysia. This is the southern most point of Europe and Asia.

Living here in Singapore  and Johor, I would say.. I am not that clever enough not to see it.

Asias southern  most point

Living here in Singapore and Johor, I would say.. I am not that clever enough not to see this place. To me is something to know.

Just like in Istanbul Turkey, the Bridge that connect Europe and Asia was something very interesting to me as this is history we can share to our friends a family.

Me and hubby meet a nice young couple from Ukraine in this southern most point of mainland Asia.

our new friends at southern most point in Asia
This couple travel for 2 months in Asia and have visited the Most Southern Point of Asia


Tanjung Piai is a cape in Pontian District, Johor, Malaysia. It is the southern most point of Peninsular Malaysia and thus the most southern point of mainland Eurasia. The skyline of Singapore is visible across the Johor Strait from the point.

It features seafood restaurants, perched on wooden jetties that are surrounded by a rugged and rarefied coastline of unspoiled mangrove forests.
Tanjung Piai landmark
0.33 nautical miles south of the point, at the edge of the dries, is a 15-metre light tower which flashes once every 3 seconds and houses a radar transponder beacon which transmits the Morse letter


Tanjung Piai coastal mangrove is an internationally important Ramsar site. Under the Ramsar Convention, the government and relevant stakeholders have an obligation to ensure the mangrove ecosystem and its values are maintained. Erosion at the site needs to be minimized to safeguard the ecological integrity of the mangrove ecosystem. The root causes of the erosion need to be eliminated or reduced.


Tanjung Piai is a nationally important icon, being one of only five Ramsar sites in Malaysia. Tanjung Piai is also an important nature site in Johor, being the 3rd designated park of Johor National Park Corporation. Tanjung Piai has high socio-economic value for fisheries. The site also has high ecotourism potential, attracting 32,360 visitors in 2006. The site is located on the southernmost tip of mainland Asia and is listed as a priority site for national ecotourism.

Tanjung Piai has a good representation of mangroves (22 mangrove tree species). It is also an important habitat for migratory and resident birds. These include the IUCN-listed vulnerable species, such as the Lesser Adjutant Stork. It is part of the Important Bird Area (IBA) of southwest Johor, which extends from Parit Jawa to Tanjung Piai. The southwest Johor mangroves are ecologically important as a natural barrier for protecting the inland villages and agricultural lands from storm events, including tsunamis.

See my video…


Just like the couple above on the picture with us… they rent a car all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Johor. That is about 3 to 5 hours drive one way, depending on the road condition.

What you see is basically the forest swamp. However, it is good to know that you have been visited. But to spend that much money? I think it is not really necessary.

After our tour, we were looking for a restaurant. As mention on the other site, there are few restaurant but to be honest, there was only 1 local restaurant which is we are the only customer.

They serve us with a super cold tea when I ask for HOT TEA.

The area is not ready to accept foreigners I guess. It is mainly for local as they serve only very local food.

the look out bridge of tanjung Piai
a long bridge connected to a shade by the water.

There are a lot of places that is worth of your time….. 

Please like and comment… thank you..

Where To Go For Best Massage in Johor Bahru Iskandar Malaysia

Looking for best massage in Johor Bahru?

I cannot remember…

a single person who does not like body, face, hand, or foot massage.

I even have a close friend whom she like her breast to be massage. She explains why women breast need to be massage for some reasons.

“Our  breasts are made up of fat, glands, ducts, veins and more. I am honestly saying that massage is important so that  the structures and tissues remain in top form”.

Some women….

believe that therapeutic massage is necessary to push blood, nutrients and toxins through the breasts to increase circulation, elimination, tissue tone and skin tone.

Some of my friends says that they like a total body massage after many  long hours and days of work as  it just releases body tensions and stress.

Another close friend of mine, like her foot to be massage as to  stimulates her muscles, improves circulation, lessens stiffness and tension, and  eliminate the pain.

She also claims that it gives a very good circulation to the veins of our lower body. We call it Varicose veins.

To be honest,

my preference is the breast, back and foot massage. Which I find that not every Spa, or body massage center can really provide you a very good or best  massage.

I have traveled many countries and almost country that I have been into have tried their massage as  part of my curiosity.

Aside from having a good massage, I am also watchful how much it cost. Out of those many places I have tried, I can only recommend a place where I am very much happy about.

Nothing against some of  friends that are doing massage business too.

I am also not getting any commissions for writing an article or introducing some businesses. What I have is just out of sharing.

The quality of work, the cost and most of all the overall service and the cleanliness of the place.

cheap massage in Johor
Place in Gelang Patah Johor Bahru for body massage

There is a particular place I could  recommend if your are coming from Singapore or staying nearby Gelang Patah in Johor Malaysia.

This place is called KAKI KAKI REFLEXOLOGY in Gelang Patah.


Kaki Kaki Reflexology Gelang Patah
Kaki Kaki Reflexology Gelang Patah

At the beginning of our stay in Johor, I was going somewhere for a massage. A few different places. Even I travel quiet a distance  from home for a body  massage, hoping I can find that kind of massage I can call “BEST MASSAGE”.  Nothing that really satisfies my hunger of that massage I wanted.

Here are some photos  of the interior. Nothing fancy, just  a decent, clean environment and friend therapist.

Single body and food massage chair.
Single body and food massage chair.
Double or couple room
This is room with double massage foldable chair. Very comfortable.

Something to take note which I like very much is the quietness of the place.

The second floor has individual massage bed. The room for men and women are in total separate area and the area has its own toilet and it is lock at all times.

No 63 massage lady at Kaki Kaki reflexology
she is number 63 if you may ask

Most of the therapist are really well trained. Yes, you maybe surprise they are not a typical Therapist from Thailand.

These Therapist are from China. Male and Female Therapist are very  good.

The way they massage is just amazing, it is why I can call the service as the best massage I have ever tried.

My favourite is number 63 and my husband is number 12.

I have been tried a few therapist here too and all are jus wonderful. They seems to have a same standard and I like it this way that they don’t just do the “ANY HOW”

Without looking, she knew that I have pain  on this part of my body and she have unblock the knot on my legs which cause pain for few days due to to much exercise on my legs.

For the cost wise??? 

How much would you pay for 90 minutes to a super good or best  massage? Well, this plan will not cost you much.. my husband pay below Malaysian Money for 90 minutes times 2 persons is less than Ringgit RM 250.



Phone: 07-532 1377


Love to have your comments.. You can share too.