Body Combat Video You Can Do At Home


$20.00 $5.00

Get into the best shape of your body with extreme body combat work out video. By downloading this video, you are helping a lot of kids for their food, shelter, clothing and education.



My Dear friend, 

I am raising funds to support and donate a homeless children charity back in Davao city Philippines.

This video that you about to download are compiled of 8 videos. From Basic Tutorial to Extreme B body work out that you can do anywhere you like.

I love to do body combat and decided to purchase it. I am sharing this with you hoping you will sell it away. 

Please do take this opportunity to download 8 videos. However, because I need funds to support about 200 plus children for their food and shelter who are under the care of group of volunteers in Davao, you may have to consider donating..

I am thankful for your support in this project.

You can always contact me if you have some suggestion or is wanting to donate Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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