Where To Go For Best Massage in Johor Bahru Iskandar Malaysia

Looking for best massage in Johor Bahru?

I cannot remember…

a single person who does not like body, face, hand, or foot massage.

I even have a close friend whom she like her breast to be massage. She explains why women breast need to be massage for some reasons.

“Our  breasts are made up of fat, glands, ducts, veins and more. I am honestly saying that massage is important so that  the structures and tissues remain in top form”.

Some women….

believe that therapeutic massage is necessary to push blood, nutrients and toxins through the breasts to increase circulation, elimination, tissue tone and skin tone.

Some of my friends says that they like a total body massage after many  long hours and days of work as  it just releases body tensions and stress.

Another close friend of mine, like her foot to be massage as to  stimulates her muscles, improves circulation, lessens stiffness and tension, and  eliminate the pain.

She also claims that it gives a very good circulation to the veins of our lower body. We call it Varicose veins.

To be honest,

my preference is the breast, back and foot massage. Which I find that not every Spa, or body massage center can really provide you a very good or best  massage.

I have traveled many countries and almost country that I have been into have tried their massage as  part of my curiosity.

Aside from having a good massage, I am also watchful how much it cost. Out of those many places I have tried, I can only recommend a place where I am very much happy about.

Nothing against some of  friends that are doing massage business too.

I am also not getting any commissions for writing an article or introducing some businesses. What I have is just out of sharing.

The quality of work, the cost and most of all the overall service and the cleanliness of the place.

cheap massage in Johor

Place in Gelang Patah Johor Bahru for body massage

There is a particular place I could  recommend if your are coming from Singapore or staying nearby Gelang Patah in Johor Malaysia.

This place is called KAKI KAKI REFLEXOLOGY in Gelang Patah.


Kaki Kaki Reflexology Gelang Patah

Kaki Kaki Reflexology Gelang Patah

At the beginning of our stay in Johor, I was going somewhere for a massage. A few different places. Even I travel quiet a distance  from home for a body  massage, hoping I can find that kind of massage I can call “BEST MASSAGE”.  Nothing that really satisfies my hunger of that massage I wanted.

Here are some photos  of the interior. Nothing fancy, just  a decent, clean environment and friend therapist.

Single body and food massage chair.

Single body and food massage chair.

Double or couple room

This is room with double massage foldable chair. Very comfortable.

Something to take note which I like very much is the quietness of the place.

The second floor has individual massage bed. The room for men and women are in total separate area and the area has its own toilet and it is lock at all times.

No 63 massage lady at Kaki Kaki reflexology

she is number 63 if you may ask

Most of the therapist are really well trained. Yes, you maybe surprise they are not a typical Therapist from Thailand.

These Therapist are from China. Male and Female Therapist are very  good.

The way they massage is just amazing, it is why I can call the service as the best massage I have ever tried.

My favourite is number 63 and my husband is number 12.

I have been tried a few therapist here too and all are jus wonderful. They seems to have a same standard and I like it this way that they don’t just do the “ANY HOW”

Without looking, she knew that I have pain  on this part of my body and she have unblock the knot on my legs which cause pain for few days due to to much exercise on my legs.

For the cost wise??? 

How much would you pay for 90 minutes to a super good or best  massage? Well, this plan will not cost you much.. my husband pay below Malaysian Money for 90 minutes times 2 persons is less than Ringgit RM 250.



Phone: 07-532 1377


Love to have your comments.. You can share too.

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