I think I could believe in  saying…

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

I have totally forgotten being a housewife for the last 10 years. Realising that we can still be a better wife, better person and a better homemaker while keeping our career intact and not to quit to the passion we love.

Working from home we can do all these. Not only that we save time on preparation to go to work… to dress up and drive to work. We save money too and we tend to be more productive. 

Well, it is to me.. at home, I eat better food, warm and much healthier.

And here is how you can make a healthier drink to your husband while he come home tired from work.. 

Fresh carrot, Honey, lemon , some mix nuts and flax seeds and flaxseed oil

Here is my simple but yummy shake or drink to welcome your husband from work


3 whole carrots

Pumpkin nuts

Flax seed ground

Honey mixture

Preparing the HONEY MIXTURE  was ahead of time and I have just place it into tight sealed container

Honey mixture


1 kilo grams of honey

200 grams of flaxseed oil

3 or 4 garlic cloves

4 lemons


Peel the garlic and mix it in a blender with 4 lemon juice. Add the honey into the mixture and mix again. Finally, add the flaxseed into the mixture. Keep it in the fridge for longer keeping.

Benefits of this Honey mixture.

By consuming 1 tablespoon of honey mixture 3 times  a day before meals well keep you younger, grow  your hair and make it more dark as well  as you will have a good effect of glowing skin.

According to  some information I gather, it is the secret to keep a younger looking skin. As you may see the lists ingredients into this honey preparation. However, if you are allergy to certain ingredients like garlic or even honey, then its not good for you.

If you however life salmon fish, we have a blog about Sujiko Peptide from Japan that is scientifically tested. You may like to read about it HERE

Would you believe me or not, that ” A way to a Man’s Heart is through his stomach?

When I handed this drink to my husband, I can see the glow from his eyes, the kind of glow to a happiness.  The look  of the glass itself makes you want to try right?

The taste is full-filling, the puree of the carrot makes you fill up that hunger feeling. 

So if you welcome your husband from work this healthy drinks, for sure he will just shut every stress he may have and relax.

After all, life is short, money isn’t everything, it does pays the bills but it is not the only thing in this world.

A celebration to life and cherish every moment you share tougher as husband and wife is more important.


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