Cost-Per-Action, or sometimes cost-per-acquisition.

That is what CPA is all about in terms of  Online Marketing Strategy.

Or in general  it is known  as CPA.

CPA means:

That the advertiser chooses a commercial activity that is the goal of an advertising campaign, e.g. an install of an a mobile app or  it can be a registration, or a sale.

Comparing to other forms of Affiliate Marketing which I am link to it for commissions per sale. 

An example of this is an Amazon affiliate program. Being an affiliate of Amazon is not an easy to get sales due to huge competitions. 

Another type of affiliate program that I am also involve is about travel related programs  like, and many more.

The problem of these kind of affiliate programs is that, the cookies expires in 24 hours or so.

So when a person who happen to click your link and only decide to make a purchase at a later time, you no longer be credited for it as the cookie expires.

Some Affiliate links also disappearing in this internet. 

There are many experts who knows how to manipulate your links that leads to use their affiliate links instead.

Yeah, check those who mades millions of dollars. They knew the how. To which I only getting to recognise it after been in internet marketing for a year now.


If you are a newbie to the internet or into making money online, the best to get involve is to CPA affiliate programs.

Here are my reasons:

In CPA affiliate programs mostly likely you go to a learning process. 

As an example of this is the Yoonla CPA affiliate platform.

While if you are direct to a company who offer an affiliate program not the CPA, you have to crack your head where you can start. 

Mostlikely, you can spend thousands of dollars and not getting any returns.



How does Yoonla works.


When someone click on your link and signs up then activate their account, you get commission. An activation means that after you sign ups - you need to go back to your email and click on the link that YOONLA sent you to activate your account.

You will not be getting any commissions if the person did not activate their membership.

On top of this direct referral commissions, If the person refer apply for an affiliate program and they sign up for VIP membership you get a $15 commission and if this person have referrals and sign up for a VIP affiliate account too, you also get $10 2nd level commission.

However, there is a tricky part on this.. Be sure to inform them that when they apply to become a VIP affiliate to Yoonla, on the application form, where it ask for a "referral ID" this person must use your Referral ID  example from your full referral ID, they have to use the letter that start with #.


As simple as that. Commission can be defer from countries.

People from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and more countries if your referral are from one of this countries, you get a woaping $2 USD.

If you refer people who are coming from USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and more countries, you get $4 referral commissions.

Imagine you have 3 thousand friends in your facebook and half of that will sign up free memberships to Yoonla. You have to really think it over right?

What do you have to loose?

Time? Noh, you can learn how to build our own website.

The video below will give you some thoughts and an idea about Yoonla.

As a beginner in the affiliate  world, a CPA affiliate program platform is should be the one you join.

It will saves you time and money too.

I have been there..

Please use my link here as your referral and connect me on facebook at Eve Lins.


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