When I was running a photo studio for over 10 years, I became knowledgeable on definition of looks to many faces I take photographs with. The eyebrows shapes became annoying when a client come for a photographs taken and she or he have a miserable look on her face which is the eyebrows.

eyebrow shaping

why is it important specially for women to have an eyebrow shape?

I am not saying that it is only the eyebrows I am giving importance with when taking photographs. There are a lot of other features that we have to consider too.



bad eyebrows emphasise who we are

  • A bad eyebrow shapes can affect on individual persona.
  • Not Properly shapes can make you have a droppy eyes on a photograph. It is very much important to me that a clients has its best look before taking photographs. A droopy sagging eyes, makes a person looks old.
  • Difficult to photoshop or edit. An image with a lot of hanging or flying hair around it is very much difficult to edit in photoshop. It can be done but it has a lot of construction to it. We spend more time editing rather than just do and shape it properly at the beginning before the shots happens.


  • It is not the person fault on that image which affect the bad reputation of the photographers. As a photographer, it is our duty to direct and prepare our clients. It is “NEVER THE CLIENTS FAULT” why her image looks bad. I would say, BLAME IT TO THE PHOTOGRAPHER.


To me as a person and as a woman, it is our duty to look best, it is part of our cleaning routine. Tidy and clean looking face is very much affect to WHO WE ARE as a person.

An eyebrow shape can be done nicely if you go to a professionals who does eyebrow shaping.


I have my eyebrow shapes in Novena Square 2 where my photo shop use to be. It is so difficult to get the one whom I most prefer or more comfortable with. I have done a few places in Singapore, there are cheap and expensive. Price can range from $40 to $600 and some even go for thousands of dollars because they want you to sign a contract package with them.

Many salons wants you to sign  a package so you pay them in advance. YOU SHOULD NEVER GO FOR THIS TRICKS.

eyebrow shaping in singapore

This is the best place to go when you need an eyebrow trim

This eyebrow professionals in Square 2 at basement level called ibrow studio is own by a woman who also do the service for you along with her 3 assistants.


By train – you will alight at Novena MRT train Station – Red line. Once you go out from MRT, you turn on your Left for Exit A. Do not go up, look again to your right. You will see a food places, and just walk through it, you will see a small corner shop in front of you as you walk  called IBROW STUDIO.

eyebrow studio

This is along Novena MRT station. Turn left when you exit from MRT Novena Station.

By Car– You can drive your car along Irrawady road and Sinaran Drive. You will park your car in Square 2 mall on the top floor from 5 to 7 floor.

Going up to the parking lot is a bit difficult. The driving through is so round.

The cost of parking here is $2.40 for first hour. I consider cheaper compare to other places. This is also the reason why, until today, I park my car in Square 2 as it cost a lot less.

Eyebrow studio in Singapore

Best place to go for eyebrow shaping

Now I am sure you want to know the price cost.

At first, I was just going for eyebrow threading. After awhile, the owner introduce me so that I don’t keep coming every 2 weeks for my eyebrow shapes, why not I go for a more permanent type that last me for at least 6 months. They called it Embroidery.

So I give it a try and I am very much happy about it.

The good thing about this place is they don’t push you for a sales or to buy this and buy that.

The cost for eyebrow embroidery is $10 per session or you can get a package for $100 that would  last you 10 visits. Each session will take time about 10 to 15 minutes and it is painless.

You save $20.

For the Embroidery session  it will cost you


For 2 session.

Thank you and hope you connect with me..

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