Bloated Stomach – How to stop and overcome this today

In my adult life, the past before I did not know  why was I experiencing bloated stomach,  was always unhappy, feeling unhealthy, headache, nausea, fat and you name it, I have all the symptoms. 

To be able to understands the cause, to prevent is always better for our health and this is why I want to share about  having a bloated stomach in the past and for those who may want to know so that we all can avoid and overcome  to which  knew many suffers from it.



  1. Water – I live on a high rise building in Singapore. Singapore water is drinkable. Everyone knows this. In the beginning I ignore the feeling of each time I drink a water from the the kitchen tap, I just feel heavy and bloated. One fine day, I make an experiment about drinking a bottled water which I bought from the store did not touch the tap water and I was feeling fine.  The moment I was back to drinking Singapore tap water, my stomach just gone so heavy and bloated. Let’s find out why?

bloated stomach problem


According to a source: World Health Organization recommends a chlorine level of 0.2 ppm (Points Per Million) for drinkable water. The water in Singapore contains an average of 3.0 ppm which is 15 times higher than WHO recommends.

So I tried to boil the water before I drink it. Well, to be honest, it just does not work for me. The chlorine taste still strong to my taste bud. I was still feeling bloated.

Today, I never drink  water without filtration. Water filtration I believe is very important. There are so may  water filter out there, however you may want to be careful getting before you decide to have one. Because some water filters, after 6 months or so, the fungus will grow if you forget to change the filter.

2. Dehydration – dehydration can also cause us bloated stomach problems. However too much water or drinking too much water will also cause us bloated stomach. The usual recommendation of drinking water is 8 ounces or 2 litres of water each day.

3. Chowing of food too fast. If you may agree with me, our parents or at school always tell us to chow our food slowly. Believe me or not, I am one of those person who does chowing in a speed. I am always busy or trying to be busy even if its not. In the past, I only eat when I am hungry and I chow the food super fast, faster than anyone on the table around me.  Eating should be relax and chowing food very fast cannot break the food well and may cause obstruction inside the colon. ( I think it is to me ).

4. Ate too much Process food – My husband loves sausages, sure I do too. I start to get to notice only recently. Process food such as sausages contains high in salt and additives to keep its freshness.

5. Air We Breath at Home –  Each time I am using a mosquito spray, (Baygon Mosquito spray) I have headache and at later time, I am just bloated.

In addition, I notice the cleaning product we use at home cause some me some headache and stomach bloats.

Everyone are different, please do not take me accountable for this statement as this is what I feel and I am sharing it with you.

6.Eating Very Salty food – The common factor I am feeling bloated stomach is when I have eaten a salty food. As an example of this is the sausages.

yummy sausages bloat stomach

Sausages are process food with full of preservatives. Not only that I feel bloated but also I will have cramps on my stomach too.  My husband is an Austrian and he loves sausages. It is so tempting not to eat when he makes BBQ, but I learn just to try and not to eat the full portion.  ( Our attitude to say NO to food that are seen to our eyes are hard to resist).

7. Medication and Vitamines – Believe me, my vitamin E is killing me. I am just becoming like a pregnant when I am taking any Vitamin E. I have tried the non synthetic and the most natural type from the most Common store available and yet still Vitamine E is not for me. A food supplement I could recommend that get rid of a bloated feeling is Kyomizu. Has a  natural  ingredients with no side effects. You fell an instant relief after drinking this matcha green tea.

Some pain killers médecine can also make me bloat. Specially when women are taking hormone balance pills or medicine. This is the number one problem you will face if you are in hormone balance therapy medication.

8.Gassy food – There are so may type vegetables that can cause as bloated stomach. I do not get bloated with broccoli but I do get bloated with long beans.

asian long beans

Here are some lists of vegetable that may cause you having bloated stomach.  DAIRY PRODUCTS (cheeses, milk). Bread that contains yeast. Yeast not only cause us bloated but also makes us fat.

9. Stress – We cannot avoid stress and I really believe it is super hard to avoid it when you are on pressure from work and the people around you. I learn to let go, I let go of small little things that does not need to pay attention too specially the family members who always dragging us down. Well, I know many can relate out there.

When one of my family back in the Philippines ask me for something, I take action no matter what I will go through, today, I learn how to not to get involve too much and I try to let go of things I am not responsible of.

10. Your medical condition Many of the people today have different kinds of medical conditions. I rather not mention anymore. We knew what is going around us due to fertiliser, hormones and chemicals put to our food such as the vegetables and eatable animals.

11. Not eating on time – too busy to keep your clock to eat? Well, why not carry a rice crackers, carrots or a bar in your bag. Don’t  wait until you are hungry, eat when you are not hungry. Specially when you have a gastritis problem like me in the past. Yes, I overcome being bloated and having gastric pain because I eat on regular hours, at east an interval of 3 hours in between.

12. No Exercise – the last but not the least, I want to discuss longer about EXERCISING.

How it affects me as How I became today and am sharing every possible way to motivate the people near me as well us on social media friends.

my plunk

If only many of us can keep up dong exercise, motivate ourselves in doing an hour a day or at least 3 x a week for an hour each day would be very good for your body.

A habit of exercising our body will benefit in long term. There are number of reason why I keep exercising myself.

  • I have a better sleep – I have a relax sleep that when I wake up feels happy.
  • I AM MORE ENEGYTIC  – I feel lazy and negative when I cannot get out of sweats
  • I AM POSITIVE – I think I have a better ideas and my brain works better when I have my exercise
  •  I FELL TONED – When I am not doing an hour of sweating and exhausted exercise for a week, well trust me I am so bloated. Our Body tend to be toned and lean if we exercise thus we avoid having bloated stomach.
  • Improve the risk of getting Arthritis – as we get older, our joints and bones will deteriorate, by having exercise, you can avoid this arthritis symptoms
  • Improve sex life – By having or keeping our muscles active, we tend not to feel bloated and we produce a hormones called (endocrine glands) pumping our endocrine glands will lead to produce androgen in our body. We are also a much more fit and this is the reason why we have the feeling and motivated to have more sexual life activity. You may like to ask other people who does exercise.

exercise for better health

An exercise don’t need engage in an expensive clubs or gym.  To do a regular exercise (not just walk few meters) but to really sweat and exhaust your breathing to a short period of minutes is the key to be healthy, happy and a more tone body. Do not forget to accompany with a proper food intake.

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