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As a woman, I am very concern where hair grows when it shouldn’t be. Yes, I am talking to private parts. For years, I used a few type of hair removers creams, razors, blades, scissors, shavers, you name it! These are the things to take note to avoid shavers and creams.

Hair Remover – Shavers or Razor

In my experience, as I was using Razors before, Shaving using Razor is not always suitable for all skin types. Extra sensitive skin can get easily irritated right after you shave, since shaving removes a very thin layer of your skin along the process.

After shaving in just few hours, my unwanted hair grows back again.  Not only this, it also irritate my skin, a few times i have rushes and my skin was itchy and those parts where the hair was growing has a small dots dots in color red.

The worst part is when I was using a hair removing cream, it develop fungal  infection.

Hair Remover – Creams

The worst part is when I was using a hair removing cream, it develop fungal  infection.  Because hair removal creams work by chemically dissolving the hair, the chemicals have to be mildly acidic. Caustic chemicals are usually slightly pungent and although depilatory creams are perfumed, they have a distinct smell, this maybe most women are sensitive to hair removing creams that would irritate skins PH balance and even causes fungal infection  as base in my experience.

Spa and Salon 

No doubt we can go to clinics where they have hair removing facilities such as waxing and laser treatments.

I have done all these. some clinics are a much lower price and some are expensive.  It takes 2 weeks or more for the hair to grow so it saves you 2 weeks not to visit your spa or salons. It is just time consuming for me and really a total waste of time and money.


I have been using BRAUN SILK EXPERT IPL since October 2016 and my skin “underarms and private parts” hair grow less and it very thin. Normally before, when I was using razor and creams, I have to do the process daily, and hair becomes thick.

I understand there are other types of brands you may look at. I was looking at the price when I was buying this product , the functionality and flexibility to use.

Braun Silk Expert IPL is very easy to control. There is button to switch for sensitive functions.

provably the best hair remover you can use from home.

The first time of use,

When I was using it for the first time, the moment I plug it to the power supply, I have press the run button and it went short circuit. I went to the service center near me which is Singapore and it is located in Tagore Lane along Upper Thomson road.  If you are buying this from other countries I am sure there is a service centre near you too.

The support is very good. They give me a new piece.

Braun Silk Expert IPL

The Products comes with Shaver, as we need to hair first and then start the process of using this hair removing gadgets.




PLUG BRAUN SILK EXPERT IPL TO POWER SUPPLY. The wire or cable is pretty long though.


This is exactly a laser that many SPA or salons were using.

At the beginning, you feel afraid at the fist spark but sure you get use to it.

This is my video on how I use it.

This video I created when I just bought the product.   But today, I can assure you that it saves me time and money. Most of all it is safe and you will protect your skin from getting wounded and rashes or so. For the price, yes it is not cheap compare to creams and razors, but you can compare the price to a one time visit to SPA or Salons. I would recommend this to all women who shaves hair. You do not need to use exactly this brand. There are so many brands available. Stop using razors and creams. If you are giving a gift to your friends, mum, girl friends, give this kind of products and it is very useful. Today, I only use it once a week. Even there is no hair. I use it to maintain. My underarms and private part skin is smooth. It feels super clean and this is the most important.



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  • In my experience, it is the best so far I have use. It saves me time and money going to the salons. It keeps my skin smooth. Super Clean and I only use it now once a week for maintenance. Try it yourself.

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