December 20, 2016


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If you need an idea where to buy property in Johor, you have  to read this article all the way down. 

Live in Singapore for about 15 years. In 2012, me and my husband rented apartment was on block.  To rent another unit we do not like. We want to buy our own.

The cost of property in Singapore was so high and even a HDB – ( housing Development board) Resale for people like us, was not affordable to come out cash and pay up full. Bank loans? We can only loan up to 60% of the total value. Meaning we still need to come out a few hundred thousands of dollars as cash.

But this is not really the issue, the issue was, price so high yet place too small. It was not a wise decision as we do not want to borrow money really.

As we have property in other countries, we are not allowed to buy a HDB type of unit in Singapore due to our PR status.

We run to Johor…

which is near to Singapore. We are in Tuas or they called it SECOND LINK . This is taking the side of Tuas Immigration Custom when coming from Singapore.


has 2 exit customs coming to Johor, from Woodlands, you end up in Johor City center or  I would say.. land mark is City Square Johor.  If you driving via AYE (this the Highway, you end up in Bukit Indah or Gelang Patah, Horizon Hills, East Ledang and/or Forest City, few of the property here  in Johor that I am familiar with.

Leisure Farm Resort is…  if you look up on your right side right after the toll, you will see the land mark LEISURE FARM.



There are a lot of Developer rising their buildings here in Johor at the moment. Johor development project  is called ISKANDAR.  To me.. it means that it is the huge rebuilding of roads, highways and rising of property  like residensial, schools and hospitals.  In short.. beautification of Johor and it started to name it in 2006.

To name a few that I knew are:



Leisure Farm in Johor


Spanning across 1765 acres of lush verdant land. Leisure Farm is home to an award-winning range of well designed estates and residences complemented by world-class amenities.

It is perfect here.

First established in 1991 as a haven for the mind, body and soul, Leisure Farm is now home to a truly international community.

Most of  my neighbour are Singaporean, Japanese, Indian, Malay and Chinese from Singapore as well the from UK.

Leisure farm is quite and peaceful. It is not true that when you leave your home and come back after few days, your  house get robbed. We have been living here since 2012 on and off as we ran business in Singapore.

The property now here in Leisure Farm is a bit higher compare to the time we bought our Terrace House.

There are a lot of property here in Leisure Farm Resort like Bungalows, Apartments, Terrace houses and soon the condominiums.



Horizon Hills Johor


 Horizon Hills is a lush gated development complete with a private 18-hole Par 72 designer golf course. A strategic joint venture development between Gamuda Land and UEM Sunrise.

Horizon Hills raises the benchmark for property development in Johor.
Horizon Hills is a paradise of luxury golf residences. A fantasy home with views to dream of that gives you an opportunity to walk straight out on to the fairways.

Set on natural undulating hilly terrain, life here is a breeze of fresh air stunning vistas of the golf course, waterways, forest reserves and thematic parks from your home, bringing the outdoor to the indoors.



East Ledang in Johor


Besides landed residences, there is also a condominium, named Ujana Executive Apartments in East Ledang. It consists of a 23-storey tower that houses a total of 168 typical units and 4 penthouses with built-ups start from 911 sf.

Each unit of East Ledang comes with fibre-to-the-home service, delivering 20 mbps high speed internet access and ELSiS Security (known as one of the most advanced security systems which is developed by the same developer of US Embassy’s security system).

East Ledang’s “East meets West” philosophy combines contemporary designs from the West and the East’s tropical garden as it features 7 parks with 31 lush gardens with several themes such as the Green Lawn Garden, Sacred Garden and Valley Garden, as well as a 20-acre forest and 2km-long lake water land.

Moreover, East Ledang is completed with play gardens, recreational parks, walking and jogging paths and a clubhouse, named The Ledang Urban Retreat Clubhouse with dining, recreational, sports and spa facilities, retail lots and business centre.

Finally the place that I have recently visited is  


This is huge massive development.

 If you think about it… Forest City is a scary city…  This is a man made land, a reclaimed land and they are still digging until now. It looks like they are making a landscape similar to Atlantis in Dubai.

Once this city is done, it is said that can accommodate up  to 700- 800 Thousands  population.

Don’t get frick out with my video below.. It is really real.

I spoke to one of the agent and he mention about that the builder and designer was awarded to a Multi million Chinese from China.

The agent also mention, that in Shanghai, if you buy one of the condo  apartment in Shanghai itself… you get one condo unit in Forest City, free.


You can  contact this person JUSTIN -0197099723

This is the video of the lobby where you can see the HUGE platform.

Wonder how solid this Forest City is. However, I have visited a few show rooms they have.

According to Justin the agent, each building consist of a different room type. Lets say, if it is a 4 room unit, the whole building will be consist of 4 rooms  units.

So, lets say, if the unit is 1 room only, the building will be thin and tall? What happen then? All rooms has ocean view. Wow!

In the lobby area, you will be able to see the layout of the constructions – layers of how it is being contract form the bottom of the oceans.

Here is the video to one of the show rooms they have……



To be honest…

I was impress the beauty and design of this Forest City. Yes, it is very attactive and as the time I visited, buses and buses of the Mainland Chinese were flocking the area, I bet they buy many units in Johor for investment.

I can only hope that Investors should not only spend money on Forest city but should also look into other development is Johor as there are much nice like Medini area.

For Schools and Hospitals, well, We are still going to Singapore for our health needs. Iskandar projects are also to develop world class Hospitals…

There are few Schools here now, where my neighbours send their children to one of the schools here, but they said, the private schools are not cheap.

One of my neighbour here is a professor from England, a pretty old man but look wise. He runs the EDU university. He was once told me that there are many students coming from Thailand, Myanmar and Philippines now.

As during the 3 or final year of their students, these students be sent to UK for their final assessment and graduations.. Meaning parents can save so much on educations for shelter and the kids are near to them.

I will end up here… I hope to give you some good info about property in Johor.. Please comments or dislike to say bad … hahahah.. Thank you…


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