Visit camotes Island

My Trip to Camotes Island In Cebu Philippines 2017

Let’s go to Camotes Island. Philippines has many untouched white and fine sand beaches which is only local knows and to some, even they never knew until someone told them so. Just like me. Introducing Camotes Island, I called it the mini little Boracay of Cebu. Please don’t get confuse if you do not know about Read more about My Trip to Camotes Island In Cebu Philippines 2017[…]

No 63 massage lady at Kaki Kaki reflexology

Where To Go For Best Massage in Johor Bahru Iskandar Malaysia

Looking for best massage in Johor Bahru? I cannot remember… a single person who does not like body, face, hand, or foot massage. I even have a close friend whom she like her breast to be massage. She explains why women breast need to be massage for some reasons. “Our  breasts are made up of Read more about Where To Go For Best Massage in Johor Bahru Iskandar Malaysia[…]

Zip-line your way to Scenic Places

“Life is like a zip-line. It’s over before you know it and you don’t remember much because it all went so fast.” – Linda Poindexter (Author of Quips and Quotes) Bold people love adventures that test their limits and make them conquer their fears such as the thrilling experience of Zip-lines. There are many various Read more about Zip-line your way to Scenic Places[…]


Here what you can do if you only have little time in Istanbul.. From 2 weeks adventure in Kilimanjaro we were heading home back to Singapore with Turkish Airlines. Before I continue with out stop over in Istanbul…. Turkish Airlines, fly from Singapore to any parts of the world. I notice that Turkish Airlines has Read more about IDEAS ABOUT TURKISH AIRLINES[…]