keeping healthy

Habits to Keep Oneself Healthy

  In a world where businesses and advanced technology reign, people have to seek ways to maintain their good health in order to continue to function properly in the competitive world. As businesses flourished, people involuntarily and unknowingly become stressful because they have to keep up with the pace of businessmen who manages the economic Read more about Habits to Keep Oneself Healthy[…]

Flaxseed oil


I think I could believe in  saying… The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I have totally forgotten being a housewife for the last 10 years. Realising that we can still be a better wife, better person and a better homemaker while keeping our career intact and not to quit to the Read more about A WAY TO A MAN’S HEART IS THROUGH HIS STOMACH[…]

The Amazing MST Kyomizu from Japan

I’ve heard many people saying that when an innovation comes from Japan, it surely is better, if not the best. It surely has been carefully examined and thoroughly undergone an in-depth procedure in order to come up with best result. And so I agree. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Japanese women have a Read more about The Amazing MST Kyomizu from Japan[…]

loose that weighty

How to Lose Weight in Just 2 months

HOW DID I LOSE WEIGHT IN 2 MONTHS? NO OPERATION, NO SYNTHETIC DRUGS. JUST PURE DEDICATION  It is so crazy about how we can gain weight? It is indeed very easy to gain weight but not easy how to lose weight fast right? BIG question??? Would you like to lose Weight fast or would you Read more about How to Lose Weight in Just 2 months[…]

Wellness – Body loves it

Wellness today,   It is very important to invest in our health. Give yourself a break. Need to unwind and have your “me” time? Is your schedule so busy that you can’t even go to a massage parlor? Well, fret not. There are a lot of massage spas in the city that offers home service Read more about Wellness – Body loves it[…]

Sign of Hypertension – High Blood Pressure

Knowing you have hypertension or high blood pressure is important. It is never too late to getting to know “you”. Back In 2011, I  start to get notice that I have high blood pressure. Everytime that I pay visited with my Gynae, they will take blood pressure on me. It was always on high side Read more about Sign of Hypertension – High Blood Pressure[…]

Why Not To lose Weight? Why Not today?

Lose weight? this question sure comes to our mind.. it is the most spoken topic, the most question occurs is I do exercise but I do not lose weight – why? We human are being so ignorant. We think that going to the gym or doing an hour of walking, running, or any forms of Read more about Why Not To lose Weight? Why Not today?[…]