Habits to Keep Oneself Healthy


In a world where businesses and advanced technology reign, people have to seek ways to maintain their good health in order to continue to function properly in the competitive world. As businesses flourished, people involuntarily and unknowingly become stressful because they have to keep up with the pace of businessmen who manages the economic system and stimulates the economic growth of various regions.

As technology advances, people are getting more and attracted and attached to gadgets or electronic devices that give them convenience, leading them to unhealthy lifestyle. And as people become conscious of competitive skills, can their body keep up with the modern jobs that demands work excessively? In this age, each one needs habits to keep oneself healthy.

People work not to pay medications or hospitalizations but to provide their daily needs. Jobs are not chosen to make doctors and nurses wealthy but to make people earn their own living. Although we are bound in keeping up the different competitions, we are not bound to work like machines. What people fail to understand is that working hard does not mean working smart.

Overworking the human body to the point we can no longer function properly is one of the bad habits of people in the contemporary society. We might be working hard to please our bosses but does it reflect with good outcomes? We might not know that all our efforts are actually wasted because we only play hard but not play smart. Because we only play hard, we become unaware of negative effects that we give to our body.

There are times that our body wouldn’t able to keep up with the demands of our job which is why we should be considerate more of what our body could handle. Our health is much more important than work since we couldn’t respond properly to our job with an unhealthy body. Jobs these days stress our body more, leaving us without awareness. There are a lot of means to maintain good health without depending on artificial treatments so here are some recommended top five habits to keep oneself healthy.


Drinking Tea. There are several teas to drink for a healthy living but green teas have been the most popular beverage to keep oneself healthy. It is already general information that green tea helps in weight loss but it does not simply stop there. It also boosts our immune system and helps in improving cognitive skills such as memory and concentration. In addition, teas help in calming the mood and maintaining the skin young-looking as it slows down the aging process which is why drinking teas is my top five habits to keep oneself healthy.

Since I was child, I been drinking tea not for health reasons but simply because it suits my taste. Black tea was my first tea, with the mix of brown sugar to suit my taste as a child. As years passed, my taste buds have only been seeking for teas (green and mint teas frequently) without sugar, and I was unaware of the benefits it was giving me as I drink it most of the time – I seldom get sick and people see me as young adult ranging from age 21 to 24, even though I will be turning 31 this year.

The best time to drink teas, especially those with higher percent of caffeine such as black (approximately 30%) and green teas (15 to 20%), is in the morning as it improves your mood before engaging to work.  Mint teas are best to drink before going to sleep as it relaxes the body more than other teas, which is why these teas are also good to drink during anxious times. However, this isn’t the only habit to keep oneself healthy.

live life of being healthy

Exercising. This infamous activity comes in number four. Most people already knew and understood what this activity could do to our body, especially about handling stress. Stress is perhaps the number one factor why we get common illness such as colds, fever or flu. In order to prevent excessive stress to emerge, exercising at least two or three times a week for 30 minutes to one hour is one of the habits to keep oneself healthy.

The most efficient exercise as recommended by researchers recently is the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It’s said to be the most effective in weight loss but it is also beneficial in terms of cardiovascular fitness and metabolic effects. Not everyone could hit the gym because of time and money issues, but they could grab their shoes and sprint anywhere they want to get those muscles on the go. Since exercising could also help one perspire, it keeps the body healthier by getting rid of those toxins within and at the same time, produces natural oil that gives the skin a healthy glow.

It has been my habit to play basketball as my activity for de-stressing since High School. Every time I play, I was not aware that it was one of my habits that keep me away from illness for several years now. My last hospitalization was when I was in Primary School and I started participating in the women’s basketball varsity in second year high school in which I was unaware that I was keeping myself healthy throughout the years. And just recently, I found out that basketball training is also a HIIT that provides me good health.


Eating Good Food. What we frequently eat defines our health but jobs these days demand a lot from our skills that eventually consume most of our time, leaving us no choice but to buy processed or ready-to-eat foods. We all know that these foods have fewer nutrients but we simply buy what is already available since we need to satisfy our stomach in order to work properly in a busy community. Top three on the list of habits to keep oneself healthy is to eat good food.

If one does not have time to meticulously prepare food, especially those with vegetables, then I suggest one should boil and eat eggs – my favorite habit to keep oneself healthy. Eggs are rich in nutrients that boost our immune system and recent study shows that they actually lower bad cholesterol, which invalidates past researches. They also have enough nutrients to satisfy our body that lessen our cravings for more food, keeping our body in shape. Recently, boiled-egg diet has been popular for those who want to lose weight and also those who want to maintain their figure. It’s best to eat two in the morning and one in evening.

Fish are also easy to cook since it only needs few minutes in the pan to become tender and overcooking it would make its texture elastic. It also has good cholesterol that prevents cardiovascular diseases, keeping our heart healthy. Sautéing fish would be the best way to cook in order to conserve time and energy. It could be paired with lettuce or any green vegetables that do not need cooking so that more nutrients would be added other than protein.


Listening to Music. Top two has something to do with music. People might find this surprising but listening to music is one of the habits to keep oneself healthy. Because we live in a demanding world that gives us stress most of the time, listening to music is one of the ways to mitigate the release of stress hormones. Most people are unconscious of the signs and symptoms of stress which is why they will simply continue working, leaving stress to take over their body and eventually yielding negative effects. What’s interesting about music is that it’s not only pleasing to the ears but also pleasing to our health.

Music helps in the production of happy hormones which sends the body a vibrant mood. Maintaining a good temper supports in our work process in a demanding institution. A music, entitled Weightless and composed by Marconi Union, is said to be therapeutic by neuroscientists since it reduces anxiety by up to 65%. Most classical music could also calm the nervous system. Other researches show that increasing the volume of this kind of music could improve one’s mood so when something doesn’t feel right while you are working, pick up your mp3 player for a while and indulge yourself in the music world where you can feel at ease before you start properly working again.

In my case, I like listening to music but what I really love is playing musical instruments, which is more beneficial. Other than it improves mood, memory and concentration, it also supports in properly responding to physical work like doing minutes during meetings – listening while jotting down which is a kind of multitasking. I never thought until now that playing musical instruments could keep myself healthy and at the same time, improve my multitasking skills.


Sleeping Enough. And the number one spot goes to sleep. People know that enough sleep is needed to regenerate and rejuvenate the body so that it could properly function for the next day’s demanding work. However, most people tend to forget (again) the importance of sleep because they always make excuses that they needed to finish their responsibilities in their workplace. The problem perhaps lies in their time management but whatever the reason, sleep is one of the important habits to keep oneself healthy. Getting enough sleep depends on an individual’s age like seven to nine hours for young adults.

When I was a working student, I was frequently managing my time properly so that I could get enough sleep to recharge for the next day. However, there were also times that I felt like mismanaging my time by not doing responsibilities ahead of time such as writing a thesis. When it was almost deadline, I had to work, study for major exams and write the thesis at the same time, which sacrificed my sleep hours. Every next day, I usually spaced-out (lacked focus and concentration), forgot the things that I should have done for the day, and showed clumsiness at work. Eventually, I had signs – dry skin, sore throat and headache – that my body was going to pick up illness. I was thankful that I paid attention to what my body was telling me so I relived getting enough sleep every night. Indeed, it was a lesson to me that sleeping enough should be prioritized as one of the habits to keep oneself healthy.


People are subconsciously aware of what they needed to do to keep themselves healthy but due to life’s pressure, it is inevitable to practice those good habits. The top five habits to keep oneself healthy mentioned above are perhaps not the best, but they are certainly efficient. When the time comes that you aren’t feeling well, it’s time to consider the sign and symptoms of stress, and check this list of good habits that you think you might have missed executing.



Sports event photography

There was this famous philosopher named Ayn Rand who described photography not as an art, but a technique that captures art. In her book The Romantic Manifesto, she stated that “[Photography] is a technical, not a creative, skill. Art requires a selective re-creation.” Capturing subjects or scenes with the use of a camera is simply preserving what has already been re-created in a form of pictures, which is why photography cannot be categorized as an art. Since it is a technique using cameras, how do people then develop such skill to capture artistic scenes? There are a lot of books or references in taking photographs and most of them are not that hard to understand because photography is something that anyone could learn.

The thing is that people who are interested to develop such skill must constantly engage in properly using the features of the camera while applying those features depending on certain scenes. Taking photos of subjects in motion is quite challenging, especially athletes who are participating in sports competitions. In my case, doing photography in sports events was a great choice. It is one of the ways to take such technical skill to a higher level in a short time as the photographer’s adrenaline is constantly pushed so that the body responds accordingly to the subjects in motion.

event photography

I had been a sports photographer for five years during my College years but I only used two models of Canon DSLR: 1100D and EOS7D. I never had a formal lesson in using them but for me, angle is a great factor that gives life to pictures. My favorite subjects in taking photographs are nature and athletes playing in a game. The latter is insanely challenging because I run, lie on the floor and hold the camera up high just to capture moments with great angles, but that didn’t stop me from taking photographs during sports events. Sometimes I seem like a hunter, waiting for my preys to show perfect athletic postures during their battles in the sports arena. At the same time, I also think what type of pictures these young athletes want to see as they move within the court. Doing photography in sports events helped me much in the improvement of my technical skills using cameras.

What are the advantages of doing photography in sports events compared to other events? Because athletes participating in a game are in constant motion, it helps the photographer in becoming a keen observer or aware of the surroundings most of the time. As mentioned above, adrenaline helps the photographer function in a best way because the he has to cope up with the speed of the athletes and their constant change in position and posture in order to capture their best moments.

The observation skills of the photographer develop in a situation where he does not only focus on the athletes playing but also on the audience at the same time. He must constantly focus and concentrate not just on the movements or postures of the athletes but also on their good facial expressions while being aware of the facial expressions of the audience in background.

There were times that I took photos of basketball players on the court with one the audience having a really bad facial expression (widely opened mouth and closed eyes) that I had to delete the file even though the photo of the basketball players in motion were great. I have a strict rule in taking pictures of people in groups: everyone should look good in the photo even if there is a certain subject that I’m really focused on.

ateneo volleyball court

I was a student assistant in a prestigious school in Davao city and I started helping in taking pictures of people (students and employees) for the production of their ID card. I simply capture people’s smiling faces but I also tell some people to groom first before I take their picture so that they will look better. Same goes to special occasions like awarding ceremonies where I take pictures of people who wear their best smiles and attires to look great.

Apparently, all of them are still subjects so from time to time, I take candid pictures to enhance my skills in observation and proper timing. However, doing photography in sports events greatly sharpen my timing and increase my speed in capturing scenes because the subjects constantly move either quick or fast that my body automatically adjusted. The photographer has to catch up with the movements of the players to capture a scene that the players and audience would appreciate. He will be driven to move fast towards certain areas where he can capture scenes in a great angle as players offensively and defensively move in the sports arena in quick and fast motions.

Doing photography in sports events also increases the ability to anticipate the movements of the subjects, which gives greater possibility for a perfect timing in photo capture. As I constantly volunteered in the Athletics department to take pictures of the athletes playing, my speed and timing in taking photographs of moving subjects greatly developed in less than two weeks.


dribble of a ball

Another advantage of doing photography in sports events is that it improves the understanding in using various angles to certain scenes. In volleyball, most photos look great in worm’s eye view, especially in taking photos of two or three spikers and blockers when they jump near the net. Bird’s eye view is better in taking pictures of groups of athletes in the same team, trying to set the ball to their advantage.

Even in basketball, badminton and table tennis, worm’s eye view is a better angle with a little tilt of the camera either to the left or right since it somehow emphasizes the movements of the players. In sports competitions, worm’s and bird’s eye views are preferably used based on my experiences since they would make the athletes look like they are really moving in the picture.

Simply taking pictures with the man’s eye view does not create much impact. There were times that I had to move to the balcony just to take photos in bird’s eye view. Frequently moving fast from sitting or laying on the floor to raising the camera up and changing location from one point to another could drain a lot of energy, especially when the temperature in the sports arena is hot, but it’s quite fulfilling to see the pictures of playing athletes in various angles. In addition, it gives the photographer a good exercise because he is driven to move constantly to follow with the athletes’ motion while keeping him optimistic as happy hormones are released, motivating him to work harder and smarter.

Photography in sports events is not an easy task because the photographer has to focus and concentrate during a sports competition to obtain great pictures. Professionals know that taking pictures of moving subjects requires much attention in order not to miss great moments in the sports arena, which is why proper attire and hair accessories are necessary. As much as possible, the photographer should wear slightly loose, thin clothes, preferably without sleeves, in order to avoid discomfort while taking photos.

The best lower garment to wear is shorts (two to three inches above the knee) so that one can move freely from a sitting or laying position to a standing one. Women could wear miniskirts but with cycling shorts underneath. Jogging pants are okay but it becomes uncomfortable to wear during hot weathers. Sneakers are the most appropriate to wear, especially running shoes since they are flexible, lightweight and safe from getting injuries. With regards to keeping the hair in place, use hairbands to avoid contact with eyes or to avoid blocking the view while looking at the lens. The best hairstyle for women is braid as it keeps most of the hair locked up, but don’t forget to use hairbands for women with bangs.

As I stated before, I was only able to used two models of Canon DSLR. However, both have different weights – 1100D is lightweight while is EOS7D heavyweight. I always use the sports mode when taking photographs as it lessens the chances of producing fuzzy captures of athletes in action. When photographers are required to constantly move to take pictures, it is preferable to use heavyweight cameras since they limit the hands and arms to move freely or comfortably by lowering the chances of involuntary and unstable movements, preventing to capture blurry pictures.

Lightweight cameras are comfortable to use but they produce blurry pictures for moving subjects most of the time because they freely leave the hands and arms unstable, leaving fuzzy captures. Take also into consideration in using certain heavyweight cameras that one could carry throughout a game. It would be disappointing for a sports photographer to often rest the hands and arms because the camera was heavier to handle than expected.

Photography in sports events also involves certain risks like higher chances of being hit by a ball. The distance between the sports photographer and the athletes should be then considered, especially when one does not have good reflexes. Since I’m an athlete myself, I was confident enough to move near the boundaries of the court but it was mainly because the lens I was using is limited to certain distances that I had to position myself near the boundaries to capture photos of the athletes playing.

Staying near the boundaries was very risky since it was not only because of the chances of getting hit by a ball, but also getting tackled unintentionally by players! Good thing the latter never happened to me because of my and the athletes’ reflexes. I was hit by a ball several times but I never regretted positioning myself near the court boundaries because I was able to produce great outputs in photography. One way or another, sports photographers must always be aware of the distance from the athletes to avoid injury, but also take note that great risks produce great results.

sports photography

Doing photography in sports events requires huge effort compared to events where people simply pose attractively for the photographer. It challenges the photographer to constantly move around the sports arena to get the best angle in capturing moving subjects, leaving the photographer tired and exhausted in a short time.

Another problem is that there will always be bad pictures in all the pictures taken from athletes in action since there are several things to consider in the subject/s – postures, facial expressions, location, lighting, angle and people in the background all at the same time. The photographer also has to consider the kind of picture the athletes want to keep for their photo album of memorable sports competitions.

Despite the challenges, the photographer will be able to practice tolerance and will be driven to strive more in capturing great moments of athletes playing certain sports because moving from certain point to another to get a great angle would make a good exercise that would help release happy hormones.

At the end of the day, it is still advantageous for the photographer to take photos during sports events since there will be a lot of opportunities to learn and discover new technical skills fast in using cameras. If you know any sports event, try practicing photography with athletes in action. If you have no idea, start by looking for a place where athletes gather to train themselves or maybe places where people simply play street basketball or beach volley. I tell you, it’s really fulfilling, especially when someone thanks you for capturing their athletic postures.

How to Change Your Approach for Positivity

How to Change Your Approach for Positivity

Do you tend to think pessimistically in diverse situations? Here are some tips that are certain to help.


  1. Wake up early every morning.

If you normally wake up at around seven o’clock, try to wake up an hour earlier. It doesn’t only start your day early but it also helps your mind condition be more at peace. Why? Because the most quiet time of the day is during the early hours in the morning. If you are a mom, there’ll be no kids playing or fighting around, no sound of vehicles, not any nuisance which can mess about the silence of your morning.

Waking up early is a great opportunity for you to work out. If you make it as your daily routine, you will never miss a day to work out your body. After-work exercises can sometimes be canceled due to other matters in your life.

READ: http://elvielins.com/we-exercise-but-we-do-not-not-lose-weight-why/

Mornings are the most productive time of the day. You can make the kind of breakfast you like to eat. You can eat early and by eating early it means your body is now ready to run for what it needs to do. You can also have time for other things you like to do like reading a book while drinking coffee or listening to music while doing the dishes.

To allow yourself to wake up early of course you must be used to hit hay early as well. Perhaps you might need to drop off watching your favorite late night TV series or your nightly routine of surfing the Internet.

  1. Try to make at least 5 people smile every single day. How often do you smile in a day?

Smiling does not only make you feel positive towards people, it helps people feel upbeat on you too. Moreover, smiling is contagious and it attracts positive atmosphere.

Smiling reduces constant worry, it makes you look more beautiful, and it can make you feel happy even if you’re burdened inside. Smile is the best thing to wear throughout the day so smile a lot!


  1. Say NO to Gossip!

There are far better things to do than gossiping with others. Admit it; it’s a total waste of time and energy. It brings out negative feelings, issues from the past, and/or everything that’s out of your control. It will add stress to your state of mind, thus it will gradually change you into a negative person.


  1. Stop worrying on what other people think about you.

Why care about their opinions on you? Does it really matter? NO. You see, you can’t please everyone. Thinking about what others feel about you is another negative pattern you must stop. Do you spend much time in front of the mirror thinking about which is best to wear for today’s gathering with friends? Or you are just worried about the possible disappointments and negative impressions you may give to them when they see you wearing something that might not please their eyes.

Trying so much to please others results to pretending with ourselves. As a matter of fact, people really don’t care about us. If you feel that you are being judged or if their opinions don’t go along with yours, learn to accept it and move forward. What’s more, be mindful of what’s happening in front of you. But of course, looking back helps us to become a better person and remember our future goals in the first place. So stand up and be proud of what you are no matter what. Life is too short to care about what others think.


  1. Work-life Balance.

Let me categorize each of the priorities.

Work includes your ambitions and career. While life or lifestyle includes family, pleasure, health, leisure, and there could more on your list. Literally, how can we really balance both when there’s so much to do on life than work? (LOL)

If you feel that you’re spending so much in your office and couldn’t resist the demands of your job, then many people do. Working overtime, sitting long hours in front of your computer or answering numerous calls from your boss or clients even if you’re at home are the things that contribute a lot on our hassle which makes our approach negative. Spend your day off from work by going on a short trip with family or by playing sports with your kids and when doing that, don’t think about anything related to your work. Focus on the fun and live up with the moment. Most of all turn off your phone.

Furthermore, remember to set your priorities and goals first. List out the most important things you need to do throughout the day, in a week, a month, and even your goals for the year. In this way, you’ll be able to remind yourself on the things you need to do from the things you want to do. Limit or if possible avoid activities that waste your precious time and energy such as surfing your Facebook newsfeed especially when you’re at home. Experts say that spending too much time on social media may actually hurt family relationships and puts more pressure in your social life and emotionally. As one quote goes, “Your job won’t take care of you when you’re sick. Your family will.”



  1. Travel

Travel makes you a happier person. It helps you see the positive side of the world. It contributes a lot to change your approach for Positivism. Travelling gives you time for yourself. You might feel that you already know yourself well but there’s more to know more about you when you go to different places. You might be surprise that you have some hidden potentials. You’ll face your fears and discover how to overcome it. It’s the same as reading books because you learn new things. You learn about different people, culture, food, history, adventure and so on… Travelling helps in creating wonderful memories especially when doing it with your family and friends. It brings out the child in you, inspire you to write more if you are a writer, love different people equally, and most of all see things POSITIVELY.


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JJ Sum A stay-at-home mom, a home-based online English tutor, an internet nut, coffee addict, likes to watch American TV series, Hollywood & Korean movies, and a very family-oriented person...
JJ Sum
A stay-at-home mom, a home-based online English tutor, an internet nut, coffee addict, likes to watch American TV series, Hollywood & Korean movies, and a very family-oriented person…