Getting to know about blockchain, bitcoin and other crypto currency today

 How far does Bitcoin go on shooting up, and where does other types of crypto currency goes? Introducing Blockchain.

I wrote this article last 7 November 2017. I updated it today 19 May 2017

A blockchain is a core component of the digital currency bitcoin—conceived in 2008 and first implemented in 2009—where it serves as the public ledger for all transactions.  Definition from Wikipedia 

In the bitcoin case, every compatible client is able to connect to the network, send new transactions to it, verify transactions, and take part in the competition to create new blocks. The competition creating new blocks is known as mining.blockchain

The “blockchain” today is like the internet in the early 1990s…

and the investment implications are just as enormous.
The blockchain is a decentralized, digital ledger.
It’s decentralized nature has made it impossible to “hack”…
since no one is able to alter the ledger in all the places
it resides at the same time.
The internet changed the way we record and exchange information.
It made the flow of communication across the world
faster and more efficient.
Trillions in value were created.
Likewise, the blockchain is changing the way we record and exchange value.
It will make transactions across the world faster and more efficient.
Trillions in value will be created.
Yet, it’s so early in the game, many people still don’t even know about the blockchain…or how they can profit from it.
And that’s creating wide-open opportunities for those in the know…
If we still can remember, the internet was the same in its infancy.
Many investors didn’t see its significance—or even know it existed—in the beginning.
Then web browsers came along and the internet was quickly on its way to mass adoption.
Early investors made fortunes.
Today, the blockchain is starting to gain traction.
Eventually, these online distributed databases will be as ubiquitous as the World Wide Web.
And a new group of early investors will get rich like those at the
start of the Internet Age.
A Decentralized Database.
The blockchain is maintained by thousands of independent computers.
These computers are constantly “talking” to each other to ensure the ledger is always valid.
By storing data across its network, the blockchain eliminates the risk that comes with information being held in a central location.
This “decentralized” network is much more secure than databases with central supervision.

How it works?

it’s more Efficient for hackers to try and break into one central site holding millions in assets than millions of individual computers holding hundreds or thousands.
The blockchain is also faster, more secure, and more efficient than centralized networks.
That makes it the perfect technology on which to reinvent the financial system and the trillions of dollars that move around it daily.
A New Network of Value.
Here are eight ways the blockchain will forever change
how we use money:


The blockchain will eliminate the need for you to pay an intermediary
(like a notary) to verify transactions.


The blockchain will make it easier for you to make payments,
transfer money, or buy and sell goods.
You’ll move your money faster and cheaper with the blockchain than
with traditional wire services like Western Union or MoneyGram.


The blockchain will let you store money digitally instead of using a
bank, money market fund, or government security.
It could potentially make checking and savings accounts obsolete.


You will be able to make, secure, settle, and trade loans on the
blockchain faster and easier than today.


Every day, trillions of dollars in financial assets are traded between parties.
The blockchain can cut settlement times from weeks and days to minutes and seconds.


Raising money now requires third parties such as investment bankers, venture capitalists, and lawyers, among others.
The blockchain will automate this process and eliminate the need for third parties. More people will have access to capital than ever before.


The blockchain supports decentralized models for insurance
that can make risk management more efficient.
This will lower premiums overall.


The blockchain makes bookkeeping virtually automatic and instantaneous while keeping it 100% transparent.
As you can see, the blockchain will revolutionize how you use money.
But what we don’t know is that the blockchain’s impact will extend well beyond finance…..


BITCOIN, ETHERIUM, LITECOIN ? these are the most popular crypto currency  today.

Here is an example of Bitcoin values in comparison to USD.

7 of November 2016, the time I wrote this..


1 bitcoin is equivalent to USD 716.64 ( I wrote this article back in November 2016. Not even a year yet and the value today of tremendously increase. The most influential people who buys bitcoin are coming from China.
The question is would you believe it or not? Would you participate it?

Today’s rate of Bitcoin to a USD, 19 May 2017.

It is predicted that Bitcoin will rise to a million per 1 Bitcoin

Getting to know


A type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.
“bitcoin has become a hot commodity among speculators”
a unit of bitcoin.
“bitcoins can be used for online transactions between individuals”

As I am now into Bitcoin, I am getting to understand how it works and how it is easy, fast and safe in dealing with  by the click of a keyboard or a mouse on your computer. The most part I love bitcoin is that  I save the cost of sending money to anywhere in the world like the remittance center charges.

An example of that is my latest transaction to one of  bitcoin wallet. [see below]. I use this app to receive money and pay money inside the Philippines.



It is super easy banking in your bitcoin from a source of income on your online business or you can add funds by Bank transfer or 7 Eleven and other forms paying or adding money to your account which all can be send via your dashboard.

You can pay bills, shop online , pay for loans anywhere in the world even this  company is base in the Philippines.

Click here if you want to know more..


The more well known international crypto wallet is the COINBASE.



Those are my latest transaction and those amount are mostly funded from my online  bitcoin affiliate company.

Now you can provably believe when I can show you prove.

Therefore, we should start building and investing into bitcoin  and bitcoin if you can see .. it is been included in the currency exchange data.

What if??? what if in few months or a year from now…. 1 bitcoin is equivalent to 1,000.00 USD? Will you thank me? (my statement is happening now as I update this article 19 May 2017).

Why not invest today? But hey!! only do it when there is money that you can consider to put it aside, not that you have nothing to eat in a running days alright??

How can you do this? well, leave a comment and I can share it to you personally if not,  try this one……

Which I am currently working with this right now. Be aware though that there are millions of scams on the internet. It is somehow hard to recognise. But investing into bitcoin or other investment always has RISKS.


Bitcoin Join or you loose

How To Get Married in Las Vegas?


To get to Las Vegas for many women specially Asians is a dream come true. But to get married in Las Vegas?

It took me sometime to write this article as I was still busy with my Photography business. Now that I have plenty of time, there is no reason not to share this with everyone.

I am from the Philippines, I live in Singapore for 20 over years, I came to Singapore when I was 21 years old.

I also get married here in Singapore. Singapore is also one of the most country where many couple want to get married to due to its beauty. ( I will write a separate article about how you can get married in Singapore).



It was 2013 that we went to Las Vegas with my Husband Markus. He is Austrian. We met in Singapore  and get married in Singapore back in 2005.

On our 10 years anniversary, we plan to visit America. We flew to Hawaii and spend 2 weeks in Hawaii particularly in Waikiki Beach.

After 2 weeks in Hawaii we then went to  Las Vegas with stop over in New York via Delta Airlines.

You will see a lot of SurfBoards and many sexy suborders in Waikiki beach


So here we finally arrive in Las Vegas Airport.  At the airport, there were few slots machines. Well, you never get bored if you are waiting for your flights in Las Vegas Airport.


From Hawaii to last vegas via Delta Airlines

There were many taxi waiting for passengers at the front of Las Vegas Airport arrival building. So nothing to worry about getting to your hotel.

We had a car arrange to pick up us by our hotel.


For example… taxi driver, the person who opens the door, whatever it is. I was complaining a lot because in Asia, we do not practice tipping here. Unless the person does a very good job, then we will give TIP as only as much as we want.


It is a must to give tips and they can tell you how much they deserve. It is from 18 to 30 percent of your total bill.  I would not mind tipping these people if they are doing the good service, but some are rude and bring us the wrong order.

Tipping is not an obligation to a customers. In America is not the case. It is the customers problem.

As for the taxi driver, I don’t understand why we have to give 20 percent on top of bill. If you are on a tight budget, there are many public transport around Las Vegas. Tour bus, Bus where the local commute or just walk. Las Vegas Strips is not that far to walk.

Here is my Video about what is happening in Las Vegas even as early as 9 am. Yeah! 9 am is already party time. People do not sleep.


It is not difficult as you think it is. If you plan ahead of time before heading to Las Vegas, contact your hotel and tell them about your plan. They will actually arrange for you.

You may like to check this site as they plan for you and you can customise too.


Alternatively there are many website that you can check. We have arrange our wedding on the day of our Wedding Anniversary and it went just fine. Because when you are there in Las Vegas, you can still have plenty of churches to choose from. Just in case you change your mind you know?

For us, we were just talking about having a 10 years wedding anniversary celebration by going to America and we may want to have a special anniversary by renewing our vows.

As for the cost, will vary from company to another.


Many wedding chapel in Las Vegas, do not be confuse as wedding ceremony in Las Vegas is a huge business.

There are few things you need to remember:

You will pay for the person who look like Elvis who does the ceremony of about $400 USD. Yes, for just 5 to 8 minutes ceremony.

You will pay for your limousine and give tips to your driver. I think its fair. Our Driver was wonderful older age man who tells us more about weeding in Las Vegas. He is also our photographer using my mobile phones.

Las Vegas Limousine when you get maried
learn how you can get married in Las Vegas

The cost of getting married in Las Vegas may have been higher by today as I wrote this blog  (February 2017). I would say,  you would have a budget between  USD 1,000 to USD 1,500 for the wedding chapel, ceremony and the driver that pick you up from the hotel.

All in all process, I would say about 1 hour, from pick up at your hotel if you stay at Las Vegas Strip North or South.

We then as our nice driver to bring us to Wynn hotel and Casino. This hotel is just across where our hotel is located.Wynn Hotel at Las Vegas Nevada

Wynn Hotel at the barI love Wynn Hotel. Almost every night we go to the bar. I am fascinated with the beauty of this hotel.  You can check the price of this hotel.

After the ceremony, we went to our favourite bar.

The next time I am in Vegas, I will chose to stay in Wynn. We stayed at Treasure Island as we have book this while we plan our trip.  Wynn has a better atmosphere to be hones. 

Staying in within Las Vegas strip will give you convenience to go anywhere specially when you like to walk a lot.

Walking at night is wonderful. So may shows to see.

Here is the list of popular hotels in Las Vegas

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