This is a Hostel But it has MORE to offer- Cheap and Good! Only in Chengdu

Hey everyone,

Perhaps in point of time, you may awaken into a city of Chengdu China? Here is a hotel I can recommend you.

Chengdu best hostel in town

Located in the city center of Chengdu. Walking distance to main shopping center.

When comes to food, you never go hunger.

They serve you Chinese and Western food.

This is a sample of food/ meal from this Hostel.

Sample of Menu

If your stomach is not suitable for hot and spicy, no worries. Flipflop sure has something you like.

Food in China can be annoying specially you just came from Many sightseeing in the mountain of Sichuan.

fruit stands and market down by the entrance of the hostel

Below the Hostel, there are fruit market you could grab.

Local food and restaurant are also available.

What about the bedroom?

If you are on a budget, there is a sharing room of 4. But sometimes, it can only just be you alone in the room.

My husband and I stayed here 3 nights in 2 Separate bed but it was not a problem. It cost us RMB700 with 3 days breakfast for both of us.

There is a king size bed too when we came back from our long adventure trip in Sichuan Province, we stayed another 1 night that cost as RMB 250 with breakfast for 2. Super clean and comfortable.


Hot water? Grrr!!! You need it when you come in winter time and Flipflop has it.


They call it The Square.

In the square, there are big names of brands from around the world.

the Mall

Join some activity in the early evening.

Ask for some activity they may have and learn new skills. They also arrange short and long tour for you.

What’s the address?


TEL: 028-62500185

I book it through booking dot com sight and If you could use my link I would be thankful as I will be getting a very little commission with it.

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As we drove back to Chengdu from Songpan Sichuan province in China

My dear friends and readers,

We are now back again in Chengdu the capital city of Sichuan province here in China.

From Songpan to Chengdu with our private driver and his car, started the trip at 9:45 AM, arrived in our hotel FlipFlop at 4 pm.

It was an easy journey cruising along the valley and rivers. We only stop 1 hour to have a quick lunch in Maoxian town.

At the beginning of the trip, it was so cold like minus 6 from Songpan town. Then we cruise over the mountain with so much snow and the road was’t in good shape.

But I must admitt that our trip were in good hands and our driver is a good driver too. Though he doen’t speak English. With my little few mandarin words and bad words, we understand each other.

On this image, my husband is on the left, the driver on the middle and our family friend Steven on the right.

Above is the driver phone number in China.

Behind them is his car. This car is comfortable enough for 3 of us.

Steven sits in the front and me and husband sats at the back.

The driver can be contacted via wechat.

Best is to translate your message in Chinese if possible. We love our travel/journey in China.

I will have more videos coming on my youtube channel. Please find me at

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❤️love always,


Things to Do In Songpan

Hello everyone,

We stayed 2 nights in Songpan old town.

Of all the town we visited, Songpan is my favourite town.

(This is the entrance oldest building when you enter Songpan town by night).

It is small, but yet there is western food serve in a few fast food shop and restaurant.

Good coffee is serve in few corners too.

(Look of Entrance to the old town by day)

A few shopping such as clothing and so many fruits along the road side are up for grabs and it is cheap

The reason we stayed here is for us to see the Huanglong Nature park, the Mounigou waterfall and Jade Lake.

Huanglong Nature Park

Huanglong has a many big and small ponds.

At this time we were here, it is almost dry and icey.

However, we still able to see the beauty of Huanglong nature park.

2 nights was good enough for us.

In Mounigou Waterfall

This waterfall is pretty and has a long stretch to walk down to see the over all fall.

It took us about 2 hour from the start to finish.Walking up and to walk down back to the car park.

My best moment in Mounigou Waterfall is the streams of water flowing between the trees.

Jade lake

Of all this 3 nature I mentions here, Jade lake fascinates me much of the colours. No wonder it is name Jade lake.

These are the most and best 3 things you can do when you are in Songpan.

Of course, do not missed out the shopping for winter clothes.

They are reasonable in price and quality. Just do not buy fake brand name bags.

This is the place we stayed in Songpan. ( will follow up the correct address)

From Songpan, our 10 Day tour with rented car that cost as RMB 750 per day indeed and we will be back to Chengdu, get our flight there to Singapore.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

As always❤️ elvie lins


Beautiful Waterfall of Mounigou and Erdaohai-Jade Lake In Songpan Sichuan China

We are now in Songpan and this will be our last 3 days remaining prior to heading back to Singapore.

Erdaohai- Jade Lake Songpan

We visited today 2 sightseeing area nearby Songpan. Above image of me is the Jade Lake in Erdaohai. It is not far from Songpan town or county.

It is really so beautiful here. That image you see is unedited.

Though it was snowy at this time of visit. It could have been more beautiful if the colour of the trees were Autumn. The colourful season has ended, yet the beauty of this nature touches my heart.

The water is so clear. Even this area were also hit by the earthquake they have had recently.

Mounigou Waterfall

The beauty of this waterfall is amazing long. I have not been to Canada to see the Niagara falls So I cannot compare. But this fall is long and the falls were very scenic. The path to walk is no problem. It was just when our time of visit , it was icy on the pathway.

You would be mismerized by the beauty of this water fall too as we walk down back to the entrance, the trees that grows into the water with the sun lighted throught creates the amazing effect in a picture.

We have now settled for the evening in a small friendly hotel in Songpan town. I am very happy that I could eat my salad and chicken.

You can see on the building name Sarah Yang. Sarah run a hotel too with a reasonable cost.

Our bed with private bathroom cost 150 Rmb. Sarah speaks English and serve Western food too.

On the other image is my friend Steven who is travellijg with me and my hubby. That is the old town of Songpan. Songpan is very dramatic town.

Tomorrow is our second day in Songpan, we will be going up to Huanglong. I will be posting more story of our trip from Haunglong.



From Danba Driving Through Aba- Xiaojin Mountain – Sichuan Province In China

From Danba Town we stayed in this town for 2 nights. This is now our Day 8 on travelling into Sichuan Province of China.

We hit the road heading And leaving the Tibetian County. Basically we drove a round over the mountain of Aba and Xiaojin direction to Wenchuan town which is very close to Chengdu.

We passing through snowy mountain and villages. The villages were a lot of butchering with animal like cow and goats for food. It was brutal to see when you are not use to some scene.

We stop for the night in Wenchuan City or shall I call it town? Quiet a big town with shopping malls.

Today, we will be heading to Lixian- Songpan. From there we will see more view of the mountain park.

Hope you enjoy the story.


❤️elvie lins

Zhonglu Village Day 7 On Our Tour in China

Hey everyone,

We stayed over night here in Danba Town on our Day 6 tour. The following day, we start an easy day tour to a nearby Village of Danba Town. So far, at this November, we encounter cloudy and rains most of the days. Like today, Danba and nearby village of Zhonglu, there was A heavy snow and clouds.

Our friend Steven has friends here in Zhonglu. This beautiful lady from the village owns a family hostel business.

They were very kind to prepare us lunch.

In the Village, they were farming corns, vegetables and also animals like goats and cows.

The Village is beautiful, surrounded by mountains, Valleys and beautiful colours of the Autumn season.

Though it was raining and cloudy, we were able to capture sone nice photos as the sky getting clear in the later afternoon.

Things to note when coming to Danba.

1. When we arrived in Danba town, we went to a smaller hotel and look for a room.

We were told that foriegners are not allowed to stay.

We went to look for a bigger hotel and they accepted us.

We stayed at Jinhe Hotel that cost RMB 260.00 for standard room per night.

The hotel even bigger ones do not serve coffee.

This is our hotel in Danba- Jinhe Hotel facing the river.

2. Food/Coffee

Best is to bring some food with you like cereal for breakfast and packets of coffee if you are a coffee drinker in the morning.

Mostly, food you can find is for local only, There is a supermarket that sells 3 in 1 coffee.

Food for lunch and dinner?

Mostly pork/ beef meat and fried vegetables.

Cost of food in Sichuan china?

Our meal for 3 people with 3 to 4 dishes cost between 50 to 150 RMB. This depends which location or restuarant we went.

hope that helps and thank you for reading.



In China – Tagong and Danba Day 6 Adventure

My Dear Friends,

Today, we are on Day 6 here in China.

It is freezing cold since day 4 as we enter Luding town.

From Xingduqiao town overnight, the following morning we head to Tagong, a very Tibetian town.

I was able to capture one image of this Monk as he walk towards me. I must admit that Iphone XS max did a great job in capturing this image.

We went inside the temple and just out of curucity, just took a snapshots of them. I know I shouldn’t. But if you see one Monk on this image is holding and reading his phone. It means to me that everyone these days are living in latest technologies.

Above image is a beautiful Temple after Tagong. This is called The Grand Monastery

As we drove heading to Danba, were passing through mountains with stones that has many letters encryption on it.

According to our Driver, this place is a holy mountain. It was beautiful to see.

My friends, this is all for today and hope you enjoy reading.

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Thank you as always.

❤️See you in my next article.


My Fear Factor for Food in China and Day 4 & 5 Tour

Hello friends,

In our day 4 and 5, we rented a car from Chengdu that cost 750 China currency per day with the Driver. A foriegner is not alowed to drive in China. Unless you need to apply for a provesional driver license in China which you need to prepare prior of coming here in China. We drove to Luding and Moxi.

Driving from Chengdu on a highway took us about 7 hours with stops in between.

In Luding, we have to cross the bridge to see a small village. This Bridge shakes like a washing machine.

Along the alley of Luding, there were vendors of fruits and loads of different kinds of animals. I spotted this Geko. (Oh my Budha)!

This is Moxi town. Very colourfull.

I have a fear of eating the food here. If we order a chicken, it looks like not a chicken. I cannot explain the look.

Below, is a slice of a pork belly. The only recognizable food I can see is pork.

This is Pau Below image, has a meat inside or can be a bean paste. But sometimes, I question, it can be anything inside.

From here, we went up by bus to Cauhaizi Moraine Lake and to see Hailougou Glacier.

At the Moraine Lake, the walk was beautiful.

My friend Steven did The Tai Chee in the middle of super clean air Moraine Lake.

This is the place I’ve ever inhale and experience the lightiest ever air. So pure! So Clean.

This is another kindnof meat selling on the street. Head of a rabbit is a delicacies in chengdu and provinces.

Upon coming down from Haicaizou Glazier, we drove to Kangding. Seems like a big city.

In this town we check in and sleep overnight.

Had a kind of breakfast that we are most familiar.

Visited the temple in Kangding.

After that we drove now to Xinduqiao

Along the way, we stop a Tibetian temple and a place called Mount Zedua. It is pretty. An altitude of 4000 meters above sea level as on my watch.

This is a steps to walk up to the Mount Zedua. It was windy and minus -6 degree. I am not prepare for the weather so I feel dizzy.

After our stop here, we head direction to Xinduqiao as planned.

We decided to stay here overnight in a Tibetian Village of Xinduqiao.

Seems that food wise is almost the same.

Luckily there is rice. In just five days, I could not seems to see and eat the same food. This is sometime the problem of traveling, if we have to have certain food to eat.

It is why, I title this post My fear factor for food.

Lastly, I live you this image a view from my hotel window.

By the way guys, I am writing on my mobile and some photos I notice is not correctly placed in my previous posts.I think images is too large.

There is no facebook, gmail whatsapp and messenger here in China.

I can open steemit website though.

See you in my next post.



Hello Guys,

Visited the Famous Narrow Alley and people’s park here in Chengdu.

Narrow Alley

I can see that Narrow Alley is very famous. Coffee and tea houses as well as loads of food in every corner.

It Is a narrow street indeed and so much happening here.

So much food that I could not resist trying them.

The one I am eating is like a sticky rice ball with the dark sweet sauce. The best part is it is thrown over the powder with a sounds.

It was delicious! Oishi!

However, there were heads of many kinds of animal that is for sale as food such as in this below:

If you look at the image, it is a nose of a pig.

Chinese likes to eat head of an animal. (I think so).

Though some foriegners were willing to try.

Here are some images i took in Narrow alley.

This lady is playing an interesting instrument.

The famous starbucks is here.

But the funny wise is opesite starbucks, you will see this…

Yes, its read Almost starbucks..

Sure I will not miss the Sichuan green tea. It taste lovely.


In people’s park, there were so many beautiful flower displays.

There were a few men gathered to play games too along the bench.

Interesting what the game is like.

Inside people’s park, you can have tea time.

Chengdu Panda Research Center & Big Budha in Leshan

Hey you guys,

Today is our day one in Chengdu.

Beautiful city indeed.

Panda Research Center cost Yuan currency 498 Per person, only 4 of us in a private car with Driver and the driver is also the tour guide.

Panda research center is not far from Chengdu town.

This beautiful panda posing for us. Just a cute little thing.

These 2 pandas are similar to Fox family.

There were about 180 pandas in this center according to our guide.

I ask, are there any plans to cross breed the 2 panda? (Red and Giant)

Out of cureucity, I asks. No, not at this moment. The Giant pandas and red pandas are not in the same genetics.

But the word “panda”- is already similar with Giant and Red, isn’t it?

But of course, everything is possible in China.

Panda both red and giant thier main food is bamboo. It is why many wild pandas were dying in the wild due to hunger.

By right, panda has an appetite for meat, but becuase they do not hunt or lazy to look for meat, they consider themselves vegetarian by just eating bamboo.

Panda also have a lifespan of 37 years old or less.

That’s to prove that human and animal or living things should keep doing or moving to live long.


This is the entrance to panda research Center.

Leshan Big Budha

From Panda reserach center, it took 2.5 hours Drive by car that was arrange included with the Yuan currency 498 with 4 person in the car plus driver who is also a tour guide.

At this time when we got here, the big budha is still under construction.

We were not inform in advance but it is basically fine.

This is the entrance to Leshan Big Budha.

You will go up to the top and there is a temple and where the head of the Big Budha is base. The food is basically on the river bed.

According to our guide , this big giant Budha was place here to protect disaster from coming in. The Budha is facing the joining of 3 rivers

This river has 3 points. When you stands from the top of the shoulder of Big budha, you’ll see the City view of Leshan Town.

There are so many beautiful things to see on the top of big budha.

I am fascinated with how the architectures is being made here.

You can write some wishes or dedication on the wall too. I wish for @steemit that it will stay and survive and I wrote my steemit name too in case you happen to come here.

As we head down, we were approach with some kids to have photograpls taken with them.

So it was a great day.

Hope you enjoy the story today.