Hello my Friends and Readers,

Many of you may wonder what Am I talking about.


Just like facebook, steemit is also a blogging and social networking site that able us to post articles, images, etc.

The only differences is that, our posts are stored im a blockchain.

We are getting rewards, by posting content on steemit.

I will be leaving the link below for you to find out more.

For now, please I beg you to continue reading.


It has been 173 days for me on steemit blogging website.

I write short and long post.

My articles get upvoted,

I have develope over 700 followers.

I have build my reputation this time.

It feels like you belong to a kind of activity that you can call you are belong to.

Just like here in wordpress, not long ago I have started to comment and like other posts and You guys return to like and comment my posts too.

🙏 thank you.

There are something that motivates me in writing on Steemit platform.

I have to be honest with you… I write becuase I am worthy.

Worthy of being upvoted.

These rewards then can turn into cash which pays for my website maintenance and so on.

May not be that big now.

But if you can see that image, I am gaining some steem and steem dollars.

A steem and steem dollars are crypto currency for steemit.

Yes, all other currencies were all down now. (mostly).

No excuses for steem and steem dollars.

I am sharing this information with you becuase I strongly believed that Crypto currencies will recover and only those who can sustained are those who has REAL VALUE to give back to community.

Here is the Steemit website link I promised.

No, it is not a referral link.

Well, my friends,

mostly my articles are about TRAVELS & LIFESTYLE.

Thank you for reading.

❤️ Love,

Elvie Lins

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German Beer in Paulaner Bruhaus Singapore

My Dear Friends and readers,

Meet the German speaking in Singapore.

Every first Friday of the month, German speaking community gathers in Paulaner Bruhaus in Melinia Walk.

We normally direct taxi driver to a place called SUNTECT CITY.

Or if we happen to drive- we park at Condrad Hotel. This way, you dont get lost inside Suntec City carpark.

Paulaner Bruhaus is the only German brewery which people love especially the German Speaking community.

3 Storey building-

On the first floor there is a live band playing music.

On the second floor is a restuarant and private room for gatherings special occasion.

An interesting place- pack everytime I visited this place.

Provably one of the most making money restaurant.

One of my favourite food here is the Roasted Duck.

Pretty lean and tasty. accompanied with sides red cabbage salad ang bread dumpling.

A friend with hwr grown up kids loves coming here.

Here some more images inside Paulaner Bruhaus:

It says:


If you are in for a good food and good bear?



9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-01 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596

Thank you and as always,

I am your travel and lifestyle vloger.

If you have any question? Feel free to leave a comment below.

# One best things that happens when we travel is the ‘MEETING NEW PEOPLE’.

## Learning other culture widens my perception in life.

## A life that I can think, no one shall be above us except the God.

## A behavior to adopt.. each country I have been, each culture, each behaviour.

## I strongly believe that we maybe different in those areas, but we are ONE as God children in this world.

I am always excited in getting to learn more about others.

I want to feel each and everyone in this world.

It is why, I travel the world…

The Sulfataric Volcano In Mindanao Philippines – MOUNT APO

My dear Friends,

I finally hike up the sulfataric and potentially active volcano of Mindanao Philippines.

Do You Know?

Tales of Mount Apo:

‘A wife called Apo in a nearby village was killed by her husband as she had an affair with another man’


Another story:

An old man called APO ADOK living in this mountain. He requested that when He dies, he has to be burried in the mountain’ it is why this mountain called in his name APO.

No matter what’s the truth is, only the lefend knows.

Our drop off was Kapatagan- this town is about 2 hours by Van from Davao City.

Now our journey begins here:

From Kapatagan, we started our hike. Passing through the villages with wide vegetation.

After 2 hours of hike, we arrived at the campsite 1 where we spend 2 nights here.

On that dawn of August 16, we hike up to Summit of Mount Apo.

The weather wasn’t cooperative with us.

Looks like there was a storm coming. Accompanied with strong winds.

It was scary somehow. According to our guide, the weather to the top of Mount Apo can just change its weather in a second of a flash!

We did not manage to the very top. 4 of us were on the second highest point of mount apo.

From left: Me, Zara, Zen and in the middle is Zinky. All new friends that I met on this trip of climbing Mount Apo.

A good shoes and proper outfit is needed to climb Mount Apo.

This mountain has a super gigantic stone.

It is also hot on some parts as the sulfur has its way out from the ground.

The sulfuric smells can be dangerous for an Ashmatic person

Good shoes is super important too.

After 2 nights, 3 days, we finally back to Davao City and indulge our self with great Davaoeneo cooking.

Trying all sort of food from Roxas Night Market

This is the whole video footage of climbing Mount Apo.

Enjoy and travel the world with me.. @elvielins









Welcome To Davao City Philippines

Dearest friends,

My friend and I arrived here in Davao City in the Philippines.

Upon checked in at our designated hotel, our first stop was to have some local food. We end up eating lechon Manok. – grill chicken in a charcoal.

Kalami! – means delicious!

After the Lechon Manok- we head to People’s Park for a walk.

This time of the month in Davao City- It is KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL.

Abundance of fruit displays are everywhere.

Here we are in Roxas Street night Market. All kinds of street food like BBQ, sweats stuff and drinks are here.

Other stuff like first and second hand bags, clothings and phone accessories, are also here.

People were happy eating just in every corner. AS IN IT IS PACKED OF PEOPLE HERE IN ROXAS EVERY NIGHT!

This is a very long MANGO FLOAT – it is actually layers of biscuits with cream and condense milk and topping with mango and milo powder.

Here are more street food images:

The next day, we went to Samal Island just about 10 minutes by boat and it cost P10.00 for each ride.

As always , I am admiring the beautiful clear water and I really hope it keeps it this way.

In Samal Island, you can just relax on some beaches or go to a resort for a day.

There are many foriegners buying parcel of land in this samal island as thier rest houses.

Well, my dear friends, I have more stories to come.

Sharing you the goodness in life…

Travel and see the world with me… Elvie Lins