If We Think It’s Tough, It will be Tough. We need a MOTIVATION

Hey Everyone,

Just a Quick MOTIVATION from me to You today.

A western couple went in to the gym where I was at 30 minutes ago.

Both couple took a 10 Kg Hand weights and a 20kg in pairs.

Place the hand weights on the floor next to their towels and bags.

But?… Both went to the trade mills.

After just 5 minutes or so, the man came down from the trade mills. Was busy with his phone as he looked at it (I assume).

Back to trade mills again and 5 minutes later both hold the hand weights and start to pose like squats and hands in the air.

Maybe about 3 minutes, the man did the push ups on the floor.

2 or 3 push ups From the man- the couple decided to leave. Though they do not look like they were in a hurry.

To me, I think spending 20 minutes in the Gym plus more time on the phone means nothing.

However, the couple looks like they just started or perhaps it was their first day going to the Gym.

Besides, this couple looks like they both really need to exercise… really!



1. If you would asks me, simply because I love eating.

Eating makes me happy.

However, I like to keep fit too as I like to look great when I am wearing a dress.

2. Second thing that motivates me is I am afraid of getting CANCER.

3. I feel much happier after exercise.

Many casual friends and customers from my business died of cancer.

A close Friend died of Breast cancer a few days ago.

That gives me motivation in Going To The Gym.


I still cannot understand some people why taking time to even drive to the gym and yet just spending so short time.

To me, at least an hour focus to exercise at least.

Forget about your phone. (Bloody gadgets these days)

Why do you think the western couple left the gym without a drop of a sweat?

Life can be very tough if we think it is.

If I am in the Gym, I listen to a pumping Gym Music that keeps me kicking and doing set ups, push ups, carry weights and all sort of what’s available.

CONCENTRATE AND FOCUS ARE 2 keys to keep me going.

Thinks of a reward, think of how you would sleep better, look great and feel great if you do exercise.

🤗 I hope that motivates you my friends.

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Here is my lemon story.

As always,



The Way To A Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach? (Beef Ribs Recipe)

Hey everyone,

Would you like to know how to make Beef Ribs recipe?

My Husband Ate 2 servings with this and it is full goodness.

I use 4 beef ribs with meat of about 1.5 Kilos including the bones.

1 yellow Onion and some garlic.

Using vegetable broth, I boiled the ribs with yelllow onion and garlic for 1 hour until the meat is tender.

I added some potatoes.

At the last 2 minutes of cooking, I added few asparagus sticks.

If you like the sauce to be thick, you can add half teaspoon of corn starch.

Adjust the taste by adding some pepper and salt.

Sure your meat lover hubby will love this.

Let me know if you have any questions.



please note , I am just a house Wife, trying to be a good one. I cook for my Husband as I need him to eat much healthier.

Some Food to Try Out When In Malaysia and Singapore

Hey everyone,

Today, I visited to Desaru – East Coast part of Johor Bahru here in Malaysia.

It was a 1.5 hour drive from Johor Bahru Liesure Farm resort.

Stop by for lunch at one of the seafood restaurant in Desaru.

As I thought maybe many of my readers are living in USA, Europe and other parts of the world who may not familiar with some Asian Food.

So here, I like to Introduce you to some food you may and should try when you are in Singapore or Malaysia.

We started with Water melon Juice. It was 1 pm and I was super hungry to be exact.

Then we had a bowl of Japanese Squids Salad. But this taste terrible. I did not like the sauce. Perhaps, should rather call it Malaysia style squid salad.

Then the Kway Teow. (Flat white or glass noodles) cooked and fried with shrimp.

If you like noodles, try this one, because this is better than the yellow noodle. It is nice when it has some shrimps in it and a little bit of chilli.

This is garlic tiger prawns.

Fried Garlic were sprinkled on top and taste perfect with lemon juice squeezed on it.

Next dish is called kangkong blachan. – this dish is with cooked seasoned chilli.

Then we had this Pepper Crab as our final dish.

But this crab is not fresh. It has been dried out inside its shell. You can tell it is been frozen for Long period of time.

Eating in Malaysia and eating seafood in Singapore at seafood restaurant, I can tell that Singapore still serve the best cooking for crabs- chilli or pepper and other kinds of seafood.

Best place I can recommend is at Singapore East Coast Park. Jumbo, and many other seafood restaurant along East Coast Park in Singapore.

However, please do try many seafood and other kinds of Asian food when you happen to be in Singapore and Malaysia.

Thank you for connecting with me.



4 Toxic Skincare Ingredients To Avoid

Dear friends,

If you are a person who do not use any skin care at all, good for you.

But please inform those friends of yours who maybe using one or more of this toxic ingredients.


Mercury in skincare and cosmetics are very poisonous to our body. It is harmful to the skin even when it is use in Low concentration, can cause your kidney to impair.


Hydroquinone is very commonly use in the Philippines for whitening and b retinioc acid in many scam care.

HYDROQUINONE cause redness and blister on your skin. It can also lead to cancer for unsupervised of use.


Mostly use to treat severe acne.

Skin drying and redness is most common side effect and prolong use can may cause cancer.

If you cannot avoid product containing tretenoin, then it is best to use it under medical supervision


This ingredients is widely use in treating itchy or busting sensation on the skin.

Diphenhydramine is like a Benadryl cough medicine we mostly use in the Philippines.

Diphenhydramine side effects which I am very worried about is getting blurred vision. There are many others severe side effects such as drowsiness, constipation and many more.

I am one of those before who uses products contents one or more of the ingredients I just mention.

I hope it reaches you this article and you will stop using skincare products that contents those 4 ingredients.

Thank you and please live your comment, say something or leave a comment please.

Thankful each day.

Love Eve

Saturday and Sunday were mostly I take time off from my work.

I will enjoy cooking at home and indulge a glass of white wine such as Tahuna.

Tahuna brand were been one of the favourite in my home. Not just white!

It’s Tahuna Sauvignon Blanc

I can add this to seafood pasta sauce.

But having it with steam fish such as in image is wonderful and it is a perfect combination.


Well, it is actually very simple.

Steaming fish can be a good deal.

Here’s HOW.

Get a decent size fish from your nearby market.

In where I live, I go to a groceries store as this is where I can assure it is safe and I can ask them to clean for me.

1.I come home with a clean fish- scale and inner part fish if you can.

  1. Add some Chopped

fish if you can.

  1. Add some


squeeze fresh tomatoes

lemon grass,

dash of lemon juice,


salt and pepper to taste.

A little water or white wine is better if you have no children eating the fish though.

Place it on slow fire to steam and gently cooking.

About 15 to 20 minutes, the water will subside and fish is cooked.

Yummmy! Let’s eat!

Happy Sunday everyone.

Knowing Singapore (Changi Village)

My friends,

I like to tour you around Changi Village in Singapore in this article.

In this Village, you can still see traditional black and white houses or to some, they call it the colonial house.

Image source from Property Guro

The Colonial houses was the home to many British during war.

The Super narrow 34 golf course with 9 hole to walk were also exists in Changi Village.

This is the site to the Golf club

My most favourite in Changi Village is the sea side walk path.

A good decent walking along the park will consume you about an hour an half of fast walk both side. I cannot recall the kilometre anymore but I know it was really a great place to go on running  or fast walking either in early morning or late afternoon.

Do not walk between 7.30 am to 5pm as the sun gets super hot and you might feel exhausted.

However, there is something that I got notice which seems not right.


The idea to allow public to rent it were Super excellent to me. But the problem is, seems this is lacking of management when comes to organise parking spaces around Singapore.

I see this along the road.


Looks like people borrow it or rent it and it allow them to just dump anywhere.

I find it annoying to see them in resent months just anywhere and everywhere in Changi Village as well as other areas of Singapore and even by the traffic lights I sees them.

But I also read from a local news that Singapore Authority requested those operator to ceased immediately.

What a pity for the company who run this  business.

ON THE OTHER HAND, as you walk early enough in Changi Village Park, you will be able to catch the sunrise such as these images below:

I passed this tree and spotted the sun.

This is a Long stretch walk by the sea side of Changi Village Park.

There is a passage area where smaller pump boats parked in Changi Village too.

Like this one, you’ll see it just next to the shop houses and HDB’s ( HOME and DEVELOPMENT BOARD). This is like Low cost Singapore public housing which is only Singaporean can own. However, a permanent resident can own a second hand but not the newly build HDB. (As in my understanding since years of living in Singapore).

Not to missed, food are everywhere in Changi Village.

Some food stalls were open as early as 7 am. After your done with a Long run by the park, you can replace your energy with some yummy local food in Changi Village.

There is a Brewery in the area, I am sorry to say that not only that service is damn lousy, i was served with a cold meal.

I will not recommend you going to this brewery store.

Super expensive and service is Super bad.

Well, we live simple in life. My purpose is to share you what I have gone through and I will not hesitate to share reality with you.

Please do share, comment, likes if you think I am worth with this article.

As always,

Elvie Lins

What I Discover About Butterfly Pea Flower (Drink Daily)


Do You ever wonder what this flower is?

Perhaps you have seen it in the bushes or at your neighbourhood.

This is an amazing flower that gives you many health benefits.

Perhaps, you heard of it already.

Scientific name is clitoria ternatea or I would easily call it Blue flower.

I have read many goo benefits from this butterfly pea flower and here, I am sharing you what I can with this.

First of all,

It has high content of antioxidants that protect our skin from ageing fast.

It improves brain functionality and few more health benefits.

I have been drinking tea from this plant.


About 6 to 10 of butterfly pea flowers together with lemon grass- place it into a pot and bring to boil.

The water will turn deep purple or dark blue.

It changes color the moment you add lemons into the water I sometimes add some honey too for a taste.


You ca simply just bring to boil few petals of butterfly pea flower into the water without the lemon grass and lemon juice if you prefer it this way.

Drink the tea/water as your normal water intake.

I drink it as how I drink water normally.

Alternatively, have some eyes and honey into it.

Serve it to your guest as table water.

Absolutely you never regret drinking it for 3 months.

But hopefully you do not stop after 3 months.

I have improve my vision/ eyesight and my skin.

I am giving away some seeds so you can plant it in your home.

I believe it can grow in any weather condition because I have it grown in Austria too.


Let us live healthy and natural way.

don’t forget to search more on the benefit of this butterfly pea flower.



How Do We Find Time To Relax

It’s a pity that our time these days were always spent on technology.

On what kind of technology?

The increasingly gadgets – latest phone models. That’s what happening here in Singapore and the rest of the very developed worlds.

Everyone we see in public busses and trains, I can hardly tell you that there is only 1 or maybe 2 not holding a phone on our hands.

TIME is never on our side.




Feeling of being old.

(what else can you ad ).

Everything goes to our health.


Physical and mental.

FINDING TIME – time is all we need.


Perhaps you can relax this way.

COLD PRESSED COCONUT OIL & SALT – Two simple things you can easily get relaxed.

I knew there are so many ways you can use to your bath.

Here, I am only sharing some tools I used into the bath for my way of relaxation.

(Coconut oil) – when you add a little amount to your warm water inside the bath tub, it exhumed a pleasant scent.

Not only is good for your skin, it also relaxes the entire being.


adding this to your warm water in the tub will get rid of dead skin.

Imagine that freshly feeling soft skin after you get out from bath?

MUSIC- Listen to the music – relaxing and romantic music.

Normally, I rather listen to a music than watching movies or tv shows.


It’s at least to others and of course to me too.

All you need is 20 to 30 minutes before you go to bed.



You are more productive in whatever you do the next day and a lot more to say.

But I like to live it to you? I want to hear your statement, your argument.

Here is a video I created.

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I am always thankful for your support.





My Dear Friends,

First time is always the hardest.

It is a first time for me going to China.

Though I have been in many countries.

Been in many visa applications.

First time doing so will always lead to a lot of question.

Here, I walk you through how you are getting Your way to China.


1. Visa application form- Download the form HERE.

It is important that you fully filled up completely.

2. I.D Photo of size 35×45 mm in size. Only 1 print ( hardcopy).

3. Lists of your itinerary such as hotel booking and other locations you may visits.


Bank statement to prove you can support your travel.


4. Cash payment – here in Singapore it cost SGD 110.00. This payment only collected upon collection of Visa.


No fastest way you can get your visa done. Once your documents have been accepted, you have 4 days to wait for your passport back.

Therefore, you won’t be able to get out of the country.

There is other means of applying your china visa. You can engage an agent to process it.

However, you will be paying more, $110 plus agent charges.

You can either walk in to apply your china visa at

80 Robinson road Singapore.

It is located on the 16th floor.

Computer and printing services is available inside the China Visa floor.

Both speaks good English and Chinese.

Welcome to China. !

As always, I hope you find this helpful.

love 💖 Elvie


Hello my Friends and Readers,

Many of you may wonder what Am I talking about.


Just like facebook, steemit is also a blogging and social networking site that able us to post articles, images, etc.

The only differences is that, our posts are stored im a blockchain.

We are getting rewards, by posting content on steemit.

I will be leaving the link below for you to find out more.

For now, please I beg you to continue reading.


It has been 173 days for me on steemit blogging website.

I write short and long post.

My articles get upvoted,

I have develope over 700 followers.

I have build my reputation this time.

It feels like you belong to a kind of activity that you can call you are belong to.

Just like here in wordpress, not long ago I have started to comment and like other posts and You guys return to like and comment my posts too.

🙏 thank you.

There are something that motivates me in writing on Steemit platform.

I have to be honest with you… I write becuase I am worthy.

Worthy of being upvoted.

These rewards then can turn into cash which pays for my website maintenance and so on.

May not be that big now.

But if you can see that image, I am gaining some steem and steem dollars.

A steem and steem dollars are crypto currency for steemit.

Yes, all other currencies were all down now. (mostly).

No excuses for steem and steem dollars.

I am sharing this information with you becuase I strongly believed that Crypto currencies will recover and only those who can sustained are those who has REAL VALUE to give back to community.

Here is the Steemit website link I promised.

No, it is not a referral link.

Well, my friends,

mostly my articles are about TRAVELS & LIFESTYLE.

Thank you for reading.

❤️ Love,

Elvie Lins

You have any questions about this blog?

Give me a shout!!! Elvie!!!!!!!!