Travelling by car in China was the best decision we ever did.

In this article, I will  elaborate  “our travel by car into China” mainly the Sichuan Province with  beautiful Tibetan Villages along the Valley of Abba mountain.

We arrived in Chengdu from Singapore.

The Hotel we stayed in Chengdu was a hostel.

I dare to book a hostel as it was recommended by our travel friend Steven.  Steven was staying in this hotel as well at the time of visit.

The hostel consist of sharing rooms for 4 pax in the room, a family room and a standard room with private bathroom.

You maybe surprise when you get to the entrance of the hostel as the fruit vendor were scattered to display their fruits for sale.

They are more than just a hostel to be honest.

The hostel is located just within the city center of Chengdu which saves you time and money when you need to go out for a meal or shopping.

There are many other big Hotel names is Chengdu such as Hyatt, Marriott hotel as well. The reason I elaborate on this particular place is because in Chengdu it is not that easy to get an affordable and decent place to stay.

We rented a private car that drove us to the following location for 10 days.

It cost Total of RMB 8,000.00, an equivalent of about S$1500.00 I am not sure if that would be the cheapest but I think our safety is more important.

(Look above: the right image – in the middle is our rented Driver and his car behind them. While on the left is the Hostel Entrance).

Our journey has began! After the 6 hour drive from Chengdu City. We arrived in Luding Town

This town is very unique on its own. There were very old building . Most importantly, the long history of that bridge make it unique as the bridge is made long long time ago, yet the people until today still using it to cross back and forth.

I have seen a huge TV monitor screen on the background and children were happy entertaining the tourists.

(the picture above is Steven, Markus and the kids who were playing at the time of visit).

This Geckos dried or fried and it was for sale along the alley of Luding town. From Luding town, we just drove heading west not far from town and we settled for the night.

2nd Day

The following day, we head up to a mountainous Karst where Moraine lake is located.


Old Tree in Moraine Lake China

It is a kind of interesting  lake. We walked in a beautiful track while the locals prefer to take the bus that was from town.

There is an Alpine Karst (looks like a Huge Block of Ice)  We went up to the Karst but due to bad weather, we could not see anything. The trip to see Mountinous Karst and Moraine lake took us 1 day. It could have been beautiful if it was summer; I guess.

3rd Day – After the trip, we head to direction to Kangding.

This is a Temple in Kangding Town.

We are now into  Tibetan Villages. In Kangding- the people you meet will be happy if you can say to them…

TSA SI TALA! (It means God bless You).

These are more images of Kangding town when you walk around. We only stayed for a night here.

 4rth Day – From Kanding town, we drove direction to to Xinduxen. We were heading direction to Songpan. We stayed overnight in a Hotel or rather call it motel because it is small.

I cannot exactly remember but I hope the image below of the hotel will make you understand. These small hotel is very cheap and super clean. Just recently open for about 2 months and the owner is a traveller.

It is not easy to get a decent place in more remote area in Sichuan when you are into Tibetan Village according to our driver. But this place will soon be publish in Booking dot com. They serve decent food but of course their kind of food. But it was clean and room were really in very good condition.

5th Day 

We head towards Danba- Passing through temple of Tibetan villages.

This image was taken in Tagong Temple while this monk were walking towards me.
As we left Kangding town, we pass this praying sites of the Villages. From here, I was feeling dizzy due to a sudden high Altitude. I could not walk up and I had some blackout so suddenly. It was super strange for me. I was just not long ago climbed Mount APO prior to coming here.

6th and 7th day in Danba

In Danba we stayed 2 nights. Roaming around Danba. Getting to know the area and we went up to Zhonglu.

Even it was a bad weather, I can still see the beauty of the area. A small village- developing area and has narrow road. Surprisingly, there were few tourist even it was cloudy.

Zhonglu is famous for Autumn leaves and unique design of the houses. On the video above this article you will see how the house were settled inside the shadow of the deep Valley.

But during this time of visit- Because it is already first week of November- the autumn is over.

I saw so many corns from the houses. They were drying them. And I have never seen a cauliflower having flower on top of it. So little purplish flower that you may not notice.

The 2 days stayed in Danba makes us well rested and once again we were active on a long ride direction to Wenchuan. We come down back as it was getting cold. I was suffering from headaches and dizziness.

We are now on our 8th day

We arrived pretty late in Wenchuan town. This town has a big malls too but not as many as in Chengdu.

We finally got something to eat that we like. Like burgers or pizza. Just imagine you been eating with oily villages food for days.. 2 or 3 times a day. Until you want to stop eating because it just does not go to your stomach. The toilet were very dirty as well.

Did not spend much time roaring around Wenchuan. But I can tell you that this town is live and very colourful at night.

From Wenchuan, we aim to hit the road to go to Songpan. But we end up stopping and did some sight seeing and we end up in Moxi town for the night.

9 and 10 Day

We spend our 9th day  and 10 day in Songpan. Very old town. According to Steven, this is a famous town. He have been here 4 times.

Indeed, we did some  touring in the  town as well as Huang long, Jade lake and Mounigou Water falls.

Beautiful Huanglong Nature park. You must come here as part of your tour. Huge and it is so amazing.

Jade Lake. You must be wondering why this lake is blue or green. Super clear water that you can see the bottom. Well, I let you think of that.

Mounigou Water falls.

2 nights in Songpan I think was good enough. But many tourist come and stay here longer.

We took an extra day with the driver for the 11th day as we were just tired from Day sight seeing in Huanglong.

Over all, our journey was fantastic. I could never imagine that China is actually very beautiful.

However, the food maybe a concern for many.


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Hey everyone,

(Real me no makeup in this shots with Iphone xs max)

It has been a month using the Iphone XS Max from apple and I just wanted to give you guys an update about this phone.

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A footage is a short clips of at least 8 to 30 seconds of video or we call it clips.

To conclude about the iphone XS max- it comes handy and take great images both still and motion. However, i still think that DSLR still the best but it just not convinient for travelling. Here is more about the phone when I just bought it


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This is a Hostel But it has MORE to offer- Cheap and Good! Only in Chengdu

Hey everyone,

Perhaps in point of time, you may awaken into a city of Chengdu China? Here is a hotel I can recommend you.

Chengdu best hostel in town

Located in the city center of Chengdu. Walking distance to main shopping center.

When comes to food, you never go hunger.

They serve you Chinese and Western food.

This is a sample of food/ meal from this Hostel.

Sample of Menu

If your stomach is not suitable for hot and spicy, no worries. Flipflop sure has something you like.

Food in China can be annoying specially you just came from Many sightseeing in the mountain of Sichuan.

fruit stands and market down by the entrance of the hostel

Below the Hostel, there are fruit market you could grab.

Local food and restaurant are also available.

What about the bedroom?

If you are on a budget, there is a sharing room of 4. But sometimes, it can only just be you alone in the room.

My husband and I stayed here 3 nights in 2 Separate bed but it was not a problem. It cost us RMB700 with 3 days breakfast for both of us.

There is a king size bed too when we came back from our long adventure trip in Sichuan Province, we stayed another 1 night that cost as RMB 250 with breakfast for 2. Super clean and comfortable.


Hot water? Grrr!!! You need it when you come in winter time and Flipflop has it.


They call it The Square.

In the square, there are big names of brands from around the world.

the Mall

Join some activity in the early evening.

Ask for some activity they may have and learn new skills. They also arrange short and long tour for you.

What’s the address?


TEL: 028-62500185

I book it through booking dot com sight and If you could use my link I would be thankful as I will be getting a very little commission with it.

My youtube chanel


Travel the world with me.. elvie lins

As we drove back to Chengdu from Songpan Sichuan province in China

My dear friends and readers,

We are now back again in Chengdu the capital city of Sichuan province here in China.

From Songpan to Chengdu with our private driver and his car, started the trip at 9:45 AM, arrived in our hotel FlipFlop at 4 pm.

It was an easy journey cruising along the valley and rivers. We only stop 1 hour to have a quick lunch in Maoxian town.

At the beginning of the trip, it was so cold like minus 6 from Songpan town. Then we cruise over the mountain with so much snow and the road was’t in good shape.

But I must admitt that our trip were in good hands and our driver is a good driver too. Though he doen’t speak English. With my little few mandarin words and bad words, we understand each other.

On this image, my husband is on the left, the driver on the middle and our family friend Steven on the right.

Above is the driver phone number in China.

Behind them is his car. This car is comfortable enough for 3 of us.

Steven sits in the front and me and husband sats at the back.

The driver can be contacted via wechat.

Best is to translate your message in Chinese if possible. We love our travel/journey in China.

I will have more videos coming on my youtube channel. Please find me at

Find me on youtube

More reads of my trip

First Day Tour in Chengdu

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❤️love always,


Things to Do In Songpan

Hello everyone,

We stayed 2 nights in Songpan old town.

Of all the town we visited, Songpan is my favourite town.

(This is the entrance oldest building when you enter Songpan town by night).

It is small, but yet there is western food serve in a few fast food shop and restaurant.

Good coffee is serve in few corners too.

(Look of Entrance to the old town by day)

A few shopping such as clothing and so many fruits along the road side are up for grabs and it is cheap

The reason we stayed here is for us to see the Huanglong Nature park, the Mounigou waterfall and Jade Lake.

Huanglong Nature Park

Huanglong has a many big and small ponds.

At this time we were here, it is almost dry and icey.

However, we still able to see the beauty of Huanglong nature park.

2 nights was good enough for us.

In Mounigou Waterfall

This waterfall is pretty and has a long stretch to walk down to see the over all fall.

It took us about 2 hour from the start to finish.Walking up and to walk down back to the car park.

My best moment in Mounigou Waterfall is the streams of water flowing between the trees.

Jade lake

Of all this 3 nature I mentions here, Jade lake fascinates me much of the colours. No wonder it is name Jade lake.

These are the most and best 3 things you can do when you are in Songpan.

Of course, do not missed out the shopping for winter clothes.

They are reasonable in price and quality. Just do not buy fake brand name bags.

This is the place we stayed in Songpan. ( will follow up the correct address)

From Songpan, our 10 Day tour with rented car that cost as RMB 750 per day indeed and we will be back to Chengdu, get our flight there to Singapore.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

As always❤️ elvie lins


Beautiful Waterfall of Mounigou and Erdaohai-Jade Lake In Songpan Sichuan China

We are now in Songpan and this will be our last 3 days remaining prior to heading back to Singapore.

Erdaohai- Jade Lake Songpan

We visited today 2 sightseeing area nearby Songpan. Above image of me is the Jade Lake in Erdaohai. It is not far from Songpan town or county.

It is really so beautiful here. That image you see is unedited.

Though it was snowy at this time of visit. It could have been more beautiful if the colour of the trees were Autumn. The colourful season has ended, yet the beauty of this nature touches my heart.

The water is so clear. Even this area were also hit by the earthquake they have had recently.

Mounigou Waterfall

The beauty of this waterfall is amazing long. I have not been to Canada to see the Niagara falls So I cannot compare. But this fall is long and the falls were very scenic. The path to walk is no problem. It was just when our time of visit , it was icy on the pathway.

You would be mismerized by the beauty of this water fall too as we walk down back to the entrance, the trees that grows into the water with the sun lighted throught creates the amazing effect in a picture.

We have now settled for the evening in a small friendly hotel in Songpan town. I am very happy that I could eat my salad and chicken.

You can see on the building name Sarah Yang. Sarah run a hotel too with a reasonable cost.

Our bed with private bathroom cost 150 Rmb. Sarah speaks English and serve Western food too.

On the other image is my friend Steven who is travellijg with me and my hubby. That is the old town of Songpan. Songpan is very dramatic town.

Tomorrow is our second day in Songpan, we will be going up to Huanglong. I will be posting more story of our trip from Haunglong.



From Danba Driving Through Aba- Xiaojin Mountain – Sichuan Province In China

From Danba Town we stayed in this town for 2 nights. This is now our Day 8 on travelling into Sichuan Province of China.

We hit the road heading And leaving the Tibetian County. Basically we drove a round over the mountain of Aba and Xiaojin direction to Wenchuan town which is very close to Chengdu.

We passing through snowy mountain and villages. The villages were a lot of butchering with animal like cow and goats for food. It was brutal to see when you are not use to some scene.

We stop for the night in Wenchuan City or shall I call it town? Quiet a big town with shopping malls.

Today, we will be heading to Lixian- Songpan. From there we will see more view of the mountain park.

Hope you enjoy the story.


❤️elvie lins

Zhonglu Village Day 7 On Our Tour in China

Hey everyone,

We stayed over night here in Danba Town on our Day 6 tour. The following day, we start an easy day tour to a nearby Village of Danba Town. So far, at this November, we encounter cloudy and rains most of the days. Like today, Danba and nearby village of Zhonglu, there was A heavy snow and clouds.

Our friend Steven has friends here in Zhonglu. This beautiful lady from the village owns a family hostel business.

They were very kind to prepare us lunch.

In the Village, they were farming corns, vegetables and also animals like goats and cows.

The Village is beautiful, surrounded by mountains, Valleys and beautiful colours of the Autumn season.

Though it was raining and cloudy, we were able to capture sone nice photos as the sky getting clear in the later afternoon.

Things to note when coming to Danba.

1. When we arrived in Danba town, we went to a smaller hotel and look for a room.

We were told that foriegners are not allowed to stay.

We went to look for a bigger hotel and they accepted us.

We stayed at Jinhe Hotel that cost RMB 260.00 for standard room per night.

The hotel even bigger ones do not serve coffee.

This is our hotel in Danba- Jinhe Hotel facing the river.

2. Food/Coffee

Best is to bring some food with you like cereal for breakfast and packets of coffee if you are a coffee drinker in the morning.

Mostly, food you can find is for local only, There is a supermarket that sells 3 in 1 coffee.

Food for lunch and dinner?

Mostly pork/ beef meat and fried vegetables.

Cost of food in Sichuan china?

Our meal for 3 people with 3 to 4 dishes cost between 50 to 150 RMB. This depends which location or restuarant we went.

hope that helps and thank you for reading.