Hey guys,

Perhaps, you have not heard about bullet proof coffee?

For those of you who maybe wanting to get rid off some belly fats, one way to do that is doing an INTERMITENT FASTING.

What is Intermitent fasting.

Here is how I do mine.

I have my dinner at around 6 to 7 pm and after that time, I will have meals before going to bed.

When I wake up in rhe morning, I just have a cup of BULLET PROOF COFFEE after my hot lemon water.

It feels full for me until 12 mid day.

At 12 Mid day, this is where I have my breakfast or sometimes I just go for lunch.

I therefore having 16 hours of fasting and 6 Hours of eating.

Dahhhh! I dont eat the whole 6 hours ah!😂

I have 2 meals a day now and I have some snaks in between like nuts or an apple.

Back to bullet proof coffee

I have a machine that brews me from a coffee bean

Check this link in the Philippines for Deals in coffee maker

I add a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil and half a teaspoon of butter.

I place all these into a blender and wallah!!!

I have great fatty coffee!

You can google about bullet proof coffee.

It is good for you if you want to keep in shape.

Fasting will have a great benefits to people who have diabetics.

I also believe that our body needs that to keep healthy blood flow to our heart by fasting.

During my fasting hours, I have so much energy in doing exercise.

I do not feel hungry at all.

I hope this is something you can try too.

I do different things and ways from time to time to SHOCK MY SYSTEM.


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