Zhonglu Village Day 7 On Our Tour in China

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We stayed over night here in Danba Town on our Day 6 tour. The following day, we start an easy day tour to a nearby Village of Danba Town. So far, at this November, we encounter cloudy and rains most of the days. Like today, Danba and nearby village of Zhonglu, there was A heavy snow and clouds.

Our friend Steven has friends here in Zhonglu. This beautiful lady from the village owns a family hostel business.

They were very kind to prepare us lunch.

In the Village, they were farming corns, vegetables and also animals like goats and cows.

The Village is beautiful, surrounded by mountains, Valleys and beautiful colours of the Autumn season.

Though it was raining and cloudy, we were able to capture sone nice photos as the sky getting clear in the later afternoon.

Things to note when coming to Danba.

1. When we arrived in Danba town, we went to a smaller hotel and look for a room.

We were told that foriegners are not allowed to stay.

We went to look for a bigger hotel and they accepted us.

We stayed at Jinhe Hotel that cost RMB 260.00 for standard room per night.

The hotel even bigger ones do not serve coffee.

This is our hotel in Danba- Jinhe Hotel facing the river.

2. Food/Coffee

Best is to bring some food with you like cereal for breakfast and packets of coffee if you are a coffee drinker in the morning.

Mostly, food you can find is for local only, There is a supermarket that sells 3 in 1 coffee.

Food for lunch and dinner?

Mostly pork/ beef meat and fried vegetables.

Cost of food in Sichuan china?

Our meal for 3 people with 3 to 4 dishes cost between 50 to 150 RMB. This depends which location or restuarant we went.

hope that helps and thank you for reading.



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