Love Eating Lean? Try Pumpkin Meal

Chicken breast with Boiled Pumpkin

My Friends and readers,

Tonight, I thought of sharing with you a meal that may or may not gives you that appetising feeling.

Basically, it is all depend how we look at food. It is either to feed our soul or to feed our body to live healthy.

Pumpkin is belong to a gourd family. Mostly it is dark orange or yellow in colour.

(Don’t be surprise you see pumpkin head as decoration during Holloween). It’s kind of similar.

If you are eating lean, this pumpkin with chicken breast can be an additional and an ideal meal for you.


Here is A RECIPE: For 1 person.

– Chicken breast

– 300 gram cut into big cubes/ Dice pumpkin.

– Salt and pepper to taste

– Oil- I am using virgin coconut oil.

If you are eating lean, sure you want a cooking oil that is a good fat right?

Coconut oil does not damage its nutrients when heated up compare to olive oil.


1. Boiled the pumpkin until it become soft but not so saugy. It is like the same how you steam a sweat potato. Normally it takes only 4 minutes on high boiling water.

2. On a pan, heat up an oil. little just enough to cover the surface of that cooking pan.

3. Add your season chicken breast imto the pan and cook 2 to 4 minutes each side depending how thick your chicken.

4. Just before you finish up cooking your chicken breast, add into the pan your boiled pumpkin.

5. Finish a touch of salt and pepper into it to taste.

Fast, Simple and easy to make. Especially when you were tired and do not have time to cook.

Pumpkin is a good source of potasium, vitamin C and other nutrients.

I am eating pumpkin because it is easy on my tummy.

It can also lower the risk of having high blood pressure.

We also believe that pumpkin makes our eyes healthy and bright.

Try eating pumpkin each week.

Pumpkin can be a great soup too.

Hope you enjoy reading today and if you have some healthy recipe, please do share your link on the comment section.

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